Pvc macs in bed.

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Pvc macs in bed.

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Andrea loved wearing pvc rainwear,and had a collection of various colours of macs both semi transparent and non tranparent. She also had pvc skirts and a couple of tops.Her partner,Steve,loved to see her wearing these macs,especially the shiny black ones.For a long time,she tried to get him to wear pvc too,but he refused.One day however, Steve surprised her. He had been on a website and found a black semi-transparent unisex cagoule.When it arrived in the post he put it on and zipped up,then went into the living room to show Andrea. She was so happy to see him in pvc,running her hands overthe smooth mac. "You look great!" she told him. "I have another idea for both us.Lets go on the website again,together,and look at the long macs I have seen that we can wear in bed for fun!" She found the mac straight away.Full length over 50 inches with a hood and a belt.
"Would you wear one of these in bed?" she asked.Steve thought of the fun they could have! "Of course" he replied. They ordered 2 semi transparent black macs. When the macs arrived,the went their room,stripped off and put the coats on. They fastened each others buttons up and got into bed.They explored each others bodies under the pvc.Andrea was loving it,getting near to climax quickly.Steve was stiffening fast too. They unfastened each others macs hurriedly Steve slipped on a rubber and entered
her,shooting out his load. They both agreed it was the best love they had had together. When it was over,Andreas body shook violently with delight. Steve watched her shake in the mac,and felt himself growing again.He took her forcefully again. Andrea was so happy. "Dont stop Steve! Just shag me over and over!"

Re: Pvc macs in bed.

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Nice story-the perfect couple 8-)
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Re: Pvc macs in bed.

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Nice story
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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Re: Andrea

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By a strange coincidence, one of my girlfriends in the "Rainwear Party" photos on my own website, is called Andrea.
(She's the blond)
Nick and I love meeting other rainwear enthusiasts
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Re: Pvc macs in bed.

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Très belle histoire qui, simplement à la lecture, donne envie de se laisser aller dans son fétichisme !
C'est un plaisir, un besoin !
Que serait notre vie sans ce fétichisme ?
Je le vis le plus souvent possible !
Après tout, il faut se faire plaisir, assouvir ses rêves !
Vive les imperméables pvc !
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