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Re: Childhood 'handmedown' shiny hooded mack memories! (Non expl.)

Posted: August 5th, 2022, 11:43 am
by Highshine5
Like so many on here, my attraction to shiny rainwear began at an early age. My very first girlfriend at age five or six came home for tea from school. Elsie. She had big blue eyes and a matching plastic raincoat! I distinctly remember asking my mum if I could have one. I ended up getting one of those, previously mentioned on here, diamond quilted hooded anoraks. I was quite happy with that. To my mothers great annoyance, I always wanted the hood up. (Still do today!) My family, not being that well off, often gratefully accepted handmedowns from older cousins, friends and neighbours. I remember having an almost endless supply of those anoraks, right up to late teens. so common in the sixties and seventies. By then I definately had a shiny nylon, pvc, plastic, hoodie fetish. Funny how such things can totally influence the rest of your life. Definately no regrets though.