Where to buy Rukka rainwear ?

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Where to buy Rukka rainwear ?

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Ragedropfe H. Schweizer AG (thanks Rolf)
Spezialgeschaft fur Regenbekleidung
Theaterstrasse 4
CH-4001 Basel
Phone: +0041 61 281 21 00
Fax: +0041 61 281 21 33
Shop in Basel specialising in rainwear, RUKKA, etc....

rukka ag Tubach
Wiesenstrasse 1
postfach 44
9327 Tubach
fax: 71-8412816

In Helsink (Finland):
Best place to purchaces Rukka rainwear in Helsinki area is Etola. There are several Etola shops in Helsinki area. One of the nearest shop in the centre of Helsinki is located about 100m from Hakaniemi metro (underground) station. It is nearby Hakaniemi market square. A big Etola shop is location nearby Herttoniemi underground station (You can get to Herttoniemi very easily with Metro from the center). In Etola there is a large selection of rubber boots and Rukka raincoats, capes, trousers and souwesters. You can also try to find those capes from the Stockmann warehouse.
(Thanks Jari & Ville !)
I recently visited Helsinki and visited Etola Stores and the Stockmann warehouse. The capes are in different colours, they are bicycle-capes and there is a large selection of pants, jackets and souwesters. I found a long black PVC coat with press studs and a detachable hood in matt finish.For your information the label of that raincoat stated that it is made of "elastoplast" which is a PVC raincoatmaterial of very high quality: it is durable, washable, cold resistant -22 F/-30 C, thin and light, good light fastness.
See also rukka
I have discovered from a recent visit that She and Me at 123 Hammersmith Road, London have a small selection of Rukka Raincoats in the matt finish and some capes.I am not sure if they stock them on a regular basis or not.
(Thanks Jodie)

RUKKA in the USA
In the US the importer/distributor of RUKKA is Adventure Motorcycle
Gear, 800.217.3526. or 703.913.7261.
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