Love at First Sight (M/F, non-explicit)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Love at First Sight (M/F, non-explicit)

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It was times like these that defined the whole meaning of the word “stress” which only the unholy combination of a heavy rainstorm coupled with an earlier than usual afternoon peak was capable of creating. It had clogged Melbourne’s arteries to the point traffic had long since ground to a standstill. There were no taxis available because it was raining so heavily and Michael unsuccessfully fought back a rising tide of panic outstripping the dirty water gushing down the gutters. Cigarette butts and dead leaves flowed past him. His clear plastic raincoat flapped and rustled in the wind. Water streamed down the sleeves and hood. Why did this kind of chaos only occur when you were running late? He quickly dashed inside Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street Railway station where he would catch one of the City Loop trains connecting with the few Underground stations mostly located on the perimeter of the Central Business District before dodging in and out the hordes of drowning rodents negotiating the rat race of Melbourne’s dismal, dysfunctional Metro. Fortunately, he did not have far to go, but time was already slipping past like sand in an hourglass. Not for the first time he cursed his boss who’d called him in for a surprise meeting just before knocking off.

Michael was not on his way home, unlike the majority of the cursing, swearing commuters he’d left in his wake. After only two stops, he would re-emerge from the bowels of the earth to keep his appointment with George Butler, the maverick CEO of Sunrise Search Technologies, the second-largest search engine company in the world. They indexed more websites than anybody else in the world and delivered the results faster than anybody else thanks to their giant servers. Their advertising revenue was already outstripping Facebook. They even had designs on Google, and nothing would halt their rise to the top. Although he’d never personally met the great man, Michael was well aware of his reputation. George Butler only took the best: and he paid the earth to secure the most outstanding talent he could find. Not for nothing the term ‘make or break’ neatly summed up the importance of this particular interview.

A search engine analyst, Michael was regarded by his peers as nothing short of brilliant. He had, they whispered, an intuitive understanding how to zip companies in need of his arcane talents, straight to the top of page rankings. They cared not one whit he was somewhat eccentric; results were all that mattered in this game. It might sound unimportant to the uninitiated but it is a time-proven fact that the vast majority of Internet users only bother click on the first one or two links appearing on top of the relevant page in front of their eyes. Therefore obtaining top rankings is of crucial importance to companies operating in increasingly competitive online marketplaces. Online shopping is increasing exponentially every year as more and more consumers discover the ease of shopping from home, coupled with much lower prices, greater than ever ease of payment and vastly improved credit card and bank security. Therefore Michael was very much in demand by everybody ranging from small businesses to vast multinational conglomerates. A little page tweaking here and there could easily lead to a hundredfold increase in profits.

Michael did not think for one moment that the billionaire maestro of Sunrise was seeking a chat about Melbourne’s fickle weather or the latest football results. Was he about to make him an offer he could not refuse? If so, his future was all but assured. It was common knowledge that they rewarded top talent with multi-million dollar salaries. Eight figures were not out of the question if he was lucky. Questions flooded his mind while he pushed through the crush before reaching the barriers and inserting his smartcard. Michael knew that he should not speculate about the purpose of their meeting, but he could not help wondering why George Butler wanted to see him so much. Well, all would be answered at six o’clock. He had a train to catch first though. The surging crowd was bigger than ever though. It was a microcosm of multicultural Melbourne. As usual, nobody else bothered wear anything for the inclement weather.

It was so crowded that Michael began to seriously worry about catching the first train that pulled into the station. He still had time – just – but he was already cutting it fine. The very last thing Michael wanted was turning up late and making a bad impression even if the purpose of their meeting was nothing more substantive than sounding him out for anything they had in mind. Theirs was a small industry and it would not be long before everybody knew of their meeting. Michael desperately glanced around for an opening, any opening he could take advantage of. There. He inhaled deeply before gustily exhaling and slipping through the gap that had miraculously opened in front of him. In this manner he eased his way to the front of the platform. He stared across the empty tracks in the direction of the opposite platform and tried to focus on the questions that Butler might ask. Was he planning on sounding him out on the direction that SEO (search engine optimisation) technology was going? Michael had no real idea what to expect though. He could feel any number of butterflies performing the samba, the hula-hula inside his stomach as if it was Carnival time in Rio. It was not every day he attended a job interview with an eight-figure salary attached to it.

The out-bound platform was even more crowded if such a thing was possible and he idly studied the lucky homeward bound commuters, barely noticing them. Monochrome greys and blacks dominated the view, lending an almost sinister aspect to the depressing mustard brown tiled décor (if one could call it that) of Flinders Street. The dark brooding cloud pressed ever further downward, adding to the gloom of the evening. A strong, gusting wind spat slivers of rain across the serried ranks of commuters nearest the edge. He shook his head and forced himself to concentrate but it was abruptly shattered, vaporised, atomised into untold billions of fragments when a young woman materialised in front of his eyes.

The girl was beautiful. He’d never seen anybody else like her.

In a nanosecond, Michael forgot all about George Butler and the interview which would change his life. Entranced by the enchanting vision standing scant metres away from him, he stared. Completely unaware of his rude gaze, she was glancing at her watch. Maybe she also had an appointment that she could not afford to be late for, but these thoughts were instantly swept away while he incredulously studied the heavenly creature facing him.

She was wearing the most incredible raincoat that he’d ever seen. Her beautiful blue-purple plastic raincoat gleamed and shone like a freshly waxed car in the dull gloom of the early evening. Moisture glittered like diamonds on the smooth rippling plastic. Michael was barely aware of anything else as his gaze swept downward. She’d rounded off her rainy day ensemble with an equally stylish pair of electric blue rain boots which laced up at the top, although the laces were more for show than anything else.

Nothing else existed save for the dreamlike vision standing scant metres away from his vantage point opposite her. A second or so later she raised her head and he felt his heart contract painfully. He just stared into her deep blue eyes. They shone like the shimmering sea beneath the tropical sun and he softly exhaled, unaware that he’d been holding his breath. Meanwhile, she remained unaware of his rapt, entranced gaze. The girl’s perfect oval face was delightfully framed by the great dome of the plastic hood that she’d drawn tight across her cheeks and securely tied off beneath her pert chin. Her matching clear blue plastic umbrella completed the most perfect picture he’d ever seen. No rain would ever despoil her lovely features! He could see a lock of brunette hair shyly peeking out of one corner, on the side of her skin. The girl’s flawless, clear brown skin would never need make-up or acne cream. Her perfect ruby red lips contained a promise that left him weak at the knees.

Michael sighed heavily. ‘I’m on the wrong side of the tracks’, he thought. ‘And there’s nothing I can do about it. She’ll be gone in a minute or two.’ His heart was leaden, heavy while he surreptitiously studied the girl. He might as well reach out for the stars. The gulf between the pair was vast, unbridgeable.

He allowed his gaze to roam downward again. Details began to emerge. The tied belt cinching the girl’s raincoat inwards around her waist left no doubt how slim and graceful she was. Its crystal blue plastic folds flared gently outwards before draping themselves over her hips and dropping downwards. She’d drawn the plastic sleeve cuffs tight across her slim wrists and the plastic flared outwards delightfully just before meeting her glossy gloved hands. It was, he thought, about the sexiest sight he’d ever seen. Her legs – as much as he could see of them anyway – were long, very long. They rounded off a perfect package that not even Mr. G. Butler was capable of matching.

She impatiently checked her watch again before looking up, suddenly aware in the manner of women worldwide, that she was being watched.

He smiled warmly and she blushed before lowering her head the same instant two trains glided into the station from the opposite ends of the platform. She disappeared from view as they ground to a halt with a loud squeal of brakes. Everyone behind Michael immediately surged forward, jostling and shoving each other as if their lives depended upon being first inside, and the train filled within seconds.

Michael was the only one left standing on the platform when the train pulled out of the station. He stared across the empty, rain soaked rails in the direction of the other train before watching it slowly accelerate out of the station.

When it finally disappeared, he smiled again. Only one person remained on the opposite platform and this time she returned his smile.


“I knew we were meant for each other when I saw you,” Lisa whispered while they held each other.

Michael smiled. “When you took your clothes off for me the first time, when I saw what you were wearing underneath; that’s when I realised there’s some things that money can’t buy.”

Lisa thoughtfully caressed the plastic panties covering her butt. “Oh, yesssss …. Make love to me now please.”


You may ask how I know this story to be true. The answer is simple. Michael and Lisa told me how they met after marrying earlier this year. He also proudly says that he is the richest man in the world. I could not agree more.


Author’s note: I unashamedly admit that I plagiarised the idea for this story from Jeffry Archer’s similarly titled epistle which appeared in his volume of short stories titled “To Cut a Long Story Short”. I decided to adapt it to a topic after our own heart: rainwear … it also rather nicely sums up everybody’s favourite fantasy; that of meeting someone who shares the same desires we do.
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Re: Love at First Sight

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When do we get the next chapter?? I'm loving this!
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Re: Love at First Sight

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MudLover wrote: July 25th, 2020, 1:59 pm When do we get the next chapter?? I'm loving this!
That's it - for now.

This was a short story but I'm working on a few other tales ATM
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Re: Love at First Sight

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Thank you for this. I especially love the exposition and sensitivity in your writing to every detail of the raincoat experience.

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Re: Love at First Sight

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What a lovely, and well written episode.
Call me old fashioned, but you cant beat a bit of rainwear romance. This world would be a much better place if there was more of it!!!
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Re: Love at First Sight (M/F, non-explicit)

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Im just an old romantic at heart. This story is just delicious. A breath of fresh air. X
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