How and when did your fetish begin?

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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--Including the rubber baby pants?!!
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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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Yes most days
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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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jelfsjorn wrote: February 21st, 2021, 1:08 am I will try and relate this true tale as I remember it, It may be somewhat embellished by passing time and fantasy, but its as true as I can recall. Thinking back...
That was an amazing story!

You brought up how in days gone by, rain-wear was predominately made from rubber! How I wish that was true today. You also brought to my mind how it may have been possible there were more people that appropriated rubber just by the fact they had so many garments made from it in their wardrobes. Now, if I go to diner dressed smartly in a long PVC mack( )the first thing I get is a comment on "fetish attire." I do not care. I just bask in the attention and wonder why THEY do not dress well.

I hate to say it I had to hide my attraction to rubber all the time I lived at home but in retrospect I think my parents had an idea what I liked. I could not wait for the family to leave on holidays and I had the house to myself. I did the same thing; wore my rubber boots, gloves and a mack around the house as much as I could.

I often dreamed I had some one older in the family that understood my feelings but I never had a loving Aunt like yours.

If you missed any of my rain-wear videos have a look here... ... GRFRzPWLfg
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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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I am sure that for some people," Where did I get my fetish?" is not easy to remember.

But mine is easier and here is my very real story.

"The Lady on the Tram

Although I’ve lived in the US for many decades, I was born in England in 1939. One day, when I was 9 or 10, I had to return some books to the library in the middle of the city. It was pouring down with rain as I waited at the tram stop wearing my short trousers under my school raincoat as most young boys did then on all but on the coldest winter days.

When the tram arrived, I got on and found a seat by a window that was all steamed up. As I wiped the glass to look out a lady sat down in the seat beside me, and I felt something flop over my bare thigh. Looking down I saw that she was wearing a lilac-colored silky-satiny rain cape with a hood which was not uncommon at the time. She smiled but never said a word as she turned back the hem of her cape to reveal a rubber lining made from a pink rubber coating.

Then with her arm inside the arm slit her hand began to stroke my thigh through the rubberized satin. I was too scared to say anything even when her hand strayed a little higher than was proper. I will never forget the feel or the sound of the rubber lining as she stroked. She must have known that I was aroused but still she never said a word and then, all of a sudden she was gone as the tram arrived at her stop."
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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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I was about eight the first time I discovered the pleasure of rubber. I was at my cousins house on a hot summers day. My mother had arranged for her to walk me home at tea time. When it was time to go home the sunny day had become a thunder storm and I was only wearing shorts and a T Shirt.
My cousin left the room and when she came back she was wearing a green Mackintosh with a hood and she was holding a brown Mackintosh with a chocolate coloured thick rubber lining,
I somehow knew this was a life changing moment and refused to put it on but an eight year old was given no choice by my cousins mother.
I shivered as the cold rubber touched my arms and when the hood was tied in place there was a strange but somehow exciting smell.
Walking home the rubber warmed up and I felt feelings I had never known before.
This was the start of a life that to this day has loved everything About rubber.
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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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In my case, I think my love for rainwear started when I initially got sexually aware. My first concious sexual experience (i.e. my first intentional orgasm) happened while playing while wearing rainwear. I would have been maybe 11 or 12 at the time, I can't remeber exactly.

What I do remember, was that I was outside playing while wearing rainwear. I grew up in the countryside, close to several farms, so being outside wearing rainwear was quite common. Anyway, for whatever reason, I ended up straddling across something and was, probably accidentally, rubbing up on it and I felt something happening in my pants. Well, it didn't take long from that realisation to where I found myself grinding myself to an orgasm, and thus my fetish was born.

I kept experimenting with getting myself off again, and realised that I had the most success while wearing my PvC rainwear, for whatever reason. My theory is that it is because of that initial experience, wearing rainwear and getting off in it.... I kept experimenting with rainwear, and progressing into other areas of kink as time progressed and I learned more about it. Once the internet became available, I was totally hooked.

I did, as probably many others, feel that my kinks were "shameful" and thus I kept them hidden for years, even from myself at times. I finally decided to "come out", as they say, a few years ago, as keeping this hidden away was starting to take a toll on my mental health. My (now ex-) wife didn't take too kindly to this, even thought there were elements that she admitted to enjoy. But in the end, my kinks was one of several reasons for our eventual divorce.

Today, about 35 years after my first experiences, I still love rainwear. I prefer wearing thick, industrial PVC type rainwear, like HH and Aalesund, and I have no plans for this to change anytime soon. Rainwear is now a part of my personality, and I don't think I could change this even if I tried.
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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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Morairty, had an experience very similar to yourself, even tried to purge a few times by getting rid of all my rainwear but having to start buying them again and ended up quite unhappy until I admitted to myself that they were just my thing. Being trans i had exactly the same experience trying to hide my identity until it made me physically and mentally very ill, i had to come out, it had cost me one marriage and I didn’t want to loose another. I told my partner about my fetish for rainwear very early on and they stayed, 2017 i came out to them as trans and although transitioning slowly they are still by my side. We have to be ourselves or often it leads to dark places. I just wish the world was more accepting of everyone in it. Xx
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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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My story is similar. It started around that age for me too. As a child I already had a certain interest in raincoats. I was in the 80's and I remember having an orange PVC raincoat and I liked the feeling of the smooth plastic-like material. The nice thing is that this type of raincoat is still available in adult sizes. I bought a second hand one from a nice lady and I still enjoy it a lot :D
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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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Mine started at around 5 years old when I got my first pair of wellies, i was instantly hooked and wore them constantly till they wore out, I had other pairs as I grew older but only realised at about the age of 15 that there was more to this than I thought, I got a pair of hunter waders as I liked exploring the low tide at my local harbour and the feeling when I put them on was just amazing, I felt power and butterflies in my stomach just looking at them.
Now I have 3 pairs of waders, numerous wellies and a selection of raingear, jodhpurs and riding boots, all of which send me to heaven when I put them on, I absolutely adore getting muddy and quite simply cannot get enough, I love seeing people wearing similar gear and when we get wet weather (or sometimes dry) I'm usually booted up and out enjoying it. I'm totally addicted.
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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

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Mydreamhascometrue wrote: May 7th, 2021, 11:55 am Mine all began back when I was 6 years old and I would put on rubber baby pants and my mums rainmac and go out in the woods where we lived.40 years on still the same
Sounds fun. I love that people do this stuff
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