As requested by some members, a sub forum for all our gay members.
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Re: Crossdressing

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I started playing about in plastic bags and bin liners early teens , then I bought a glass clear with white pinstripe Mac at a market in Newcastle it was very nice over a bin liner then I've ventured on
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Re: Crossdressing

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I wouldn't say I'm a cross dresser, however I do love women's raincoats. I love the more feminine colours and styles, and will wear them around the house for please or if with another guy who wants me too. I have wore a pvc maids uniform with stockings and mac for another guy before and I really enjoyed that. I don't class myself as gay or bi but I love giving oral to a man and taking a man's hard cock in my arse. Each to their own, why put a label on anything? Just enjoy the little things in life you love
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Re: Crossdressing

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Hi joe, sounds good to me mate, it's what is good between the two of you. But love the idea that it invol a raincoat as well. Thanks
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