Where to buy Klepper rainwear ?

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Where to buy Klepper rainwear ?

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Klepper Sportswear
Supply of klepper (rubber ones) mackintoshes available still in Europe from Klepper Sportswear GmbH, Fuggerstrasse 15, 86830 Schwabmünchen. Tel +49 (0)82 32/999 122. FAX: +49 (0)82 32999 111.

Klepper at boutique Fancy
and Boutique fancy in Basel (Switserland) produce now under licence the klepper raincoats, but also original raincoats from klepper from before 1985 available !
klepper at fancy

Pro idee (Thanks Rubbermack !)
Auf der Hüls 205
D-52053 Aachen
Fax +49 (0) 241 109 121
This is a new adress for mail-ordering a kleppercoat

Nostitzstrasse 33
D-10965 Berlin -Germany
Tel: +49 (0)30 - 695 058 50

MIT Mode im Trend Gmbh
(They sell the new kleppercoats, not the old ones)(Thanks Heinz !)
Klepperstrasse 18
Rosenheim (near Munchen)- Germany
Tel. +49 8031 14024
Fax. +49 8031 14049
info provided by PaulVof !

1. mode-de-la-casablanca - Germany (Former IS-Moden)NEW URL from 15 jan 2001 !
Klepper-macs and -capes and also Kleppervideos (site in German)

2. SM-Versand,
Postfach 4024 Z,
D-26030 Oldenburg,
Tel.-No: +49(0)441-72340,
Fax +49(0)441-7775744.
This firm deals with new and second-hand clothes, you can obtain a list of items by sending 8DM in stamps in Germany (i don't know how they deal with customers outside Germany).
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