One of my first muddy experiences..

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One of my first muddy experiences..

Post by SEWelly » September 16th, 2018, 4:57 pm

Here is an old story I posted elsewhere - but thought I should share it here too - hope you like it...

Today I have come back from a muddy walk on my favourite path, and I have discovered that since I last visited, my favourite muddy place has been worked on by the local nature trust, and therefore isn't that muddy any more. Therefore I have decided to share with you a story from when this spot was one of the best around, which was around a year ago.

I had a recently bought a new pair of Blue Town and Country Wellies, and have to say that they are the most comfortable wellies that I have ever worn, even to this day. Now I was determined to give these new boots a good introduction, and set off on a walk on my favourite muddy route, which I have known and loved ever since I visited it on a school trip many years ago.

The route I take is a circular one, and was pretty muddy in a number of places, meaning my boots were looking pretty muddy after a while. However I knew that the best spot was still to come. Towards the end of the route, there is a part of the path that is on a small downslope, meaning that the water runs down the path, making it extra muddy. Also adding to the muddiness is the fact that the soil in the area is chalky, meaning that the mud is an amazing light grey colour, which contrasted perfectly with my new blue boots.

As I worked my way down the path, my boots becoming muddier and muddier with each step I was taking, I was unaware of what I was about to encounter. At the bottom of this section of the path, there was a wooden stile, which had been put in place in order to stop the water running any further down the path. However, this had obviously meant that over recent weeks, which had been very wet, a lot of the water had stopped at the top of this stile, making the area a mudlover's playground.

As I approached this spot, my boots began to sink a bit deeper with each step, the mud covering more and more of my boots. The sound of my boots squelching in the mud was amazing! Then I took a step further forward, and my left boot plunged deep into the mud, which was now half way up my boot. My other boot then became covered as I took a further step forward. For me, this was like heaven, as my new boots were getting the covering they deserved. I played around in this spot for about 10 minutes, ensuring that there was no speck of blue left on either of the boots as I covered them with the glorious mud. The mud in this spot was quite sticky, making for some fun as I struggled to pull my boots out on occasion, and the sounds that the mud made were awesome. The sight of my boots, which were pristine earlier that day, now completely grey, was one that I will never forget.

After this, I eventually managed to drag myself out of the mud, and headed home, safe in the knowledge that cleaning the boots, in order to return them to there original state, was going to take a long time. But after the experience, I knew it would be worth it!

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