Raincoat bondage idea

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Re: Raincoat bondage idea

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Good thinking Ilovecagoules!

I have a scene in a fetish/BDSM book I wrote where the two main characters do that with a couple of Kleppers. The only difference with Ilovecagoules's notion is that I did not configure the two participants back to back.
The book came about because I was sending scenes to Lorraine in Lancaster for her much missed raincoat web site.
She published them until one day I hit her boundary and she politely declined the scene because, as she said "I could see the steam rising".
She advised me to put the bits all together into a book and self publish it on Amazon, which I did, adding a second half after the couple got rescued from the "wet" dungeon from where they had managed to handcuff themselves to the wall bars with the keys out of reach. I wont pimp it here beyond mentioning the title "The Making of a Kleppermaniac" and that it costs less than a pint of beer.

I also found some early adverts for Kleppers, pre-war, including testimonial letters from very "satisfied" customers and I translated them for Lorraine to publish. I could easily imagine those letter writers being members of this forum: there was one chap who took his Klepper into the woods when it was raining, sat on a log, buttoned up the neck, hood up, and watching the rivulets of rain run down the shiny rubber surface with "thievish joy". He never said what he wore underneath or if he did, Klepper edited it out. Another testimonial was from a guy who bought 20 to go on an expedition and he was the only one who slept comfortably, one Klepper as bottom sheet, another as top and a third folded for a pillow. For anyone not familiar with a Klepper, the fabric was very thin cotton coated on both sides with a thin layer of Germany's synthetic rubber.
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Re: Raincoat bondage idea

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Oh how I wish a few of us could get together!!
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Re: Raincoat bondage idea

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Agreed. It would be amazing!

@MacRobin your book sounds a cracking read. If only my wife & I didn't share an Amazon account! ☹️
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