Call The Midwife

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Call The Midwife

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Just watched thus evenings episode of Call The Midwife. They always show the Midwives dressed in rubber gloves, and tonight they also showed a nurse wearing a Latex apron. About half way through. I'm not sure if the Latex apron would have been around in the 1960s, more likely to have been plain Rubber, but it was a delight to see, none the less.
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Re: Call The Midwife

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Reminded me of the "institutional" rubber aprons that were common in the 1950's. I had an all too brief close up encounter with one when I had an unfortunate "accident" at infants school and had to be cleaned up by my very grumpy class teacher.

I continue to be disappointed at the lack of rainwear etc in Father Brown which appears to be set in the early 1950's. I'm sure Bunty Windermere would have had one of those newly fashionable plastic macs and Lady Felicia a single or double textured mackintosh for when she was out riding.
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