PVC Adventures with M Part 9b

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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PVC Adventures with M Part 9b

Post by Shinytrench1 » March 17th, 2019, 9:34 am

M had clearly decided what she wanted to happen next.

‘Well, Sam, if you like my raincoat and my dress, maybe you should come and take a closer look at them?’

Without waiting for his answer, she slipped off the bar stool and took him by the hand and set off out of the bar.

‘Just finish your drink and then join us a bit later. No rush’ M said quietly to me as she disappeared tottering in her sexy boots with a man who might be half her age.

I sat at the bar with a mixture of jealousy and excitement. The thought of my kinky pvc mistress in a hotel room with another man was strangely attractive and I imagined what might be happening several floors above me with quickening interest not to mention a hardening member.

I decided to leave it ten minutes before I headed up to the room but, as I approached the door, my heart was racing at the thought of what I might find. The door was unlocked and I went in.

Yet another surprise on this night of surprises. Ahead of me on the bed M’s sexy gold mac was laid out in all its splendour and Sam, completely naked, was in his knees beside the bed leaning over the mac and cleaning it with his tongue and feeling it with his hands. M meanwhile was sat in a chair, still in her leather dress and boots, but with a hand under her dress pleasuring herself.

‘Sam told me he’d always wanted to feel a pvc raincoat but had never had the chance’ M told me.

‘So he’s having a little exploration all on his own to start with. But have you seen him . He’s very well endowed for such a young man and the max is clearly turning him on.’

I was unsure what M wanted to happen next but for the time being Sam kept feeling the mac, M kept feeling herself and I watched them both. As I was thinking what to do, M took charge.

‘OK Sam, I think you’ve had a good chance to enjoy my mac. Now you must show me how grateful you are for getting the chance . Please bring me my mac.’

Sam picked up the coat and carried it dutifully to M who stood up.

‘Now help me put it on’ commanded M.

Sam did as he was told but with M now Attis next to him in her belted Mac and boots, he lost control, pawing at her with his hands, kissing her frantically and rubbing his very long cock against the back folds of her sexy coat.

How would M react? I waited with baited breathe.

‘You kinky little boy, you’ve got no manners’ she said’ but you’ve got the most gorgeous cock so do what you need to do!’

Sam was completely beside himself with uncontrollable desire for M in her mac but I knew he’d not last long. He started manoeuvring her towards the bed but there was no time for that and M knew it.

‘Fuck my Mac NOW - cum cum now’ she ordered.

And of course he did unloading lots of it onto her pvc as they stood there.

And the perhaps unsurprising thing is that I was incredibly turned on by this, and releasing myself from my trousers joined in unleashing my load of stickiness all over M as well - on her face, the front of her mac and even some on her boots.....

But that wasn’t to be the end -

‘Now you pathetic boys, make ME cum NOW’ demanded M as we started to think about our our ability to recover and satisfy our sexy pvc mistress !

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