Husband and I (Part 53)

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Husband and I (Part 53)

Post by Lindaf » September 12th, 2018, 4:17 pm

Part 53

The three of them dined together and the subject got on to plastic macs..what else….lol

Muriel said that from her childhood she always liked the macs to wear. She was never without one.

When she was married to Jill’s dad, Muriel said he was never interested in any deviation on sex. Kit off, wang, bang..all done but she wanted more. Jill was astounded as her mother spoke about such things. One day she met a friend and they were wearing plastic macs. Her friends mac was a bit tight but really shaped her breasts against the plastic to almost bursting point. This seemed to turn Muriel on as she had thoughts of playing with her friends breasts. Jill started to blush as she never heard her mother talk like this before. Maybe it was the few glasses of wine she had that loosened her up.

Anyway, Muriel resisted the temptation and went back home but then thought about her own breasts and how they would look naked under her plastic mac. She stripped and put on her mac and tied it tightly around her waist. It made her breasts taut against the plastic and her nipples got very sensitive to the feel of the mac.

Jill was absolutely gobsmacked hearing her mother say this. The meal the three of them were having worked out better that Jill had thought. Jill’s pussy was soaking wet by this time and had to excuse herself to go to the bathroom. While she was away, Muriel confided in Helen to say that she knew that Jill had worn her macs in the shower and masturbated under the water. She had heard Jill and it turned her on thinking of her daughter masturbating in one of her macs.

Helen said that she should tell Jill what she thought. Muriel didn’t want to risk it but Helen said that you never know until you broach the subject. Knowing full well Jill had the same ideas about her mum.

Jill came back from the bathroom and sat back down. It had all gone quiet so Helen raised the subject of how she thought plastic macs were sexy and very erotic to wear. She explained the fun she had wearing them and wondered if they had any. Both blushed and looked away then they looked at each other and smiled then laughed out loud.

It cleared the way for both to talk about their feelings for each other and how their liking for plastic macs are on the same wave length. Helen’s pussy was dripping by this time too and she suggested both Jill and Muriel came back to hers for a coffee. They collected their macs and wet back to Helen’s house.

Wasn’t too long before Helen had taken Jill and her mum upstairs to see her fetish collection including a few plastic macs.
Muriel look stunned when she saw Helens wardrobe. It was like a child at Christmas opening their presents from Santa. She asked to try on a couple of Helens macs as did Jill. Helen suggested they strip off and try the macs and other things on.

Both were naked in a moment as was Helen.

More to come………..

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