Caught in the act. (F/m. non exp.)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Re: Caught in the act.

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These timer locks are quite new on the market. Have to say I love the variety of uses they offer. There is the guarantee of release if timer is set by partners, but you have no idea of when or how long if you cannot see read out. How exiting! The latest ones now lock for up to 99hrs! Anyone fancy a marathon mack lock in? Id like to try!
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Re: Caught in the act.

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Mackymick wrote: July 7th, 2021, 2:19 pm Wooooops! Serves me right!
The wife had gone shopping with her friend. Several hours of freedom meant, dressing in my favourite vinyl underwear, shiny vinyl hooded onesie and her lovely super shiny dark blue vinyl hooded cagoule. The thick 2 inch leather collar was now added, and finally my new toy, a digital time release padlock. I was just about to set the timer when the door suddenly opened 'its just about to chuck down, I need my.......oohhh, you bad boy, you've got it on!'
What can you say?
She said nothing. Just pulled my hoods up, fixed them off so as not to be able to remove, tightened off collar sufficiently, tapped 24.00 hours onto the timer and 'click' locked the collar on. Blew me a kiss. Picked up another shiny hooded mac and was gone!
Im revelling in my mackiness at the moment, in 22 hours time I wonder if I will feel the same?
I like this a lot! Especially wrapped in vinyl. Where do you get these locks?
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Re: Caught in the act.

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I got caught, a few years ago. Id gone to bed wearing my wifes glossy polyurethane jacket, while she was staying with friends, unfortunately I had too much wine as well, and over slept. She came home early, brought me up a cup of tea, to find me happily curled up asleep, wrapped in her mac, with hood up! Explain that one away!!!
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