Alistair & Donald’s Story

Stories and fantasies about gay encounters in rainwear
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Alistair & Donald’s Story

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Sensual but not explicit content.

The big BMW’s wheels scrabbled on the loose clippings of the driveway as the drive bought the car to a smooth stop outside the big mansion. Donald leaned over to Alistair and touched him lightly on the wrist, “we can take it as slow as you like. It could be just a nightcap, or more if you want. No pressure.”
Mr.McDonald did feel pressure. He was very nervous. He had never been out with another man, well not a friend, just a few rent boys over the years that he immediately felt ashamed about afterwards. This was different, he was a free man without his beloved wife. He felt so guilty, and yet so excited at the same time.
As Don stepped out of the car, the big door of the house opened and a tall, slim figure, stepped out and proceeded to crunch across the driveway towards the idling car. The figure was gaunt, with silver hair, wearing a smart black suit and carrying something shiny. As he approached, Mr.Phillips turned around and the figure slipped on the beige PVC mac over his arms and across his shoulders, “thank you Carter, it is a tad chilly this evening”.
Alistair thought it strange that someone would don a coat just to walk a few steps into the house, but he very much approved of the sheen of the garment and the tall, handsome figure wearing it.
The driver of the car was standing behind Alistair, “may I?”, he offered, and began to slip the black PVC trench coat onto the old gentleman. It made Mr.McDonald feel special, and the fact that his love of rainwear was accepted by those around him gave a warm feeling on a cool night. The driveway to the house was so long, and the location so private, that there was no chance of being caught wearing PVC in public.
“Shall we?”, gestured Don as he swept his hand in the direction of the large open door and the warm glow beyond.
Alistair smiled and walked forward, suddenly feeling the hand of his host slip under his arm and lock into place gently, like a husband protecting and guiding his wife.

Inside the mansion was a large open hallway with two huge staircases that swept up and around to the floor above. A girl in a white dress stood at the top, “Pappa”, she squealed with delight, and started to run down the stairs.
She skipped as she ran and threw her arms around Mr.Phillips, “Angelique, it’s wonderful to see you, but I thought college didn’t finish for another week?”
Alistair was entranced by the beauty of the girl in her early 20’s, not too dissimilar to his own daughter. The white dress rustled as she moved and has a slight sheen to it, then he realised that it was made from a translucent nylon, but the number of layers and volume of the garment made sure that her modesty was fully intact.
“Several people went down with COVID, so they let students go early for the holiday if they wanted, Mama picked me up this afternoon”.
Another figure appeared at the top of the stairs. A woman with flaming red hair and wearing a black shiny dress. Unlike her daughter, Simone descended slowly and gracefully, smiling as she did so. As she drew closer Alistair could see that her dress was shiny latex. It looked similar to PVC, except it had the telltale shimmer and movement of rubber. She was not a short woman, but still had to crane upwards to kiss her husband on the lips, “hello my love, I have arranged a late night supper in the drawing room as I thought you might not have had a chance to eat?”
Alistair felt a tad depressed. Partly because Donald was clearly happily married and probably just being friendly towards him, but also because of remembering the love he and his wife shared that was now gone.
“Maybe I should go home, it has been a splendid evening Donald, thank you so much, but I am intruding on your family time”.
“Do you know what Alistair, that is what I love about you, such a wonderfully polite turn of phrase and such a caring person to think not to impose upon us. But I insist that you stay, please, have some supper?”, Don replied in a firm but gentle voice.
A young maid scooted through the hallway, being careful to keep to the outside and away from the master and mistress. Mr.McDonald knew she was a maid because she was wearing a Victorian maid’s outfit, except he was pretty sure that they didn’t have shiny black plastic uniforms back in the late 19th century.

Simone smiled and offered a hand towards Alistair, “please come through, you must tell me all about yourself, and how you met my husband, I am dying to hear all about it”, she grabbed his PVC clad arm and held it tightly as she guided him towards the drawing room, where an array of sandwiches and snacks had been laid out on low tables between large leather sofas and armchairs. She guided the old gentleman to a sofa and sat him down, sitting next to him, and pressing herself very closely to him. She was staggeringly beautiful and had the most wonderful smile, had Alistair not been gay he thought that she would probably be his second choice of woman after his own beloved Maria.

The small party sat chatting, eating, and drinking into the small hours of the next morning. Being dressed in PVC, latex and nylon seemed the most natural thing in the world, and for a moment Mr.McDonald regretted that his own family life could not have been as free and accepting as this. The talk of rainwear was matter of fact, not erotic or derogatory. At one stage Mrs.Phillips told her husband that she had ordered a replacement pack of plastic pants from PVC-U-LIKE, to which the simple, yet compelling answer was, “thank you darling, we will need those at the weekend”.
Angelique excused herself, saying that she was tired, and swished and zipped her way between everyone as she kissed them and wished them goodnight, when she reached Mr.McDonald she initially took his hand and squeezed it gently as she smiled, but then she leaned forward and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. For some reason it made the old man very happy as it made him feel included with this idyllic family.
Donald explained that staff were all told of the need for them to be open and honest about their sexual desires when working in the mansion. Only Carter disapproved of the goings-on in the house and always wore a Saville Row suit, but was tolerated because of his family’s long association with the Phillip’s, “so all of the outfits you see worn are done so willingly, there is no duress. I do accept that some of the staff would prefer to wear normal uniforms, but any that are no happy in PVC or rubber are free to leave, and we would give them generous compensation”, Donald explained.

At around 3am Don yawned as the conversation was starting to slow down anyway, “I think we all need some shut-eye?”
“Goodness, yes, and I must be getting home”, offered. Alistair.
“Do you have to?”, Simone said sympathetically, “it is very late, why not sleep with us?”
Alistair was sure she didn’t mean exactly what she had just said, but the thought was very tantalising, “oh I couldn’t intrude any more, you have all been exceptionally kind and I must not take any more of your generous hospitality”.
“Nonsense”, Mrs.Phillips insisted, “we would both very much like you to sleep with us tonight”.
“There it was again”, thought Alistair, “most likely a grammatical misunderstanding, a small mistake, maybe English is not her first language?”
“Come”, offered Donald, “let us retire upstairs we would be very pleased if you would do us the honour of staying the night”.

At the top of the stairs Simone opened a large oak door and gestured Alistair inside. He turned to say goodnight, but was surprised when both Mr and Mrs.Phillips followed him into the room and closed the door. All three were still wearing their shiny outfits.
“Be a darling and undo me please?”, said Simone, but she wasn’t next to her husband, but standing with her back to Alistair, who shot a glance at Donald, as if to say, “is this ok?”, and the response was an approving smile.
The rubber dress was extremely well made and must have cost a small fortune. The zip slid effortlessly revealing beautiful pale skin, but a few lines on her neck gave away Simone as being older than her fresh-looking face would suggest. The fastening went all the way to the small of her back, and Alistair could see that she was not wearing a bra. His hands were trembling as he drew in the lovely aroma of latex that had been accentuated by her warm body in the slippery dress.
Mr.McDonald looked around to check Donald’s reaction to his wife undressing in front of a relative stranger, but he was not there.
Simone wiggled her shoulders seductively as she slowly peeled the tight dress downwards, and off, still with her back to the old gentleman. Then she picked up the rubber dress and turned to Alistair, then held the crumpled garment to her face and drew in a big deep breath giving a look of great satisfaction.
Despite the extreme beauty of the naked red-head in front of him, Alistair was more interested in Donald; wherever he was.

Alistair’s school days were surprisingly comfortable given that his nickname was ‘raving’ which was a shortening of ‘ravine poof’. He had a Quentin Crisp air about him, but was so well spoken and charming that even the hardest of boys would have considered it rude to hurt him. The most he received was the occasional verbal abuse from someone new, but always replied with a clever quip that made his attacker seem silly, and to never try it again. But the workplace was a very different place, and he soon learned to lose his flamboyant dress code and butch-up. He even convinced himself that he was cured when he first met Maria at the first floor photocopier. He was besotted with her intelligence and humour, but after a year of marriage he met Brett, who was openly gay and quite gorgeous, making all the old feelings bubble back to the surface. Alistair was never unfaithful in practice, but inside his head was another thing.

Don returned to the room from a door that seemed to lead to an en-suite bathroom. He was still wearing his beige PVC trench coat, but his legs and feet were bare, suggesting that he had changed. Simone skipped over to her husband and threw her arms around him, enveloping her bare body in the soft folds of smooth vinyl. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed a buttock. After a quick kiss she hopped into the bathroom and closed the door.

Don walked over to Alistair, whose heart was pounding in his chest. He undid the belt around his middle and unbuttoned the coat so that, just as he arrived in front of Mr.McDonald, it fell open to reveal his fully naked body, complete with erection. Alistair must have been staring and was totally still and transfixed as Don’s hands unbuttoned his friends’s black PVC mac and slowly undressed him.

Alistair felt very vulnerable, but excited, standing nude in front of the tall handsome man. The black PVC raincoat was lying on the bed behind Mr.McDonald, placed carefully by Don, who now gently pushed Alistair backward until his calves touched the side of the bed and he had no choice but to collapse backwards, feeling the lovely plastic of the trench coat envelop him as Don moved forwards, towering over him, then the beige mac drooped down creating a tent between the two men. Alistair noticed that Donald’s raincoat was lined with a tartan fabric, but it was a very fine and smooth latex. The aroma of PVC, rubber and Don was so arousing.

The bathroom door clicked and Alistair stopped kissing Donald, afraid of what his wife would say, seeing the two men entwined in PVC and rubber heaven. He watched as she walked by wrapping her wet hair in a large white towel. She was wearing a clear plastic nightie with nothing underneath.
“Have fun boys”, she said as she tucked her damp red hair up, then went out of the bedroom door, clearly un-phased at showing her naked body to whomever was out on the landing, although it was the dead of night.

Don gently turned the old man over, rubbing his back sensually as he did it. His hands were strong but gentle and Alistair was lost in the PVC against his face and the feel of his hips being lifted up until his knees were digging into the black plastic coat that covered th mattress under him. A few moments later his dreams came true and he felt, for the first time in his life, that he was exactly where he wanted to be and with the right person.

Simone sat at the end of the large oak table. A huge spread of every conceivable breakfast item lay before her as Alistair and Don entered the dining room. The light from the tall windows let in the bright morning light, which sparkled on the wife’s pink plastic dressing gown that was covering her clear vinyl nightie, but hardly covering much as it was translucent, “sleep well men?”, she asked with a cheeky grin.
Alistair sat down behind a large raised platter that was keeping cooked breakfast items warm, in order to shield himself from the vision of Simone’s large breasts and dark nipples behind the PVC layers. He felt his bottom slide as the borrowed latex pyjamas shifted on the seat. He had no idea how much a set of nightmare like this, with a paisley design would have cost, but most likely an awful lot. Don was wearing what looked like Marks & Spencer’s standard blue pyjamas, but again they were made from fine quality latex.
“Darling”, Donald announced, “I have wonderful news. Mr.McDonald and I are going into business together designing and making high-end rainwear. To begin with we will need to put a lot of hours in to the venture. Researching lovely alternative materials that don’t fall foul of the law, but have a feeling that we love. So I think…”, he continued as he turned to Alistair, “…that he should come and live here with us.”
“What a splendid idea my love”, Simone replied.

The End
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Re: Alistair & Donald’s Story

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Wonderfully written x
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Re: Alistair & Donald’s Story

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annabell-cagoule wrote: December 4th, 2022, 5:34 am Wonderfully written x
Thanks Annabell.

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Re: Alistair & Donald’s Story

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Well written story
Thank you
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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Re: Alistair & Donald’s Story

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hotwilly wrote: December 4th, 2022, 9:20 am Well written story
Thank you
Thanks Willy, or should I call you Hot? 😉

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