Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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I was emailed by Adam, the motor cycle guy, a couple of days later. I could tell he was horny and wanted to meet up again as soon as possible.
Accommodation. No problem he explained. I live with my sister and she is on holiday. We arranged the day, time and the address and I hoped he would be wearing his one-piece PVC suit again.
I arrived on time and Adam welcomed me into his sister’s home. Sure enough he wore the black PVC one-piece suit. Straightaway he groped me under my black rubber cagoule. My hands slipped down to his groin and played with his bulge.
Let’s go to my bedroom, he said. We went upstairs and into his small bedroom.
Music from his CD player sounded good. His single bed was covered with a purple PVC sheet and a black PVC pillow case.
Adam laid on the bed and I bent down and began to lick his shiny PVC bulge. I was obviously doing the right thing for him. He sighed, groaned and moved about the bed as my intense licking affected him.
He began to unzip his PVC suit slowly from his neck down towards his groin revealing his toned naked body. Then he unzipped further revealing his large bulge covered in a black leather thong.
I pulled the leather thong away and pushed his hard cock into my mouth. I could feel his hands frantically rubbing my cagoule. He arched his back and shot his load into me. I replaced his limp cock into the leather thong, and gently pulled up his zip until he was totally enclosed again in his one-piece PVC suit.
He lay there for a few moments before he turned to me and said thank you.
Have a look in my wardrobe, he said. Is there anything you would like to wear when you want to be very sexy?
I stood up opened the wardrobe door and checked out some of his gear.
Please try anything, he said. But please can I wear your rubber cagoule? Ever since we met, I can’t get it and the aroma out of my mind. Please, please let me wear it.
I looked at his gear in the wardrobe. Just about everything was turning me on. Especially the dark blue PVC raincoat.
I pulled out the PVC raincoat and took off my rubber cagoule.
Adam took off his one-piece PVC suit and pulled on my rubber cagoule. I noticed that his erection was getting bigger as he sniffed at the rubber and pulled on the cagoule putting the tight hood on.
I pulled my waders up as far as I could then wrapped myself in his wonderful mackintosh. I pulled the belt tightly around my waist and waited. He was very excited wearing the rubber cagoule as I was wearing a tightly belted PVC mackintosh and rubber waders.
He pushed me down on to the bed put a hand around my throat and began to wank me. My breathing became difficult then he pulled me into his mouth and powerfully sucked until I could stand it no more and exploded into his mouth.
He moved up my body and kissed me, letting my hot cum dribble from him into my own mouth.
We lay side by side for a few minutes before his hand entered my mackintosh and began to squeeze my nipples.
I turned to him, facing his chest and my rubber cagoule. I began to lick his nipples beneath the cagoule. I was in heaven, dressed in a PVC mackintosh and licking my rubber cagoule.
Eventually we both stood up. I reluctantly took off his PVC mackintosh as he gave me back my cagoule.
I looked into his wardrobe. You have some very exciting gear in here gloves, masks, collars. I said.
I know, but there is only me that seems to get excited about it.
I think you have a new fan here, I said. Explain to me why I can get so excited about rubber waders, mackintoshes, rubber cagoules anything shiny?
I don’t know but I am the very same so maybe we should become shiny friends?

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Post by kinkycumbria » April 17th, 2019, 11:17 am

mmmmmm i love shiny clad snowballing especially when restrained and forced keep it cumming

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Post by Johnnyrbr » April 18th, 2019, 11:03 am

Only remark I can make about this story is the same as part 1 - Oooooooooh!

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