A muddy encounter part 2

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A muddy encounter part 2

Post by Hunterlover74 » December 14th, 2018, 12:53 pm

It was a cold Saturday morning in November and I was contemplating a refreshing walk in a small thicket within a country park where I live. Jumping in the car, there was light rain I the air. Dressed warmly in my padded jacket, navy jods and my favourite navy hunters I arrived at the main car park.

Leaving the car and starting my walk..the thicket was very muddy after last night's heavy rain. Bridleways kriss cross the area at several points and I could see in the distance 3 horse and riders having a canter through the woods. They were heading away from me but I could make out they were dressed in light jods and dark coloured boots. My favourite...😊.

I was by now quite muddy with splashes up my jods and my wellies were nicely covered in mid brown mud. As my walk continued I arrived at a small coffee shop which is located by the children's playground in the middle of the thicket. Parked in the car park was a large horsebox..I assumed that this belonged to the 3 riders I'd seen earlier. I grabbed myself a coffee and sat down on the bench nearby.

Soon I could hear horses approaching and round into the clearing trotted the 3 horses I'd seen previously. The first rider was a guy..middle aged on a beautiful black pony. He continued past me and up the bridleways out of sight. Secondly a girl. Mid 20s and sporting a very bright pair of red jods and matching red hunter boots trotted past...she turned and shouted to the 3rd girl....come on Sophie....hurry up slow coach! And promptly off into the bushes.....Sophie I thought.....it couldn't be surely...

Then...to my delight trotting in to view on a gorgeous connemara was to my surprise my muddy freind Sophie..she stopped and stared at me for a moment....dressed in a brown wax jacket..baby blue jods and the shiniest pair of black riding boots I've ever seen...she walked over....Nick...is it really you...yes I replied...how are you...I'm great thanks...still reeling from our last encounter she chuckled with a glint in her eye.

You look amazing I said. Thanks she laughed...And look at you...I tell you what, she said...my freinds are off to a meet at the other end of the thicket so won't be back for ages and I have the keys to the horse box....are you busy right now she asked...not really I said..what are you thinking? I'll secure the horse and we can get warmed up inside.

Once inside the horse box was quite new and had a large bench at one end. Closing the door behind us Sophie started to rub herself. I'm so horny for you she said walking slowly towards me. I was by now very excited and couldn't wait to feel that warm pussy that I remember so clearly from our last encounter.

Sitting on the bench she delicately removed her boots then slipped off her jods and to my delight...slipped back into her boots. Unable to contain myself any longer I whipped out a very erect cock and started playing....oh no she said....I will do that....And got straight down to business as I signed with delight. Turning around she guided me in and I began taking her from behind as she moaned in ecstasy.

After a while we changed positions and she lay me down on the bench and climbed on to my throbbing cock and began to ride. She was an expert. I could feel every move as I gripped tightly on her riding boots. Suddenly she lat out a gasp of pleasure as i felt her juices as she orgamsed as she rode. Climbing off she looked at me and said..now it's your turn...I'm hungry...she started sucking and slurping at my cock like nothing else I've ever felt in my life...sensing I was getting close..she stopped suddenly....she was making me wait!

Rubbing herself she squirmed with delight as her fingers were soaked with her own juices...back on to my needs..she started again..sucking at first making sure her boots were in full view....then..her smooth hands began massaging me to orgasm. Stopping once again juat before....she made me stand up...my boots are too clean she says....I want your load all over them....And grasping again she milked away until a huge hot load erupted all over those shiny boots....there we go she said that's a good boy.

After cleaning up I bought her a coffee and we sat and chatted for a while...can I have your number I asked...why yes she said....I don't want to wait too long for next time. I've really got to go now as my freinds will be waiting. Watching as she rode off into the woods...I was literally on cloud nine...had I died and gone to heaven??? Yes it certainly felt that way.
Get muddy....stay muddy!

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