I Joined the Truck and Car Wash

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I Joined the Truck and Car Wash

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The basis of this story was found on the web, but the theme was a bit too raunchy and the grammar, poor.
So I have taken the basic theme and re-wrote it. In some ways it mirrors my own likings and my student days working in a carwash in the town I live in.
The green pvc suits certainly are what I started work in and these later became yellow heavy duty fishermans gear.
I have taken some of the 'raunchiness' out, although some sexual pleasures are depicted.
I can never believe that members of sites such as this do not enjoy the gear for some form of sexual gratification as well as keeping you dry in the rain.
So enjoy my offering..........even though it is aimed for those members who like this type of heavy duty pvc protective gear.


I Joined the Truck and Car Wash

I had finally passed my driving test, even better, I was the first one of my mates to do it! I could just imagine myself turning up to your first day at uni in style. The only downside of course being that cars were expensive, not to mention that when I found one that I liked the insurance was way too much! I’d need another student loan at this rate. My summer holidays seemed to fly by as I constantly scoured the net looking for that perfect car that wouldn’t cost the earth to insure, while every day your mates would tease I, most of them had parents that would pay for their insurance when they passed, but not I.
And then one night, after hours of scrolling I came across an ad in the local paper:
“Used Peugeot for sale, good condition, mainly used for work, great first car guaranteed cheap insurance”
The pictures showed a small Peugeot that looked to be in good condition, it looked sporty and at this point I would be happy just to have a car. I quickly copied the registration into an insurance comparison site and as promised the prices for me were nice and easily affordable. With my heart racing I sent a message to the buyer asking how soon I could view the car and saying that I was very interested. I spent the rest of the night checking my emails every few minutes and felt my heart drop when I had no response.
My phone woke me early the next morning, I must’ve fallen asleep with it next to me in bed. Groggily I pick it up and saw that I’ve just received a new email, and it’s from the seller of the car! I opened the email and read:
“Hey bud, sorry for the late reply, yeah the car is still for sale, pop round this afternoon, I guarantee you’ll love it!”
With my hands shaking I typed a reply saying that I’ll be there with my mobile number and soon after I get a text with an address and time. Looking up the address I notice it’s in the rough part of town, but I don’t care I need this car! The day seemed to drag by, but finally it was time and I caught the bus to the guys address, the whole ride I kept thinking about how this would be the last time I would have to catch the bus. Walking through the council estate I noticed that a lot of the guys round there were giving me funny looks. They all seemed to be the typical chav type, either dressed in trackies or workie gear, some were walking home in hi viz gear. I couldn’t help but feel like I stuck out like a sore thumb, everything about me screamed middle class, from my styled hair to my chinos and shirt.
Arriving at the address I immediately spotted the car outside and couldn’t help myself, I wandered around it in awe looking it over, staring in through the windows. It was amazing, how was it in such good condition being parked in such an area? I was so lost in looking that I jumped when a voice behind I said “Hi mate, you must be here to buy my baby”.
I turned to see the seller, a good looking guy held out his hand, it was covered in dirt and grime but then so were the rest of his clothes. He was wearing a dark green pvc coverall belted around his waist, and a white Nike top with black marks all over it. On his feet he wore black rubber boots that the coverall legs fitted over. He didn’t look much older than me with his dark hair cut very short all over his head and a diamond stud in his left ear. His eyes were a piercing blue that held your gaze. I blinked and tried not to stare as I took the guys hand and gave it a shake, “Names Steve” he said, “want to take a closer look at the car?”
“Phil”, I replied “yeah sure, it looks really good.”
Nodding, Steve unlocked the car and pulled open the driver’s door. As expected a rush of hot stale air rushed out into your face and with it the strong smell of pvc and tar, the car smelt like a roadwork site. “Don’t mind the smell, I used this car every day to get to and from the work,” Steve said, “But it’s still as clean as a whistle and drives amazingly, not to mention it has a cracking stereo system”. He gestured for me to get in and I climbed into the driver’s seat. The seat felt soft and I felt my body relax as I instinctively reach for the wheel. Steve reached in and stuck the key in the ignition, “Just listen to that sound quality mate” he said slamming the door shut trapping me in the car.
The smell was now all I could breathe now and the heat of the car made it stronger, fumbling with the controls I manage to turn the cold air on but as the air blows through the vents, the smell got stronger. I could feel it filling me as I breathed and it seemed to effect my brain and making it hard to think. At the same time the stereo had come on, Steve was right the sound seems to come from everywhere in the car, I could hear the music resonating in my brain. I find myself just sitting there nodding along to the music, I don’t even know what the song is but it was good. I felt myself slipping and my foot nudged the gas pedal. The engine roars and suddenly I snapped awake. Shaking my head I fumbled with the keys and turn off the ignition.
Opening the door I saw Steve staring at me with an eager smile on his face, his blue eyes seem to be searching my mind for something. “Wanna go for a run round the block?” I nodded and we set off taking it easy at first, but then letting it go, it did drive well and sounded good.
Back at his place, “I can tell you like it” he says, “and I can’t lie, the car is perfect.” I said, and that I’d take it and he suddenly grabs me pulling me in for a quick hug. At that moment I got another whiff of that smell again, that pvc and tar smell I got when I sat in the car.
“Ok, come on in the house and I will dig out the paperwork for the car.” he said. He seems happier about selling the car than I was about buying it, I hope nothing is wrong with it. But I banish those thoughts from my mind, and follow Steve into his house. Inside, he points me toward the living room, “Make yourself at home, don’t mind the mess, I’ll be right back” Steve said, disappearing upstairs.
The living room was small, there’s a large TV in the corner with a sofa against the wall. Strewn all over the floor were piles of work gear, hi vis trousers and tops, jackets a lot of it is made of rubber or pvc and other waterproof materials. That same smell like the inside of the car filled the room and I felt myself relaxing again, almost getting used to the smell, even enjoying it. As I moved over to sofa and was about to sit down I saw another pvc coverall laying there. It was dark green, identical to the one Steve was wearing, it was made of a heavy duty pvc except this one has boots attached. It was just sitting there on the sofa open like it was waiting for someone to just slip inside and seal it up.
I can’t resist leaning forwards as the smell from the suit fills seems attracts me to it. As I reach out a hand to touch it. “Found the paperwork!” Steve calls as he comes into the room. Quickly, I snatch your hand back and stand up straight trying to not make it obvious what I was about to do. I felt puzzled, why was I going to touch and feel it? I couldn’t understand what had gotten into me.
Steve takes a seat at his dining table and starts to fill out the forms, asking for my details, name, age, the normal stuff. When he was finished I started to ask him about his life and he started telling me about the great job he has down at the local truck and car wash, how the money was good and the his boss lets him rent this house as long as he works there.
“Sounds like you are onto a good thing there,” I said and he nods in agreement.
“You know the boss is always looking for new guys to join us. Works a bit hard some days when there is a rush on trucks coming in and its mucky work too. You can’t clean and jet wash trucks without getting splashed, but the suits are good protection.” he replied. Then for a second I see his eyes move to the green pvc suit sitting on the sofa.
“We get plenty of gear to wear, gets a bit filthy and sweaty, but I don’t mind and I like it.
What about you?”
I smile and tell him about my plans for university where I’m going to study to be an accountant. “Mum and dad reckons it will be a good profession for me.”
“Sounds like you’ve got a stressful life ahead of you” Steve says and I find myself nodding in agreement.
I can almost imagine how easy it would be to have Steve’s life, a nice stress free job, no pressure about looking your best all the time, relaxed and care-free and having a place of your own. “Nah, your job sounds good, but I know what I want and my parents are supporting me.” I tell him and shake my head as I start to feel myself zoning out again and shrug it off apologising to Steve.
“Fancy a drink before you go,” he offers, but I decline and tell him I need to get going home. He hands I the keys and the paperwork and I pull the cash from my pocket that I had saved. Walking me to the door we say our thanks and farewells and the minute I step out of the house the fresh air wakes I up again.
“Enjoy your new car mate, perhaps I will see you soon!” Steve calls as I undo the car and climb inside. I start the ignition and head home. That smell, like the one in Steve’s house is again permeating my senses again, calming my mind, and with the stereo playing that same song all the way home, whispering in the background. I don’t even notice the erection I’ve got straining against my chinos.
Arriving home I pull on to the driveway and see that mum and dad are still out, probably still working. I sit for a moment thinking about my car, but also, Steve and what he had said. After getting out of the car I gave it the once over and went around to the boot and pop it open to check out the storage. Staring in I see that the boot is already occupied. I feel my heart starting to race as I see the familiar dark green pvc coverall bundled into the boot. How did that get in here I wondered, then the familiar smell of the suit hits me and it seems even stronger than before, that strange mix of pvc, dirt and the person who had worn it. Again Steve’s house flashed in my mind and the green pvc suit lying on his sofa.

As I reach in to touch the suit, I could feel my dick pulse and move in my chinos, adjusting myself and felt the wetness of a bit of pre-cum.
Glancing around quickly I hoped none of the neighbours had seen me, but by now my mind was racing. I knew I should drive back to Steve’s and give the suit back to him, but then it was getting late and I guess I could easily go round tomorrow. I soon convinced myself that was the best thing to do. Checking over the boot I soon realise that’s why the car had that distinctive smell because the pvc suit was in there the whole time. I decided to take the suit out and hopefully that would allow the car to air a bit by the next day. Picking the suit up I bundle it into my arms, reaching up to close the boot the smell of the suit seems stronger and I feel myself go a bit dizzy as I get a bigger whiff, my dick throbs again as I slam the boot shut and rush inside the house.
I grab a bin liner and stuffed the suit into it, twisting the top around and carry it up to my room. Rubbing my hands through my hair, I get that smell again, its on my hands and I can’t resist putting my hands to my face enclosing my nose and inhaling the smell. I don’t understand what’s gotten into me, feeling different and getting a hard-on because of this work gear. There is something about the suit that’s drawing me to it, my mind imagines me wearing the smooth green pvc suit, the smell and then wearing it all day long cleaning and washing trucks and cars with Steve and other guys.
A strange part of me is telling me I need to wear it, to put on the smooth pvc coverall suit. Part of me wants to put it on and part of me says, ‘No!’ I should give it back tomorrow and then get on with your life and going to uni. Reality tells me, I don’t want to be some work lad who cleans trucks for a living, wearing dirty gear all the time, with short regulation haircut.
I stop running my hands through my hair. Wait !! where did the idea of a regulation haircut come from. An image of Steve passes through my mind and my cock throbs again. I fall back on my bed and let out an exasperated sigh, I clearly just need to have a wank and get this out of my system. I strip out of my clothes, socks and wet underpants and lie back on the bed, feeling my cock, my hand starts to jerk it slowly. Then I notice the smell again, the now familiar smell, coming from your hands where I held the suit. I raise one hand to your nose and breathe it in. It smells good and I start to relax. I can’t help but glance over to the suit in the bin liner in the corner of your room.
Would it hurt if I tried it on to see how I’d look and how it feels, to see what I look like as a truck washer. By now my mind was working overtime and I had given in. My cock took control as I grab the bag and tipped the suit onto the floor. Lifting the suit up I held it against me, as it touches my skin the coldness of the pvc is like electric shocking my body.
Looking into the mirror my reflection see me with the suits in front to me……put it on ….put it on…. pulses in my head. Looking at myself I can’t resist it anymore ….I am going to wear it.
Sitting on the edge of my bed the green pvc suit sits at my feet, partially open and ready for me to slide my feet into it, pushing my feet inside I slide them down the legs and my feet emerge at the bottom. Standing, I pull the suit up and it slides over my legs and hips, the inside feels cold and damp, I don’t care all that matters is to get the suit on. Pushing my arms one at a time down the sleeves and through the elasticated cuffs I work it up and over my shoulders. This whole movement causes the smell to surround me and enters my nose filling my lungs. A strange horniness fills me as my bare skin makes contact with the inside of the suit. I can feel its smoothness and my body makes full contact with its surface.
Pulling the zip up the suit, it starts to draw together and becomes tighter on my body, it fits perfectly, the zip nuzzling under my chin. I fold a flap over the zip and press each of the metal press studs closed, the suit is now on and I am sealed in it.
The full length mirror reveals how well the suit fits, there above my left breast a label say ‘Chem-Master’ and I start to stroke my body through the pvc. Falling back onto my bed, I lay there in a sort of seventh heaven, I feel completely relaxed and my dick is rubbing on the inside of the suit. Slowly I am warming up in the suit and I can feel beads of perspiration forming. As the suit warms up it increases the smell and all I want to do is breathe it in filling my lungs.
My mind starts to drift into fantasy and I begin to imagine how good it would be, no how great it would be to wear this every day, to be part of a team of green pvc clad lads, an obedient unit, with no stress. My hands reach for my hardening dick and start to rub it through the suit, every touch feels amazing. Slowly I begin to massage my whole body through the suit not caring about the dirt rubbing off onto my hands, it’s then I notice and feel the other end of the zip in my crotch and realise the suit has a two way zip. Undoing the bottom press stud it allows me to pull the zip up and open. As it opens my dick to spring free, grabbing it, it feels so good and I am able to finally able to jerk it faster increasing my pleasures. I can feel myself getting closer and closer and then I have no control, screaming an Arggh! The inevitable happens and I shoot my load all over all over the suit.
Feeling totally spent knowing that was one of the best wanks I had ever had, I relax on the bed and close my eyes savouring the pleasures I have just experienced. I feel warm and contended as I come down from the high I have just experienced. Exhaustion and my own euphoria caused me to drift off.
Suddenly my phone rings, bringing me back to reality. Answering it and I hear Steve’s voice as it echoes down the line. He tells me that he has left one of his work suits in the car by accident.
Laughing, “Yeah, I found it.” Whilst my hand is stroking the suit. “I was going to bring it over to your place tomorrow.”
There is a pause and he says he needs that one for his shift at 6.00 in the morning as his others are being cleaned, and asks if I don’t mind bringing it to him at the yard where he works.
Part of me is listening and part enjoying myself as I stroke the suit, “Yeah Ok, I’ll bring it to you in the morning.” Steve agrees to send me a text with the address.
“Cheers mate, see you in the morning,” He wishes me a goodnight and hangs up. Dropping the phone down next to me I can feel myself relaxing again, nice and warm in the pvc suit. The phone pings and there is Steve’s message giving me the address of where he works.
Laying there, I close my eyes and drift off.
Suddenly I’m awake, blink my eyes open I realise I am still wearing the suit as I move it feels damp and cold. It’s still dark outside the window and grab my phone to check the time. “Shit 5am!” How long was I out. Then I remember that I’m meant to be meeting Steve to give him back the suit at 6am. Getting up I unzip and peel the suit off, turning it inside out hoping it will dry before giving back. At that moment I feel a wave of pleasure again as the suit rubs against my body, the inside is slick with my sweat. Strange but I can no longer notice the smell from it. Mainly because the smell is covering my whole body no.
Stepping out of the suit, it is half inside and half out so it should dry. A quick shower and shave and I ready, Shorts and a T shirt will do, I shove my feet into my trainers and then pick up the suit, not quite dry but better than it was, and turn it the right way round and fold it up. Grabbing my keys and any bits, I carry it out of the house quietly, the last thing I need is to wake up my mum and dad and let them find me creeping out so early. Part of me says I don’t care, but really I don’t need the hassle. Who knows they may have even walked in my room and seen me laying in the suit last night. For some reason my mind no longer cares what my parents may think. What if I was a simple truck and car washer…it’s my life, I’ll do what I want!
Pausing at the front door, where did that thought come from, why did I think that?
I shrug it off and unlocked the car, putting the suit on the passenger seat. As I start the car and the music comes on, the same I had been listening to earlier, as I drive my mind soaks up the sounds.

Driving to the address Steve gave me I am thankfully in good time and make it before 6.00 and drive into the staff parking area.

Sitting there in the car I watch a few other lads walking towards a series of portacabins and a building next to a warehouse full of wash bays. All of them have the same short hairstyle that Steve had and they are all dressed in pvc coveralls. Looking around I spot Steve near the main door, he’s dressed in hi viz trousers and a matching jacket.

Getting out the car I grab the suit and walk over to him. As I get closer he smiles as he sees me and we shake hands, “Thanks for bringing this buddy. So as your here, maybe you’d like to have a tour?”
I find myself staring into his eyes and think of him wearing the suit, a suit I was wearing last night.. “Sure why not, I’d love it!” I really did want to have a look around to see what went on here.

“Great,” his face lights up as he takes me over to the portacabins. As we get closer the air in seems filled with the smell of dirt, chemicals and rubber. Steve takes me into the locker rooms, there’s now a definite smell of pvc and male body odour in the room, probably due to all the lads sweating in their suits I guess. He sits on a long wooden bench and I join him.

“Now we aren’t actually allowed to have visitors, safety you know, so you’re going to have to blend in a bit” he says with a grin on his face.

I listen and take it all in, his words and that familiar smell again. I feel a bit strange, almost light headed, it’s almost as if I am out of it, so I just nod.

Steve got up and pulls open a locker and grabs a pair of hair clippers and plugs them in. I look at him as if to say “What”, but nothing comes out my mouth.
“Don’t worry it will grow back” he says, as I just stare at him, my mind not focusing on the clippers what he’s about to do. Inside, part me is freaking out! He turns the clippers on and starts to run them over my head as he does he murmurs words of encouragement to me, “That’s it lad”, “Nice and Regulation”, “You’ll fit in well here”.

When he was finished he ran his hands over my new short haircut and it felt strange “You’re looking ace mate” he said and then he goes to the locker and pulls out another green pvc coverall. “Ready to suit up?” and I nod again. “I bet you can’t wait to be back in this again…can you.”

I ask myself, “Did he know I wore his suit last night?”

“Get you out of your clothes.” and he hands me the pvc suit.
I watch as Steve strips and soon we’re both zipped up and sealed inside our suits. Steve gives me a yellow hard hat and a pair of industrial rubber gloves and took me over to the locker room mirror to see myself properly. A rush of sexual pride fills me as I look at myself suited up standing next to Steve. I realise that I’m finally somewhere that makes me feel good.

“What do I think mate?” Steve asks “Ready for your tour?”
“Actually…” I said tentatively “I was wondering about those jobs you said were going”.

The klaxon sounded at 5 that evening and I walk out with Steve, as we walk to my car talking about how I was going to explain to my parents that I didn’t want to be an accountant anymore, that I’ve gotten a job as a truck and car washer, doing a job I enjoyed and that I struck up a relationship with the guy who sold me the car.
At the car, Steve turned and grabbed me and kissed me on the mouth. “Thanks for joining the team mate. I am glad you feel the same way about the gear as I do and if things don’t work out at home you know there a place with me as long as you don’t mind a bit of untidiness and work gear left around the place.”
I thanked him and got into the car with my head is buzzing with all these thoughts and took a deep breath… Ah… that new car smell, then said to myself “but I must get a used pvc suit for the boot so it smells like it did when I first got it.”
The offer of a room at Steve’s house worked out fine as things did not go well at home when they saw me and heard my story.
Steve and I have been together for eight months now and the jobs going great. We soon discovered how much the gear meant to us and the effects it had on us. So we both have a mutual love for gear and we love it and each other……….mucky or clean.

The End
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Re: I Joined the Truck and Car Wash

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Very good indeed, leaves you wanting more !
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Re: I Joined the Truck and Car Wash

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Nice story
Can empathise with the enjoyment of green pvc "chem" suits as I occasionally had towear one when I worked on a Coke ovens, mine didn't have wellingtons/ feet attached.
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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Re: I Joined the Truck and Car Wash

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I'm with Rubberdee on this, more please...
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Re: I Joined the Truck and Car Wash

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Wonderful story and well written......Many Thanks x
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Re: I Joined the Truck and Car Wash

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As they say in the theatre " More, More please"
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Re: I Joined the Truck and Car Wash

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Wow, that is very well written, and only now I notice this story after more than a year.
Time to check out this part of the forum more often, and this was highly pleasurable to read.
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