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Ideas for new sub forums or any other suggestions on how we can improve and this forum.
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Re: male or female

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alerog37 wrote:I strongly suspect that the vast majority of your contributors are male BUT BUT it would be excellent know which are female because if, like me, you only really want to get involved with couples or females I do not want to waste time corresponding with other males. Any hope?
That makes sense as there are also some of us I suspect would prefer to be involved with those of the same sex, so gender preference could be useful as long as it didn't offend anyone...
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Re: male or female

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and don't for tv/cd too
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Re: male or female

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Would it be possible to have a gender preference option added to our profiles? I too would rather be involved with females but I don't mind watching videos of fellow male fetishists enjoying their rainwear in the same way I do ;)
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Re: male or female

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For years I was reticent about participating in this site because I was unsure about how I would be received, me being TG. Dipping in and out of this site, I gained the impression that it was for mac loving males discussing females wearing macs. Since becoming 24/7 TG, I'm a lot less bothered about how I am received online, when I already deal with occasional prejudice in reality. That plus the fact that many of my photos are publicly available to view anyway makes gives me more confidence to appear here. The fact I am TG has to be obvious from my pics. Having some kind of 'preference/leaking' option could be more welcoming for those who live more anonymously.
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Re: male or female

Post by Stephie »

I think there are a number of options - males wearing macs of any description - it doesn't matter!
females - same as above
crossdresser / TV's - so do guys think they cross dress if wearing a ladies raincoat and does it matter?! TV's, TG - participate part or full time dressed as a woman. The brave ones go dressed outside! A note, I have moved from CD to TV and loving it, although still closeted
Bi / Gay - again, it doesn't matter!

Anyone should feel at liberty to correspond or arrange to meet anyone they like and categories don't matter as we're all in this lovely fetish together, that's why we're here. What I hate in any forum type, anywhere, any interest whatsoever are the nitpickers, the narrow minded or the ready to poke fun at comments - I had my fill of that at TV Chix!
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New topic

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Off the main topic but here goes.

Why is my main screen covered in all kinds of extra characters.

Please help, pretty please.
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Re: male or female

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Re: male or female

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Doesn't matter to me whether you are male/female, gay/TV/TS/straight as we are all here through our love of all rainwear, but if you wanted to I'm sure you could list your gender on your profile.
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Re: male or female

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I think we can all safely presume that each and every member on here is male, with the exception of one TG.
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Re: male or female

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mackintoshed wrote: June 22nd, 2018, 2:09 pm I think we can all safely presume that each and every member on here is male, with the exception of one TG.
Incorrect my friend; " rubber mackintosh" has written a number of stories on here, she is female, reading the stories " lucky husband"
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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