Husband and i (Part 51)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Husband and i (Part 51)

Post by Lindaf » September 6th, 2018, 4:08 pm

Enough of Jill for the moment. I will come back to her later.

As I said before, Bill and Jim went fishing. Jim was well into it and Bill had dabbled in it (fishing I mean….lol)
They were away for ages so Helen and I watched some porn to keep us in the mood with the normal bottle or two of wine to accompany it.

About 7pm we heard Bill and Jim get back. Jim was wearing his waders and Bill his old Hunters he keeps for fishing. Helen and I looked at each other and smiled. We asked Jim if he caught anything. He replied that he caught a whopper but released it back into its usual habitat once he was done with it. He went on to say it looked juicy but a little hard. Helen asked if it was the fish he was talking about and not Bills cock. Both of them laughed as Helen had picked up on the story.

It seems nothing was biting for them and they just sat and chatted. Needless the topic got onto Bills relationship with Helen and how it all started. As Bill was telling him all the details, Jim asked if he could take his cock out and wank while Bill was talking about Helen.

Bill gasped as his cock. It was hairless as was his balls. It looked amazing.

Jim slowly wanked as Bill kept chatting. Bill was getting hard too and pulled out his cock and wanked along with Jim. A few minutes later Jims cock spurted out a huge wad of cum and it splashed onto his waders. On seeing this Bill stood up and spunked over Jims waders too.

There was a silence then Bill moved forward and knelt down and licked their cum of Jims waders. After they were cleaned up both Bill and Jim sucked each other’s cocks until they spunked again. This time swallowing the lot.
Anyway, back home now. Helen and I were so horny we got the guys to take their fishing gear off but Jim had to put his rubber waders back on. You could still see the spunk stains on the rubber from earlier in the day. Helen told Jim to fuck me first, which he duly did then role reversal with me fucking Jim’s hole

The most erotic bit was that he had both of his legs on my shoulders and you could smell the warm rubber as we fucked. Bill leaned forward and offered his cock to Jim. He sucked him hard as we fucked. Helen was filling her pussy with one of the empty wine bottles as she slowly fucked herself with it.
What a night.

More to follow………………….Hang in there

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Re: Husband and i (Part 51)

Post by kinkycumbria » September 7th, 2018, 6:56 am

saw a guy down my local canal in wader 2 weeks back, thought a bit starnge as no need to get in to get catch
but was to shy to offer him a blow job

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