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Re: rubber fun

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long raincoat, thigh high boots with heels
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Re: rubber fun

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Wearing my girly pink, rubber-nylon mackintosh & my glossy red rubber ladies' wellies (3" heels). My mac would be buttoned & tightly belted with the hood raised. My boyfriend would be in a long, shiny black rubber mackintosh with a maroon rubber lining, also buttoned & belted, hood up, plus a pair of heavy, shiny black rubber thigh boots. There would be a large, rust/red, heavy rubber sheet on the floor. When he arrived we would chat over a bottle of wine to loosen up, & perhaps a second bottle to get really loose. By then we are both starting to bulge into our mackintoshes. I get up & kneel in front of him, lower my face & begin to lick & suck the big rubber toecaps of his waders. After a while I start to slobber my way up the lovely smooth, sexy rubber legs of his thigh boots, my head under the skirt of his rubber mac as I inhale the intoxicating rubbery aroma. I tongue my way to the top of his beautiful rubber boots & in the half-light under his mac I can see his big cock already stiffly erect & pre-come oozing from its knob. He thrusts it forward wiping it over my face. I open my mouth & flick the tip of my tongue across the eye of his prick. He gives a groan of lust as he rams his cock between my hungry lips & begins to fuck my face. There in the semi-dark under his rubber mac I become a fuck-thing, sucking & slobbering as his loaded testicles swing against my chin. He withdraws & we both stand up & embrace feeling our cocks straining under our macs as we both lower the hoods of our raincoats to enable us to sniff the rubber lining of each other's mac. We kiss. Long ,moist, tongue entwined man-kisses. He nibbles my earlobe. "I want to fuck you, Darling. Want to fuck your love-hole" "Of course you may Sweetheart." I kneel on all fours on the big rubber sheet, my cock rigid with anticipation. He lifts the hem of my pink rubber mac up my back & kneels behind me. I can feel his shiny black rubber mac swish against my bare bottom. An exploratory finger eases into my anus. I give a little shiver of delight which makes my mac rustle invitingly. Then I feel the big, blunt knob of his penis press against my sphincter demanding entry. He pushes harder & his mac gives a crackle & tosh as he pulls back then thrusts forward more forcefully, panting with lust, his face in the hood of my mac, the smell of the rubber lining maddening him with fetishistic desire. A sudden spasm of pain. I gasp. "Just relax, Darling"
his voice calm yet tight with passion. I do as he says & my sphincter opens up to welcome his invasion. I feel his rigid shaft slide deeper & deeper into my love-tunnel. I moan with pleasure. "Fuck me! Fuck it up me ! Man-fuck my arsehole!" The cadence of his thrusts quickens & deepens. He rams his rubber crazed cock to the hilt, making his black rubber mac buckle & crackle in a cacophony of cock-stiffening mackintosh music. I look back between my thighs
& see his big hairy balls silhouetted against the maroon rubber interior of his mackintosh, swinging back & forth & bouncing against my buttocks ready to unload there love-juice into me. The sight & sound of his mackintosh is tipping me over the edge. Above me he is panting, grunting & swearing. "Give it to me." I yell "Juice me . I'm your rubber-fuck! Pump me full of spunk!!" That does it. He gives a shriek of pure unbridled lust. "Mackintosh! Rubber Mackintosh!! I'm fucking you in a lovely rubber mackintosh!!!" Then I feel the first hot gush deep in my bowels. He's shrieking obscenities as another torrent squirts into me. He withdraws & wanks franticly on to my mac. The sight of his spunk drooling down the pink rubber is too, too much. I roll on to my back on the rubber sheet & my cock jets jism on to the luscious surface of my girly rubber raincoat.
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Re: rubber fun

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Excellent story Jane, thank you
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