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Re: Nylon cagoule section

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In the early 1990s I bought a navy blue Peter Storm nylon hooded jacket and trousers outfit. One really hot summer's day when it was actually pouring with rain and looked like continuing indefinitely I decided to go into town shopping in my hooded jacket and trousers tucked into rubber boots with nothing whatever on underneath, enjoying the feel of the slithery nylon against my bare flesh. I did my shopping then to my dismay on leaving the shop I found the rain had stopped, the sky was clear blue and no rain in sight! I had to go home with my shopping on a crowded bus being stared at by all, no doubt wondering why I didn't take my raingear off!
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Re: Nylon cagoule section

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Love that cagoule above!
Nylon cagoules are my fav type of rainwear and the focus of my fetish.
Lets get swishy!
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