Shiiinnnnny Linnnnnnny.......

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Re: Shiiinnnnny Linnnnnnny.......

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Having read this great story, apart from changing vinyl to rubber, lovely! I have to admit, I could live with the vinyl too!
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Re: Shiiinnnnny Linnnnnnny.......

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Hi. You would like my all time favourite mack I had made for me a while back which is a full ankle length shiny black vinyl, fully lined in the softest shiniest rubber. Including its huge attached hood. Zippered and belted with a big storm tab, I wear it whenever I can. Indoors and out. Im toying with the possibility of having another made. Trouble is, it cost an arm and two legs! Im getting on now, so two should see me out! Ive even written a story about it in this story section. Im in the thinking stages of writing another as I got some great feedback. Check it magic mac
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