Metamprphosis 4

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Metamprphosis 4

Post by tiger4macs » March 12th, 2019, 9:35 pm


We drove in silence all the way home.

“Whaddya think of it so far?” I said, mimicking Eric Morecambe, whom we had both loved.
Sylvie rose to it. “RUBBISH!! I mean, did you really have to go for Eric like that?”
“I did, actually. For one thing he insulted Margy, which is indefensible. Secondly he implied that our love was unimportant and trivial compared with his and Margaret’s, thirdly that I was untrustworthy and fourthly that I wouldn’t have the guts or the gallantry to defend the honour of either of you ladies. I will NOT take that from any man, or woman! We agreed to say nothing unless Eric showed his colours which he did, in spades. I was expecting it and I had already decided what I would say. I don’t think he was expecting that reaction. And you, by the way, put the cherry on the cake. You were ber-RILLIANT!”
“He sure wasn’t ready for your rebuke. It shook him rigid. So what do you think he will do now?”
“Two parts of me darling. One says ‘Eww, yeah, could be a bit dodgy, eh?’ and the other says ‘Who gives a flying fuck what he does? If he’s going to behave like that we don’t need his friendship because I’ll never trust him again! ’ Take your pick. Way I feel right now it’s ninety to ten in favour of the second. Either way we do as we agreed: suspend ops on the swinging bit until we see which way the wind blows. What we – you – MUST do is make sure Margaret is OK, and soon.”
“I’ll ring her on Monday. Can’t risk it before then.”

After our Saturday lunch we walked far over the hills to clear the cobwebs, and found a delightful little restaurant nestled against the woods on the lee side. We went home feeling much better. As we went to bed I said, very tentatively
“So… where did the outfit come from?” To my amazement she blushed, looking SOO pretty.
“Margy took me to a little adult shop she knows. They have all the toys etc. but out the back quite a selection of kinky attire, including a lot of macs which suggests there are more rainwear fetishists around this area than one might suppose. She urged me to get the glass-clear number and then demanded, absolutely demanded, that I buy the hat and you’re going to kill me: it’s from Eric Javits, in the States.”
“Don’t tell me: a hundred quid, right?”
“AND the rest!”
“Oh, gawd. Just as well I saw you in it – and saw you cum in it – before you told me. Hand on heart darling, it was worth every penny, and the same again!”
She kissed me, with a promise in her eyes. “Better get my things on then….bet’nt I?”
“You better had, my delicious, kinky lady.”
I heard rustling of plastic and the long zips on her boots and she came in, carrying the hat. Otherwise she was dressed just as she had been for Eric but with the addition of black PVC gloves. And she looked incredible; beyond words. She handed me the hat.
“Are you going to MAKE me wear it, even if I’m too shy?”
“You WILL wear it, and you WILL suck me off in it, so get used to that idea! I really wanna see you sucking me in this incredible hat, and you know you’d really love an audience. Just imagine how turned-on they’ll be, watching you get it all in your mouth, spilling it out over your black gloved fingers onto your eager breasts. And I want to see you with my cum all over your tits, making them slippery in that gorgeous see-through mackintosh. You’ll love it so much you’ll forget all about feeling too shy!”
It was my turn to sit her smartly down on the bed. I (we!!) stood in front of her.

“How did you like being tied to the bench, so Eric could do whatever he liked to you?”

“I was scared, but it was so kinky that I almost hoped he would force me, and the idea was terrifying but irresistible. Why he backed off when he did I’m not sure. Perhaps I was too vociferous!”
“Probably: you were very convincing! Let’s at least give him credit for taking the safer option.”

I quickly forgot Eric as she took me in her mouth and started working her magic. I’d swear she was a man in some previous existence, for she knew exactly how to massage with her tongue in a way that she knows I can’t possibly resist.
Then I put the hat on her. She shook her head (without letting me go) and made to push my hands away but I said “OI!! BEHAVE YOURSELF! You WILL have it on!!” and pressed it firmly down over her exquisite hair, which she’d scraped back into a pretty pony tail. She blushed and even managed to squeeze out a tear or two but I pulled the gorgeous, big-brimmed, glossy black hat down on her and she relented. I leaned back so I could watch her. She looked so ravishing, so pretty, so romantic, so incredibly erotic and kinky with my old gentleman in her mouth that I almost came there and then. She must have sensed it, and reduced the intensity of her ministrations to prolong the delicious agony, to make me wait, to control my orgasm.
As I looked down at her in the fabulous hat, her breasts amply stretching the glass-clear PVC over her hard nipples, her legs sheathed in the smooth black patent thigh boots I thought I had never seen anything so erotic in all my life.

She ramped up the churning with her tongue and soon I was on the brink. Then I lost all control, grasped the brim of her hat and forced her down onto my cock, so she couldn’t expel it or escape. She made little stifled, panicky, whimpering sounds, pushed hard against my legs and tried to lift her head up but I held her down firmly. Whilst making sure I didn’t choke her, I pumped urgently into her mouth as she continued to massage me deliciously with her tongue, bringing about the inevitable explosion. I cried out in ecstasy with each generous spurt, filling her mouth with my jizz.

After a while my orgasm subsided. I let go of her rainhat but my darling kept sucking me, making the tapering-off as delicious for me as she could. She undid the top domes of her mackintosh and pulled it open, allowing the load to dribble off her chin onto her waiting breasts, spreading it over them and liberally anointing her delicious, pointy nipples, shuddering a little as she did so. Finally she let me slip out of her mouth and I stood back, lost in admiration of the lovely, erotic woman who took such joy in giving me all the pleasure she could.

Of course I was well satisfied for the moment but naturally she was hot to trot, wild with arousal at the feel of her slippery tits, sliding under the lass-clear plastic when normally it would have gripped onto them. [That’s the one downside of glass-clear: it looks as if it should be more slithery than anything else on earth but the truth is very different. We eventually solved it with a generous spray of silicone dry-lube, all over the interior surfaces of the mac. Having a Ph.D. in chemistry Sylvia knew that the silicone would not attack PVC.]

She quickly refastened the mac over her slippery tits in the hope that it wouldn’t dry up and get yucky; clearly she had further designs on me! I pushed her down on the bed and began an attempt to emulate Eric’s obviously expert treatment. It didn’t take long to get her screaming, writhing, clutching her breasts and sliding the plastic over them and over her sensitive nipples. Crying out how lovely it felt and how she needed to cum and cum in her kinky plastic mac, begging me to do it harder, harder, HARDER OHGOD YES YES YESS DARLING DARLING DARLEEEENG!!! She bucked and wriggled and squirmed uncontrollably and I had trouble staying with her but I hung onto her hips and managed to restrain her just enough to maintain contact with her bulging clitty and keep her going until eventually she squirmed herself to a standstill and I was allowed to lift my head and feast my eyes on her as she panted heavily, still grasping her heaving breasts and enjoying the lubrication of my spunk.

Then I had an idea, a wicked idea. I left her in her aftermath and scratched about in the dining room dresser and found the soft furnishing cords that had come off some fancy cushions we had never liked. The naughty thoughties going through my head had me hard again and I didn’t want to lose the momentum of yet another erotic adventure with this Aphrodite of a girl.

“Come with me!” I ordered, and led her into the bathroom. I bent her over the vanity and fastened her wrists to the taps. She couldn’t avoid surveying the vision of herself in that exquisite hat, cum still on her chin and creamily lubricating her breasts, still imprisoned in glass-clear PVC.

“I shall repeat my order - cum with me – and you will do as you are told. You will remain where you are until you do!”

I lifted the skirt of her shortie mac, used my knees to spread those shiny, smooth, thigh-high boots and made her watch herself being penetrated from behind.

“You wanted an audience. Now you’ve got one. You’re going to see just how wonderful you look in the kinkiest outfit I’ve ever seen, just why your face drives me absolutely insane when you cum, because you can’t escape and you are going to stand there and take it until you do, and until I can’t give you one more single drop of spunk. We are both going to watch you as you scream and scream as you did just now.”

And with that I took her, firmly and without preamble. Her eyes widened as I rammed myself up into her, glazing dreamily as I contacted her G-spot.

“You loved it when you were tied to Margy’s bench, didn’t you?” – “YES!” – “And you loved it when I forced you to suck me, didn’t you?” – “God yes!” – “And now you’re going to be fucked because you have no other choice. And you are going to watch it all, AREN’T you?” – “God this is SO kinky!”

“It is YOU who are so kinky, my mackintosh girl! You are the kinkiest thing on two legs and you LOVE it in your kinky mac, DON’T you??”

“Yes, give it to me in my kinky mackintosh! Give it to me! GIVE IT TO ME! OH GOD, GIVE IT TO ME PLEEEEASE!”

I teased her a while, making her beg pathetically for it, making her say she was kinky and wanted it in her kinky mac, boots, gloves and hat, making her say it because it turns me on so. I thrust rhythmically, and hard. She got more and more excited and suddenly screamed “GOD I CAN SEE THEM. THEY’RE ALL WATCHING ME! THEY ALL WANT TO SEE ME CUM IN MY MACKINTOSH AND MY PRETTY HAT AND MY KINKY BOOTS! FORCE ME DARLING! FORCE ME TO HAVE IT IN MY MACKINTOSH!!”

What could a man do but comply? And with that, and many more shouted comments like it we built to the most mind-shattering orgasm we’d ever had – and that is really saying something. We yelled and shouted and screamed and fucked frantically, spurted, shuddered, gasped and collapsed over the vanity bench and subsided. She begged to be released and I complied, adoring her as never before.

In the sweet peace that followed we showered lovingly, caressing and washing each other and rinsing her mac, afterwards sponging her boots and hat as necessary and exchanging talk about which was the very greatest moment and how vivid her imagining of the audience had been. It was evident that she was committed to being an exhibitionist, and that to break any further orgasmic records an audience was imperative.

That could be a worry for several reasons, at this stage in the game.

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Re: Metamprphosis 4

Post by yellowgirl » March 12th, 2019, 9:52 pm

loved this chapter can’t wait for next few chapters

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Re: Metamprphosis 4

Post by hotwilly » March 12th, 2019, 10:00 pm

Wonderful sexy story
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: Metamprphosis 4

Post by mrbassman101 » March 13th, 2019, 9:31 am

Thank you @tiger4macs that was simply wonderful.
Can't wait for the next instalment .
Regards mrbassman101

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Re: Metamprphosis 4

Post by tiger4macs » March 14th, 2019, 11:25 pm

Gee, thanks guys, you're so kind!

dotaa asked if the first one was a true story: regrettably, not! To quote one of the most famous of Goon Show lines,"It's all in the mind, you know!"

Going abroad next week for a week or three so I'll be off the circuit for a bit. Then I'll have to try to sort Eric out!



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