Vintage rainwear ... the stories they could tell?

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Vintage rainwear ... the stories they could tell?

Post by mason »

I just bought a really nice heavy duty, shiny yellow cotton-backed raincoat from eBay the other day.

My guess is that it was probably manufactured for farm or industrial use. It has 5 black buttons under a flap and another one to hold the neck collar closed. I've got no idea how old it is, but my guess would be 50 years at least. Although the outer PVC fabric is reasonably clean, there are numerous marks left by previous, more careless owners.

Anyway, while I was wearing it, I was thinking about the people who wore it earlier. Did wearing this raincoat affect them like me?

Or, as is more likely, did they view it as nothing more than a purely utilitarian garment to be worn only in the event of bad weather?
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Re: Vintage rainwear ... the stories they could tell?

Post by Rainworshipper »

I expect that as you say, that it was most likely to be worn for bad weather. I have a liking for the old and the obsolete, not just rainwear. It strikes me that many old items have a story to tell. It sounds a if you had a lucky find there, mason. I search charity shops and car boot sales but little in the way of old rainwear seems to turn up.
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