How about a scenario suggestion box?

Ideas for new sub forums or any other suggestions on how we can improve and this forum.
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How about a scenario suggestion box?

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Im fed up of seeing my 'delete the junk' title, so I thought I might try something else!
As the nights draw in, it gets darker and colder, its easy to lose motivation, especially if, like me, you are getting old and decrepit! Even my wife goes into hibernation mode this time of year. Its hard to motivate oneself. To find that spark. Sometimes a little input helps. We used to play a game years ago in our much younger days called ' dare do love kiss or promise'. Lets not get complicated. You create or suggest a rainwear scenario........ Lets see if anyone will accept the challenge and see it through!

Anyone up for a prolonged mack wearing bondage challenge?

Ive just spent the weekend having to wear at least one of my favourite vinyl macs constantly for 48 hours, with the threat that any removal beside change over, will result in me having to go without for a week. She is so mean to me!!!!! I made it! Saturday evening, a 24hr timer padlock was added to my leather collar, so I had no choice anyway!
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