What's your interest?

Non rainwear related post about all things other than rainwear.
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Mr Larox
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What's your interest?

Post by Mr Larox »

For many years i have a fetish on latex and eince a few for pvc. As long as it is shiny and crackling.
Luckly i found a woman who is willing to do/share my interest for me, but it ain't her cake.
We have a jumpsuit, transparent dungaree, pyjama and some briefs of PVC. Also a long latex coat.

I'm curious how other people think of there interest / fetish / clothingstyle etc. Especially if women have an interest/fetish with latex/pvc/rainwear.
So in short:
What is your perspective on material, is it a turn on or just a fashion item? And how do you deal with it with your partner?
(#disclaimer: i am NOT looking for contact or other sorts of relationships with someone. I'm happily married and like to continue to be)
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Re: What's your interest?

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My favourite is plastic, then PVC, rubber and nylon. Material is the most important thing, followed by fashion, and it depends what the item is supposed to be. So a bed sheet needs to be a sheet! Fashion-wise I prefer elasticated sleeves and ankles and zips, rather than open sleeves and buttons. Jackets and joggers, or one-piece suit, rather than raincoat. My wife also is not keen, but sometimes indulges me. Easier to get a fetish item into lovemaking in the heat of the moment rather than trying to plan ahead. Also, the idea that I might want us both to wear plastic casually just does not compute with her, so no hope of just lounging about the house in plastic jeans!

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