Meeting new friends

If you are interested to meet your fellow forum members this is where to set up a meeting.
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Meeting new friends

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Dear community: Thank you very much for accepting me into your wonderful community. I cannot describe how much I love it to wear rainwear.
I wear it outside when it is raining and I wear it inside while it is not. Sometimes I like to wear nothing but a rain jacket and rain pants on my naked skin. Sometimes I even wear two rain jackets at once. When I do this one hood hangs always in front of my face ready to use it for breath control. I love to suck in the smell of the hood. When it is up, it wraps itself tightly around my face. That's when I get very excited. You want to know when it all started? I honestly can not tell you. It has always turned me on seeing a rain jacket or even a simple hood. I own about 12 hoodies and about 10 rain jackets. Whenever I can, I try to wear someone else's rain jacket.
Doesn’t happen often but when it does I often cum into it. Always a big mess to clean after. Sometimes I go to shops and try on brand new jackets in the dressing room, the hood always up over my face head. Occasionally I have to cum in them as well.

Here I hope to meet others with the same fetish even though it is very unlikely I ever will especially someone from Switzerland or near Germany.
Are you interested? Feel free to write to me here or at or Skype: lenninwerth. See you!
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Re: Meeting new friends

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Klingt interessant. Grüße aus Norddeutschland
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