The Rainwear Links Page

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The Rainwear Links Page

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Rainwearboy and myself discussed placing a Rainwear (and other related) Links page on the Rainwear Forum, for the exclusive use of members, hence the addition of this category. It will be an ongoing project.

I will post them by category (rainwear, plastic etc) for quick reference. Some websites fall under more than one category, so I'll post them under the more relevant category.

If you find anything interesting, please share it here or message me for inclusion. This way we can keep everything on the same page.



PVC-U-LIKE at - PUL needs no introduction to anybody here. They're one of the Internet's oldest, most trusted and reliable firms with a great, great range of plastic apparel, including rainwear.
Plastilicious at - They specialise in glamour photography site for plastic fetish and nude art with pvc clothing including rainwear. There is a members section & online shop


ASOS (Men & women's clothing) at: - They often have very good rainwear, but it sells out fast.
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