The Estate

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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The Estate

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(I could have made this story more sexually charged, but after reading comments about the lack of rainwear content, I came up with this today. I hope you enjoy it.)

There I was, 8 years old, and being walked to school by my overbearing Mother. I stopped to look at the huge house behind huge iron gates, with trees lining the driveway. The children in the area all had their own theory about the owners of the house. Theories ranging from the owners being royalty to the more macabre idea that people who visited never came out.

“Henry! Get moving.” Snapped my mother. Before grabbing my arm and pulling me along.

“I can’t understand your fascination with that house!”, she growled.

Moving forward, I’m in my 30s. And even though my parents passed away a long time ago, I can still hear her voice, hurrying me to school past that huge house. That house had been vacant for many years, the trees had overgrown, and the gates rusted and barely holding onto the hinges attached to the now crumbling brick pillars.

I had graduated from university and soon obtained a master’s in political science, and economics, and worked for a sizeable company as an analyst, my social life was practically non-existent, and I had never been married. I had 3 relationships which never lasted.
One Saturday afternoon, I decided that I would go for a drive past the house I grew up in, and as I passed the old mansion, I noticed that the gates were removed, the trees were removed and a ‘Clearing Sale’ sign outside.
My curiosity got the better of me. After nearly 40 years, maybe I can finally put the mystery of the old mansion to rest. So, I drove up the driveway and parked outside the garage.

“Oh finally, someone is actually interested in this crap…” said a man, leaning against the side of the garage door.

“All offers, considered. What you see is what you get. No returns, cash only, no holds, and whatever isn’t sold here today gets dumped tomorrow.” He said with a very uninterested look, while still scrolling through something on his phone.

I began looking through the items, a lot hadn’t lasted or had just been handed roughly. Off to the side was a pile of 4 suitcases. I picked one of them up, and it was extremely heavy. As I laid the case down and proceeded to open it. The man came up to me, “Oi, no going through it mate! If you are interested in the case, then make me an offer. If you take one, you have to take them all”. He said with a very belligerent tone.

“Oh, okay … So does 20 quid sound, okay?” I asked.

“Better than nothing I guess.” he snapped.

I paid him and loaded the suitcases into the car and made my way back home. I pulled up my driveway, opened the garage and began to unload the suitcases. One by one, I inspected the outside of the cases, and noticed that the brand was Samsonite. 3 of the cases were still locked, but no keys found. I cleared a space on the workbench and put the unlocked case on the surface on it. When I opened the case, I smelt a strong rubber smell and there was a layer of paper covering the contents.

I removed the paper only to find a grey rubber raincoat. I unfolded the coat, it was in a very good condition, and had what appeared to be dressmaking pattern paper between the folds. I shook the coat to remove the wrinkle lines. The coat was heavy, long, and had a gorgeous soft rubber lining. I figured I’d try it on anyway. When I slipped the coat on, I experienced a feeling I had never felt in my life. I proceeded to further inspect the contents of the case. In total, there were 6 folded up raincoats.

I managed to pick the locks of the other 3 cases, and in turn inspect their contents, only to find more raincoats. In total, there were 26 rubber raincoats, some grey, green, or black. All the garments were made by Klepper. I unfolded each coat and was quite stunned to find that 8 of what I thought were coats, were capes. The size for all the coats and capes were the same.

I took off the coat I was wearing and figured I would try on a cape. I removed the coat, found a hanger and hung it up on a coat hook near the door. I then draped the heavy grey rubber cape over my shoulders and figured that there were slits in the side for my arms or hands. I buttoned the front and walked inside to the bedroom and looked in the mirror. These suited me, and they felt exquisite to wear.

As I turned to go outside it had started raining. But here I was wearing a rubber cape and wondering how it would feel in the rain. As I had several of each, I thought I would at least keep a coat and a cape out but store the rest of them and do a bit of research. Maybe it would give me an idea as to why so many, and why the one brand. I took off the cape and put it back with the others in the garage and carried on with my usual daily routine.
The next morning, I decided to do a bit of research, and I’m glad I did. It turns out the brand is very highly sought after, cherished by rainwear aficionados, and in most cases rare to find in such wonderful condition. It was still raining outside, and after some consideration I thought, I would go to the park for a walk. I grabbed a pair of black rubber boots I usually use when going for a walk in the rain, except this time I won’t be using the rubbish parka. I took the coat and cape I tried on yesterday, put them in the car and made my way to the park.

I found a reasonable parking spot and got out of the car, putting the rubber raincoat on and draping the cape over my arm. I locked my car and set off for a stroll. The rain got heavier, so I draped the cape over my shoulders, buttoned it up and carried on walking. The experience was exhilarating as the rain tapped away at my ‘new’ rainwear, I felt very different and that feeling I had when I first tried on the rubber mackintosh came back.
As I was walking along the riverbank than runs through the park, I heard a person behind me.

“Hello…” said the voice, I turned around to see a lovely young woman wearing a tightly belted black rubber raincoat.

I said “Uh Hi “, somewhat feeling awkward.

“I couldn’t help but notice your cape. Where was it made?” she smiled.

“I’m sure it has Klepper on the label, and I’m also wearing a Klepper coat under the cape” I replied.

“Oh, you have both!” she said.
“My coat is also a Klepper! Wow! I love your outfit. Can I walk with you?” she asked.

“Oh, okay, sure ...” I said smiling.

We walked along the riverbank and talked about many things. In most cases the conversation went back to our items of rainwear. Her name was Marianne, and she had not long moved into the area and was still exploring the region looking for work. I started talking to her about my most recent acquisition of rainwear.

“It sounds like you might have picked up a collection that belonged to a rainwear fetishist,” said Marianne.

“A what now?” I asked.

“There are people out there who have a passion for rainwear. Especially rubber rainwear. I, being one of them” she said with a grin.
We began walking back to the car park, talking about rainwear fetishes. I had very little idea that such a thing existed. I was now curious to know more and just had to find out. We arrived back at my car, Marianne asked if we’d see each other again, and I felt that there was a certain connection between us. We arranged to meet at the park again tomorrow. I removed my cape, coat, shook off the small amount of water on the surface and put it on the back seat of the car and waved goodbye to Marianne.

As I drove back home, I smiled. Something that I hadn’t done for so many years. I looked forward to tomorrow and meeting Marianne again.

(Part 2 is on the way).
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Re: The Estate

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Beautiful story, look forward to more,
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Re: The Estate

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Nice starters for 10
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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Re: The Estate

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still waiting on part 2
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