Further adventures in mackintosh land

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Further adventures in mackintosh land

Post by susanmacintosh » December 4th, 2018, 12:18 pm

I must admit that in my last posting I forgot that before I bought the red mac and the yellow ones from Woolies I had purchased two other sexy raincoats. First I returned to Stone-Dri and got a black shiny wet look man's trench coat and then I bought a red cotton backed PVC mac from C & As, belted and fastening with press studs. I should explain that by this time I was married and in the first careless rapture of being in love I had disposed of my collection of rainwear (and also my wardrobe of womens'clothes)imagining that I would no longer need them. Of course I was entirely mistaken, and should have known that my fetishism and my transvetitism were both inherent parts of my character. I did come out to my wife about my tastes eventually, and we did try to act out my fantasies together. She had a lovely blue nylon mac which she did put on for me a couple of times, but I could see that she was not comfortable with the situation and so I decided that my mackintosh and cross dressing experiences would have to be carried on in secret. As my wife now knew about my liking for kinky rainwear it meant that even if I bought a man's mac I still had to keep it hidden as she would presume I was only buying it to feed my fantasies. She would still,come across my macs even when I had hidden them, and although she said nothing I knew what she was thinking.
As I said previously I had bought a yellow plastic and a yellow nylon mac from Woolies together with those lovely macs from C&As with the buttons down the front and I now used to visit a dominatrix in Victoria, Madame Stern, and stored these mackintoshes there together with other gaarments, such as nylon overalls and nurses dresses. I remember on my first visit before I had got these macs she gave me a delicious black shine moc-croc PVC raincoat to wear.
At home I still had my two red macs and I also added to them a classic pale blue plastic ladies mac from John Lewis's and whenever I got the chance I would slip into one of them and have a lovely time, getting aroused and finally reaching a sweet climax.
I also a bit later bought a man's dark grey plastic mac from Woolies. which must have been one of the last ones they produced as by this time it was getting harder to find plastic of nylon rainwear in the shops. I think that they were being replaced by cagoules and anoraks, which I did buy later on.
After my time with Madame Stern, I used to visit Kay who specialised it cross dressers and bondage. During my time with her I bought two more lovely raincoats; first a green plastic mackintosh, hooded and fastening with press studs, and then a gorgeous shiny red nylon belted mac from C&As. I really loved that one, it was so soft and light as a feather when I put it on. At home I had another plastic mac from Woolies, transparent with criscrossed with red lines and a red collar.
Of course I was all the while watching out for macs being worn by people at work or by our customers. Whenever I could I would try and get a quick feel of any macs left hanging up in our staff room. There was one brown nylon one which I would run my hands over when I got the chance. One member of staff had a lovely royal blue shiny nylon mac and one day as she was going home I was able to get a feel under the pretext of helping her on with it. Mm! what w lovely secret thrill!
Anyway my time with Kay came to an end when she stopped working and I now fell into a somewhat fallow period as far as rainwear went. I think I found that I got a bit tired of the subterfuge involved in living out my fetishist lifestyle. Also I think plastic and nylon rainwear became less mainstream, only really available through specialist shops or mail order, which put it out of my reach. I did, however, feed my habit somewhat by buying a royal blue, nylon plastic baked cagoule. I found it quite exciting to put on and would wear whenever I could. I later had some others; a pale blue nylon one, a dark green nylon with a sort of rubbererised backing, and a dark green nylon one from Peter Storm. Then I got a knee length blue one in stiff nylon which was rather nice.
Of course I was still fascinated by rainwear and would love looking at pictures in magazines or when macs appeared on television programmes. One place where I could still occasionally get a quick thrill from mackintoshes was my in-laws flat. Very occasionally my wife and her parents would go out together and leave me alone in their flat. As was my wont when left alone in a strange home I would take a look through thew wardrobes. Imagine my delight when I found in a cupboard a classic creamy white plastic mac, front buttoning and with a belt. You can well imagine how quickly I was stripped off and slipping on that gorgeous garment. The next time I had an opportunity of looking sadly the plastic mac had disappeared but I soon found not one but two ladies nylon raincoats, one fawn and one turquoise. Quickly I Undressed and taking one I put it on back to front, buttoning it down my back and then slipping on the other normally and buttoning it up. What joy to be tightly sheathed in two layer of rustling soft nylon.
Since my retirement I have had limited opportunities to indulge my rainwear habit and my collection is very much depleted. I have a navy blue nylon casgoule which I wear in Summer, secretly luxuriating in the feel of the soft material as I walk out in it. Just recently I bought a full length polyester, teal blue raincoat and I was surprised at how good it feels on. The soft material feels delightful as I run my hands over it and when it is fastened up tight both with a zip and press studs all the way done to the calf, I feel terrific. Being unisex I can imagine that I am in a woman's mac when I am wearing it, and sometimes at night I put on a bit of a girly walk, swinging my hips. But best of all is that when my mother-in-law passed away this year I was able to rescue one oh her nylon macs from being dumped (I also managed to keep a lovely little three quarter length pink and white nylon overall). I would have liked to have kept both her nylon macs, but I did not think I would have the room to keep both hidden, so I decided to keep the beautiful turquoise Quelrayn one. It really is gorgeous, rustling and soft, floating gently about me as I move .
So that is the story so far of my life in rainwear. I hope it has been of interest to you. Thanks to all who have posted helpful comments about my postings. I know I am not alone in appreciating the chance this forum gives to know that I am not alone in my obsessions.

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Re: Further adventures in mackintosh land

Post by Rives » December 4th, 2018, 4:33 pm

What a lovely story Susan.i too have attend a lady friend who ive persuaded over the years to cater for forced mackintoshing scenarios. To be made to wear a traditional school uniform including short trousers with a nylon pakamac buttoned to the neck, is my idea of heaven.

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