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Excellent story Jane, thank you
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Great story Jane got me going. :D
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plasticlover1 wrote: June 16th, 2023, 1:32 pm Great story Jane got me going. :D
Me to wonderful imagining that being me there tied up and forced to watch theme mm
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fantastic Jane really did me good
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luvcapes&macks wrote: December 10th, 2021, 10:56 am what is your favourite rubbery activity , and how do you dress for it . replies must be detailed and specific
About 10 years to 13 years ago I was carer for a friend with cancer who had occasional late night or early morning visits from doctors or nurses and I had to be prepared to answer the door to these. It was a hot summer period so I slept in just my Drylife cream rubber pants and answered the door in them if necessary. My friend didn't know I wore rubber pants until this time but when I explained they stopped me dribbling into his bedding when I slept overnight at his place and got up to pee in the night he accepted the explanation approvingly. None of the nurses or doctors who visited ever commented on my answering the door dressed just in my "rubbers" though I admit it was fun wearing and being seen in them
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More please Jane, loved it...
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