Curious Tale. Explicit.

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Curious Tale. Explicit.

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A curious tale dear reader, curious as it just goes to show how things can happen just when your not expecting them too.

It was a very wet and wild day, and I was driving down a very quiet country lane. I saw a car pulled over to the side of the road, and a figure in a long pink mac and red Wellington boots, attempting to jack the car up. I pulled over to assist this damsel in distress. I went to the boot of my car and put a floor length doube breasted black vinyl mac on, I quickly saw that it was going to be impossible to jack up the car, due to the road condition and position of the car. Upon speaking to the driver I saw that it was in fact an elderly gentleman. He seemed most perturbed and anxious. I suggested that he sit in my car and I would try to inflate his tyre with one of the emergency puncture kits. He quickly agreed to this and sat in the car whilst I let the kit work its magic which usually takes a half hour.

I got back in the car and introduced myself as Vera, in for a penny as they say, my passenger visibly relaxed, and his long nylon mac rustled against the leather on the seat. My new found friend told me she liked to be called Jeannie. It turned out Jeannie had been on her way to meet someone, who surprise, surprise hadn't turned up. I sympathised with her, and mentioned similar experiences I had endured over the years.

Jeannie was wearing a sumptuous hooded mac, candy pink nylon, double breasted with a large cape over the shoulders, finished off with a delightfully large belt. Finishing her outfit were some delightful red Wellington boots, with side buckles at the top. Certainly the shiniest boots I had ever seen. I told him how much I adored his outfit. Despite being without makeup or a wig, there was something wonderfully feminine about him.

Despite the tyre now having been repaired, we sat chatting for an hour or so. It was like we had known each other for years. Jeannie told me that she did in fact live about three miles down the road. As it happened I lived not far from him. I offered to follow him home to make sure he would be OK. This offer was enthusiasticly taken up. I moved towards him and we kissed, very passionately. My hands rubbing over the rustling nylon. Jeannie then alighted the vehicle and got into his own car.

I followed and after a short drive, arrived at a small solitary bungalow. I followed him up the drive and got out of the car and we went in together. It was a lovely property and pleasantly warm inside. Jeannie had told me that she lived alone, and did not usually meet people there. A bad experience many years ago, being the reason for this. He showed me to a very comfortable lounge. I started to unbutton my mac, but he stopped me and buried his face into it. We kissed deeply again, our tongues entwined. The anticipation of the pleasure to follow was overwhelming.

To be continued.....
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Re: Curious Tale. Explicit.

Post by PVCBill »

Can’t wait for Part 2 Vera. Another erotic masterpiece!!! xXx
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Re: Curious Tale. Explicit.

Post by hotwilly »

Looking forward t Part 2, well written story, thankyou Vera
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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Re: Curious Tale. Explicit.

Post by rubnylon2 »

Great Begining
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Re: Curious Tale. Explicit.

Post by rubbermac »

Wonderful Wonderful Vera.....Many Thanks xx
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Re: Curious Tale. Explicit.

Post by paula_gee »

Good start to a well written story, i am intrigued to read more, so thanks for posting. Paula xxx
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Re: Curious Tale. Explicit.

Post by pvcluver »

Oh yes part 2 please
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Re: Curious Tale. Explicit.

Post by hotrubber69uk »

so naughty - I love this kind of tale.....even better when its a true story......makes me want to suck cock again : )
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Re: Curious Tale. Explicit.

Post by thicko2008 »

Certainly got me quite aroused can't wait for part 2 wouldn't it be nice to meet someone like that
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Re: Curious Tale. Explicit.

Post by wetrainwear »

Intriguing, can't wait for more......
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