How and when did your fetish begin?

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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I love wearing plastic baby pants in bed between plastic sheets. It all started for me when as a young boy I often went over to play at a friends house one hot summer and his mother made us have a rest each afternoon and made us sleep in a cot with a big plastic sheet. As it was so hot she got us to undress but as a precaution she put us both into transparent plastic plants and got us to sleep together in plastic pants on the plastic sheet, which we both loved.

A few years later I developed a fascination for plastic rain wear and PVC sheets and found a range of plastic suits, capes and PVC over trousers in a bike shop. I was nervous at first but plucked up the courage to buy a two piece plastic cycle suit comprising a transparent yellow PVC top and PVC over trousers, together with a matching PVC cape made of the same transparent yellow plastic which were made of the same soft and swishy PVC. When I got back to the house where I was staying, I couldn't wait to strip off in my bed room and put on the yellow PVC top and lie down on the PVC cape that I had draped over the bed. Then while lying on the PVC cape, wearing only the soft transparent PVC top, I reached out to the soft transparent PVC over trousers and gradually pulled them up over my legs and felt a wonderful feeling enveloping. As I felt the soft PVC caressing my legs, I pulled the elastic waistband of the PVC over trousers up over my hips and felt the soft PVC encompass my legs and groin at which point I then had my first massive ejaculation (that I only realised later)which splattered semen all over the plastic of the PVC over trousers. I then rolled over in my wet PVC trousers (which felt just like the plastic baby pants of my youth) onto the PVC cape spread out on the bed and drifted off the sleep...

After this first experience of plastic rainwear, overtrousers and PVC capes this introduced me into a lifelong addiction of PVC, plastic and vinyl. Very soon I had amassed a collection of plastic macs and PVC shower curtains that I loved to sleep between. Later I discovered an incontinence shop that sold soft milky white PVC sheets, PVC pillowcases and PVC duvet covers and to my delight real adult transparent plastic pants! The girl in the shop was very understanding and asked me what size of the plastic sheets I needed (single or double) and also measured my waist to check the best size for the plastic pants. She then asked If I needed any nappies and said no but she suggested that I should have the extra large size to give a loose fit. She then produced a pack of three XL Robinson's plastic pants which were made of a beautifully soft transparent PVC. She said that that they don't allow plastic pants to be tried on in the shop but that my order would be delivered the next day and that if the size wasn't right I should bring them back. The order was duly delivered the next day and it wasn't long before I had made up the bed with the milky white PVC sheets, PVC duvet cover and PVC pillow cases. I then went into the bathroom to get undressed and then slipped on my favorite soft semi transparent milky white plastic mac before returning to the bedroom. Following that I opened the pack of three Robinson's transparent plastic pants and laid them on the PVC sheet spread across the bed. I then slipped into bed, still wearing only a plastic mac, between the awaiting plastic sheets! With some trepidation I reached out for one of the pairs of Robinson's plastic pants and slowly put one leg in, followed by the other and gradually pulled the plastic pants up my legs and over may waist. Then just as before, I had a massive ejaculation into the wonderful plastic baby pants, splattering semen all over the transparent PVC and then drifted off to sleep still wearing my plastic mac and plastic pants between the soft milky white PVC sheets...

I now have massed a large collection of plastic macs, PVC rompers, PVC bloomers and of course many pairs of plastic pants. If I am away on business, I love to spread plastic sheets on the hotel bed, slip into a plastic mac with a couple of pairs of plastic pants and drift off to sleep in all this soft swishy plastic!

Would love to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences with plastic macs, PVC rainwear and plastic pants...

PVC Simon
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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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Sandra Walsham. She was seven. I was eight. We had been friends and sweethearts from the first time we met. Very young. Very innocent. When it rained, she always wore a pvc mac. I always had my quilted nylon anorak. One day we swapped because mine had a hood. Her long blonde hair was getting wet. We giggled and played in the puddles. I remember the feeling of wearing that mac. It felt so nice. I remember cuddling her. She looked so angelic in that hooded anorak. She told me how lovely I felt. We remained friends for years. I never forgot that first cuddle. My first love? My first fetish twinge? It's never left me. I still love hooded anoraks and shiny pvc macks. All these years later, I wonder if Sandra still remembers?
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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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Primary school age 9-10. School trip to the deer park near Minstead. There was a former small school nearby used for educational school parties with classrooms. The visit was part class and mostly walking outside to the deer. Heavy rain did not stop this. We all had to bring out own wellies but for the walk they issued yellow heavy plastic [not sure back then if it was pvc;it was very shiny] hooded capes you had to pull over your head and then hood up with drawstrings. All class the same. Hooked ever since.
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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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I can remember when around 5 and had to wear shiny blue and white raincoat with matching souwester.
Back in the 70’s don’t know if there were so many boys wearing the kind of garnements. Buy clearly remember I both loved and hated this crinckly raingear.

When a teenager, fantized a lot on rainwear but only had boring kway cagoules for years. When sixteen bought my first blue Guy Cotten rain jacket. And when 18 wore for the first time yellow and red Rosbras model.
Yet about 70 pieces of coats, jackets…. :)
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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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For me looking back it has to have its roots in pvc nappies in my early years... the feeling of the fabric and the security it seemed to bring..In my early teens I remember my friends mum coming home in a jet black PVC trench coat and it was a though someone had set my senses alight, it was magical
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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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I was very young my mum bought me a blue rain Mac and I wore to school well most of my early school I got older around 15/16 I would snoop around my parents bedroom as I also cross dressed into my mums lingerie day in wardrobe I found a pair of green nylon swishy waterproof trousers rolled neatly and pushed into a pair of my mums high heeled knee high boots i unrolled them and opened them up and inspected them and new by some certain stains that they had been used for fun and pleasure.i found them again one day where all rainwear clothing was kept with wellies ect in cubbyhole that’s why I thought it strange where I found them before.anyway I went upstairs with them stripped off and pulled them on my naked body I pulled them up tight and they had a pull string I tucked the bottoms into my socks and they made a lovely swishy sound I pulled my jeans up over them got my moped helmet and got on my moped and went for long country lane ride what a lovely feeling and a good ending .when I got home I took them off wiped them a little a placed them bac.
Nylon macs
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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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Lovely read. And a horny one. As I was growing up I would also go looking in my mums and sisters wardrobes to see what I could play with.
My mum had some lovely long hooded nylon macs .I used to wait till they went shopping and go get theme. Undress and put one on backwards so I could use the hood and listen to the lovely swishing of the nylon as I breathed in and out.
It didn't take me long to make a mess .and had to clean her mac and put it back before there return.
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