Widows on macks.

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Widows on macks.

Post by Rubberrainwear » September 3rd, 2018, 6:01 pm

There no doubting that it's a man's thing about rubber and pvc macks.
I was wondering how many widows, or come to that divorcees, continue there love of rainwear after their mens departure.
Very often a man will introduce their love of rainwear and most wives (if your lucky) go along with it, so how many do you think ?

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Re: Widows on macks.

Post by dave62 » September 30th, 2018, 11:55 pm

Like many of you, I feel in love with plastic as a teenager. My first wife was not fond of the plastic raincoat. I had three in her bedroom closet, but she would only indulge me maybe once a year. around our 15th year, one day when she was working, I notice that only one raincoat was in the closet. A large for me, and her size. Both were missing. I noticed two days later they were back. They were no where to be found in the house when they were not in her closet. I grew a wee bit suspicious and found out she was having an affair. At the confrontation, she admitted to the affair, but told me she would not stop meeting this guy, which she then informed me was about the 15th since we were married! So I filed for divorce. She remarried to the current guy. She divorced him after 16 months! I ran into him maybe 6 months after their divorce. He approached me and apologized for the affair, ad then said, boy did he make a mistake. We laughed, walked down the street and had a beer. He then asked me where the idea for the clear raincoats came from. I told him it was my idea, but she wan't into it. he told me she more than into the raincoats with him, and it absolutely turned him on Amazing. He already had dated two women, and he had purchased some raincoats, and he said that those gals really enjoyed them. So maybe we need more affairs! And education. So the experienced can be learned, and appreciated.

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