The Bus part 3 - Journey’s End

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The Bus part 3 - Journey’s End

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Content: Strong sexual references, not very explicit.

Sophie was asleep. Sarah looked at her perfect naked body, then at her own. She felt extreme guilt and cradled her bump, “I’m so sorry little one, mummy has done a very bad thing”. Thoughts of how she got to this point raced through her mind. The long chat on the bus, how she had alighted with Sophie at her stop as if it was the only natural thing to do. How they had ended up at her house just for a coffee, and then…

Tom hung up the call. “Shit”, he thought, “That was the worst possible outcome of the video call”. Being sacked would have been preferable, and now SHE was coming here, to HIS house! Tom shut the laptop down, to be totally sure, then went upstairs to get changed. He probably didn’t have long. Dressing was quick enough. Black latex maid’s outfit, fishnet stockings, high heels, white PVC frilly apron. Just time for makeup as best he could. One final decision, latex, satin or plastic panties? He played it safe and, applying talc carefully so as not to spoil the shine on his dress, eased into the black rubber underwear, then a quick fix with the high-shine cloth. He need not have rushed. Ordinarily he would be very turned on by now, but not this time, not as he waited. Eventually the doorbell rang.

It was late in the evening now.Sarah was very late and she checked her phone, ready to make up some excuse, but no message from her husband. That was weird, and a tad worrying. Sophie began to wake. Sarah looked around the room at the discarded clothing, remembering the hot passion and gorgeous smell of Sophie in her blue nylon cagoule with nothing else on. The look and feel of it’s shiny lining and the softness of the girls skin. She remembered how it all started, when Sophie was bent down, ear pressed against the expanse of PVC covering the teacher’s bump, with her hands cradling her bottom and face oh so close to her crotch.

During the walk to Sophie’s house from the bus stop the bombshell was dropped. She admitted that she was indeed the girl that bullied Sarah all those years ago, and that is why she started to talk to her on the bus. When she said “I think I know you”, that was definitely not a lie. Sophie had a crush on Sarah, but there was no way she could ever admit it, so when they started to get close she pushed away, and kept pushing, trying to convince herself that Sarah was scum to be ridiculed.
“What’s the cagoule all about?”, Sarah had asked, “it’s all you wore at school, and now you are still wearing it.”
“It was my only coat”, Sophie replied in a sad voice, “my dad bought it for me on a camping holiday when it rained. As soon as we got home the police were waiting and he was taken away. My father was done for burglary and unfortunately during one incident apparently someone was seriously injured. If he is lucky he might be out in about two years from now”.
“So you wear it because it was all you had, how come you didn’t buy a new coat?”, Sarah asked.
“Mum lost her job when they found out about dad in prison, so there was no money. And I guess, because it was the last thing dad bought for me I sort of, er, treasured it. I admit I would wear it in bed, sometimes I would cry, sometimes I would feel it as I pleasured myself. I kept it clean and took care of it, partly because I knew I couldn’t replace it and partly because I loved it”.
“All these years?”, queried Sarah.
“Oh no, this one is a replacement. I admit I am a bit obsessed with it.”, Sophie dug her hands in her pocket and hunched her shoulders as if braving some foul weather that wasn’t there. Sarah put her arm through Sophie’s and they chatted as they walked.

The door bell rang again. Tom was in no hurry to answer and hoped the caller would give up, but alas, eventually he was standing hidden behind the front door, giving a thin smile to a short, wide woman in a beige satin trench coat, buttoned all the way up and tightly belted. Her big black BMW was parked carelessly across the drive, blocking any entrance or exit.
“Hello Anne-Marie, do come in”, he was trying to make sure none of the neighbours could see the way he was dressed.
The woman strode in, unbuttoned her coat and demanded that Tom help hang it up. She was standing in the open door, so he couldn’t close it, and Tom had to step out to take it from her. As he was hanging the coat she stepped inside, but left the door open, exposing him to full view of anyone passing by. “Bitch”, he thought to himself.
As he handled the coat he noticed the smooth rubber lining; this was a very expensive Mac with a very kinky secret and he almost wished he wasn’t having to hang it out of the way. He gave the lining a good feel as his hand dropped away - very sexy.
He turned. What greeted his eyes was at total odds with the expensive trench coat and company car; the boss appeared to be wearing what looked like one of those cheap black plastic work-out sauna suits.
He was relieved when she finally closed the front door, “What decent wine do you have? Fetch me a glass of your best red”, she demanded. It was 2:30 in the afternoon.
Things did not unfold as Tom has expected, Anne-Marie had him doing housework, she sat in an armchair, drinking wine and directing her house-slave. He didn’t mind, but felt that maybe she wanted something else to happen. At one point she asked him to get the vacuum out, but after spotting an old Hoover Junior at the back of the cupboard, insisted he used that. A while later he was instructed to get yet another glass of wine, and on his return he found her completing the hoovering; her face was concentrating and beads of sweat rolled down it, partly due to the weight of the old machine, but mainly because of the plastic suit, which was now clinging to her. He put the glass down and she passed the machine to him, thrusting the inflated bag into his crotch as she did, “good slave, now finish that”, she demanded. He complied.

Sophie stood up from the bed. “Pop it on, let me see you”, Sarah asked, pointing to the cagoule.
Sophie smiled and picked up the coat, pulling the arms back through as the jacket was inside out from the time Sarah peeled it off her earlier. The exposed shiny sleeves disappeared to reveal the soft blue nylon outer. She slipped it on.

Anne-Marie had ended the call and shut down her iMac. She walked through from the study to the master bedroom with its huge bay window overlooking the expanse of manicured garden. She wondered what she had done telling Tom she was going around to his house. The Finance Director was used to knowing exactly what she wanted and ferociously getting it. In the office people said her motto was “if you enjoy finance you are doing it wrong”. Now she was totally out of her depth. She stripped naked ready to have a bath, but stopped as she passed the mirror,”who are kidding fat cow, nobody will ever want to be with that lump of lard”, she thought to herself, but decided she had better make a bit of an effort under the circumstances. In the bath she looked at the Black Forest on her crotch and hairy legs that needed to look as tidy as the garden, except she wasn’t about to get old Ted the head gardener to give her a trim! The house was huge and it was all hers, sadly. She had a queen sized bed with two marble topped bed side tables, but only the one on her said had ever been used. Anne-Marie was not a virgin, Harry had seen to that in her early twenties after telling her that she was so fat it had made him come in the wrong way and that she should be ashamed of herself. And that is what she had been ever since. Anne-Marie never married, in fact she never had a boyfriend, but being well-off she did periodically pay for high class male escorts, who of course told her she was sexy and perfect, but then for that much money she knew they would tell any lie. The browsing history on her iMac, had there been anyone in her life to sneak a look, would have revealed porn, of which BDSM featured heavily. She made herself a tyrannical leader and knew of no other way than commanding people, so now was her time to become that dominatrix. She searched the wardrobes and cupboards, but most of her outfits were business suits and sensible skirts. In a drawer she discovered a box and recalled an outfit she had bought a while back, as one of the many things she bought, to help with her weight loss, but had never even opened. The picture on the box showed a young girl in a shiny black suit - not the latex catsuit that she wished now that she owned, but not form fitting, and less likely to show the lumps and bumps. She opened the box and the smell of cheap plastic pool toys from a beach shop filled the air. She unfolded it. “Maybe it would look better on?”, she thought. She reached for her trusty Spanx - the magic that turned Madame lard into something more acceptable, but not so magic to get her a man for keeps. “These things promise much and deliver nothing, and are jolly uncomfortable”. She threw them aside and slipped the plastic sauna suit on with nothing underneath, being careful not to rub the cut on her crotch caused by the razor earlier; her attempts to trim the bush resulted in pretty awful topiary and she had no choice but to remove the lot.
The suit looked a tad tight in the mirror, but she couldn’t think of anything else to wear, and she did find the whole thing a bit kinky. What to wear over the top as she drove over was a much easier choice; a couple of years ago she fell in love with a satin trench coat, and the £1,399 price was no problem, especially when she took it from the hanger and found it had a smooth rubber lining.

Sarah slipped her PVC rain suit on over the top of her clothes. Sophie was also dressed, finishing things off with the inevitable nylon cagoule.
“I must go”, said Sarah with sadness in her voice, “my husband will be worried sick”.
The women struggled to part at the door, but eventually Sarah stepped out into the cold black evening air and managed to hop on a bus that was just about to pull away. She sat by the window and took out her phone to call Tom, but at that moment someone sat down next to her. Sarah recognised the shiny nylon sleeve of the blue cagoule, “how did you do that?”, Sarah asked in a surprised voice, “the bus pulled out as soon as I was on board?”
“I’m sorry, I don’t have much time, I just wanted to see you one more time”, she grasped Sarah’s PVC clad arm and snuggled in to her, “I really am so very sorry about how I treated you, and I know i can never make it up to you”.
“Going where?”, said Sarah, a bit concerned.
“Actually I’m not sure, just not here anymore”.

Tom looked down at Anne-Marie, her question was delivered in an uncharacteristic demure way with head hung down. He watched the light bouncing off her ample chest as it heaved inside the black vinyl jacket, she seemed nervous and vulnerable, two words that were never used to describe his boss.
“Of course, if you want to”, he replied.
“Um, no, actually, only if you want to”, she continued, again not making eye contact.
Tom thought it was some sort of trick, “ok yes”, he said, “let’s pop upstairs”. What was he supposed to answer to the question, “would you like to have sex with me?”
She gave a thin smile.
In the bedroom she continued to be quiet and nervous. Tom had spent the afternoon being bossed about, but now it seemed he was supposed to take the lead, “what a weird game”, he thought.
He took hold of the zip on her jacket. She raised her hands to stop him, “can we do it dressed?”, she said quietly.
He smiled, “no”, and slowly released her ample chest from its plastic prison as the zip slid down. He peeled the jacket off, which was not easy as it was stuck with dampness, then he tossed the garment aside. She continued to look nervous. He grabbed he waist of the elasticated trousers and began to peel them down, again fighting the sweat that had built up. She resisted, but only a little, and he persisted until she was lying naked on the bed.
The Tom began to give her a massage, working his hands over her slippery skin in circles, stroking, and as he did so he told her that she turned him on. She could see that was probably true from the reaction below his rubber dress.
“I know you don’t mean it”, she said, “tell me the truth, I promise not to hold it against you, could you ever love this?”, she gestured down her body.
He looked puzzled, “I’m married, but if I weren’t then yes I could easily love you, you are a very beautiful woman.”
“Thank you for saying that, but I know it’s not true, nobody would want me like this”, she protested.
He kissed her on the lips then worked down her body, all the time telling her that each part was sexy as hell and yes he could love it.
They did make love after Tom had finally removed his latex maid’s outfit. He truly did enjoy it and really did find her very sexy, but all the time kept thinking of Sarah.

It was early evening when Anne-Marie sat up on the bed, “I will go now, and don’t worry, I won’t come around again. I will make excuses to the others about what we saw on the call on your behalf. I wish you all the best with Sarah and the new baby”. Her voice was measured and business-like, but lacked the harshness it once had.
“You are a truly lovely person Anne-Marie, and someday you will meet the right man”, Tom replied, trying not to sound patronising.
She smiled a thin smile and walked downstairs. He watched her naked bottom wiggle out of the room, the plastic sauna suit remained damp and crumpled on the floor. He followed her, and at the bottom of the stairs caught up to her slipping her raincoat on, instantly getting an erection from seeing the soft rubber lining enveloping her nude body.
“Sorry little Tom, time for me to go”, she said addressing his manhood.
“Can I kiss you goodbye?”, Tom asked, “I really have enjoyed today, and would love to have done it more if the circumstances were different”.
“No”, she replied, “let’s keep it strictly professional”, then turned to leave by the front door, but as she did so she flashed her Mac open and blew him a kiss, then folded it back and was tying the belt as she walked down the drive.
Tom quickly cleared the wine away, stowed the vacuum, and made sure there was no evidence of the visit downstairs. Then he hopped upstairs to dress in a tee shirt and jeans before calling Sarah to see where she was. He remembered the sauna suit, and thought he had better hide it away. As he picked it up he pressed the inside to his face and drew in a big breath. The smell was 90% cheap vinyl, but also a feint aroma of Anne-Marie. He wiped the suit, folded it carefully, and packed it away where Sarah wouldn’t find it, but he could get to it should the need arise! He picked up his phone to call Sarah as he walked downstairs.

Sophie and Sarah walked arm in arm from the bus stop in silence. The teacher was vey conflicted over her feelings. She loved Tom very much, but Sophie had been there first, ok not in a good way, but Sarah always knew she loved Sophie even when she was being her nastiest. Sophie seemed genuinely to reciprocate the feeling. Sarah had no idea where this was going next as they arrived together at her front door. The PVC jacket squeaked as Sophie let go and Sarah raised a hand to open the door.
She jumped as she wasn’t expecting Tom to be standing right behind it!
“Oh, er, Tom, er, this is a friend, Sophie, Sophie Briggs”, she stammered.
“Who is?”, replied Tom in a puzzled voice.
“This…”, Sarah turned but Sophie had gone. Just as she had appeared on the bus now she disappeared, presumably to avoid the embarrassment of the inevitable conversation.
“I’ve been worried about you”, Tom said.
“Sorry, I meant to call, but we met and got chatting and time went by, we went to school together you know and…”
“Where did you get that?”, her husband interrupted, pointing to her hand,
Sarah raised her arm and found she was holding Sophie’s cagoule.
“That’s not possible”, she stammered, “she was wearing it seconds ago”, and she clearly remembered having her head pressed against Sophie’s shoulder and drawing in the lovely smell of the girl plus slightly musty nylon.
“What friend? You keep saying, but there is nobody there”, he pointed down the drive.

Sarah stepped in, confused, but tired and in need of a drink.
Soon the couple were snuggled up on the sofa. Through the living room door Sarah could see through to the coat rack in the hallway and the blue nylon cagoule hanging there.
“Hey listen to this”, Tom crumpled the local newspaper that he had been reading as if to signal that he needed her attention.
“Parents of local woman, Sophie Briggs, who was killed in a car crash in on 7th October 2018, are setting up a support group for bereaved parents….”
Sarah was numb at first, but then she asked, “did it say when the accident happened, what time of day?”
“Er,”, Tom skipped ahead, “just that the car left the road in the early evening and police believe it swerved to avoid an oncoming vehicle, but could never prove it”.
“Today is 7th isn’t it?”
“Yes, why?”
“Oh nothing”.

The End. No more. Fin.

The Very End
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Re: The Bus part 3 - Journey’s End

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Thank you for this well written and interesting story
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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Re: The Bus part 3 - Journey’s End

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I really liked this story for several reasons. In stead of describing sex itself, it described everything around it, embarrassment, vulnerability and human relations. It also had a queer perspective that I could relate to. Also, the story itself was very well written, with plot twists and perspective changing between main characters. Keep 'em coming!
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