Husband and I (Part 52)

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Husband and I (Part 52)

Post by Lindaf » September 11th, 2018, 10:38 pm

Part 52

You will remember Jill in part 50. A few weeks has come and gone and Helen got a call from her. She asked her out for lunch in town the next day. They decided on a restaurant and arranged to meet. No guessing how they would recognise each other. What do you think?
Helen decided on her blue shiny rukka mac and Hunter boots and Jill wore one of her mums plastic macs and knee high PVC boots. The guys at the restaurant gasped when they saw the pair of them dressed as they were. They were stunned and one of the waiters raced over to take their macs and hang them up.

Jill confided in Helen and said that wearing her mums macs especially naked below really turned her on and was even more excited that she knew her mum did the same. Jill said she had seen her mum naked coming out of the shower and imagined what she would look like naked in one of her plastic macs. Helen started to feel her pussy get wet just thinking of Jill’s mum naked in her mac.

Helen asked what she thought about bringing the subject up with her mum. Jill got flustered and wasn’t really too sure how or if she could approach her mum.

Anyway, lunch took ages and they eventually paid up and asked for their macs back. The same guy brought them over and Jill noticed stains on her plastic mac. She looked at the guy and he blushed. She asked him softly if he had wanked and spunked over her mac and he blushed again. Jill licked her finger and cleaned the stain and then licked her finger clean. The guys cock was just about bursting out of his trousers…….lol

Helen invited Jill back to hers and they started to have fun in the bedroom. After they had played with each other Helen thought of an idea about approaching her mum. She said to Jill to invite her mum out for lunch someday and Helen would arrange to be in the same restaurant at a different table.

Jill had to get her mum and her to wear plastic macs and Helen would do the same. A few days had passed and Jill called to let Helen know of the arrangements. It was agreed that they would try and enter the restaurant at the same time thus seeing what each other would be wearing in plastic macs.

Well it went like clockwork. The three of them arrived at the restaurant at the same time. Jill and her mum were wearing plastic macs and Helen was wearing her see thru crinkly mac with black polka dots. Jill’s mum smiled as they met and said hi. Helen said to your mac and Jill responded the same to Helen. Muriel, Jill’s mum, nodded in approval too.
A waiter came over and asked if we had booked a table for 3. We said no but Muriel asked Helen if she wanted to join her and Jill. Of course she did silly question. That was the plan.

More to follow………………..

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Re: Husband and I (Part 52)

Post by wjpeter » September 12th, 2018, 9:27 am

A mother daughter erotic fantasy, Oh, How I love that. Especially when they are wearing tight fitting pvc rukka coats and are naked under it. The idea that Jill is going to make out with her own mother makes her so incredibly horny, and that is the same for Muriel. Oh, the forbidden and at the same irresitable urge! tha fact that both are wearing pvc rukka coats makes them ignore all boundaries. Thanks for your great work and effort for putting these stories here on rainwearcentral. I am a real fan of your writings.

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