Greer, a sissy boy. Part 3

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Greer, a sissy boy. Part 3

Post by Francy70 » April 5th, 2018, 4:46 pm

We thus arrived at the restaurant for lunch. There were several people. I took off my raincoat and I was already uncomfortable dressed in a gray suit with a tie and green Hunter Boots. But I saw Greer particularly embarrassed. I’ve already heard a cousin saying, "Today, Greer looks like a girl. Isn't that raincoat a bit feminine? " Then his mother told him: "OGreer hurry up, we were waiting for you to eat". So the raincoat was removed and the looks of most of those present were surprised. Many of them weren't in church and some hadn't seen him well. Then, while he was standing, his mother arranged his bow tie and while he was talking to him, he stroked his thigh. I saw she was asking something in his ear. And Greer "No, I don’t beg you". And she: "Do it for your mother". And he: "But I'm ashamed. And then dressed like that ". At the end, she forced him. In fact, in the restaurant there were people who did karaoke. Greer had to sing a song that really liked his mother, "Killing Me Softly". He’d already done it in other situations. But when this time he approached the microphone, there was a moment of total silence. He walked slowly, as if frightened. There was only the sound of his wellies on the floor. As soon as he approached the microphone, his Mom started the applause. He was completely red. He began to sing shyly, his voice low. Someone shouted: "I can’t hear". He had to start over and her mother got up to encourage him. He started again and the voice was beautiful. All eyes were on him. Illuminated by those lights, she was so sissy from head to toe. With his pageboy hairstyle, the female eyeglasses, that white blouse and that big bow tie, his classic Scottish skirt and those black shiny wellies that, illuminated by the lights of the platform, seemed to reflect all over the room. Toward the end of the song, Greer moved more on the stage. Almost danced. Then I went to the bathroom. He has reached me. He hugged me and burst into tears again. "Francesco, I'm ashamed to die". And I: "You're beautiful, you don't have to worry". And, with tears still in his eyes he started kissing me again. The bathroom was tight. As we kissed passionately, I started putting my hands on his thighs and raised his skirt. I felt that from his pink panties, his cock was big ". At one point we heard a man who had entered the bathroom. We had to stop. Then he went out and Greer put his hand on my penis while licking my neck. I raised the skirt and put my hands inside the panties. And then I said to him: "What beautiful panties you have, miss?": And he: "Yes, for you I am your sweet sissy". But then another man entered the bathroom. We stopped again. Then we had to reassemble and return to the table. But before going out, he kissed me again passionately and touched the penis.

After lunch we took a walk in the woods. It had begun to rain again. We had a big umbrella that sheltered us. Then we stopped in a pub. I went to the bathroom and, as a game, I took off my pants and underwear by putting them in a backpack. I wanted to feel the raincoat rubber on my legs and my penis. Nothing could be seen from the outside. The raincoat was long and I still had my jacket, shirt and tie under my raincoat. We left the pub and stopped near a tree where we kissed. And I left the backpack there with pants and underwear inside. Then we went into a stable that was abandoned. And there we kissed and touched rubbing our raincoats. Greer touched my penis, unbuttoned my raincoat and saw that I was naked under the raincoat. He was excited, licked on his lips like a bitch and then knelt down and started kissing, licking and taking my huge cock into his mouth. And I looked at him there, on his knees, with his feminine rubber raincoat. While he licked me, he looked at me with a flourish air and told me: "I'm your bitch”. Then I made it stretch out on the hay and the slit behind the raincoat, I lifted the skirt, lowered the panties and put it inside. As I penetrated, everything moved and seeing his rubber boots that were moved by those legs that could not stay still drove me crazy. Then we return to the tree but the backpack with my pants and my trousers was gone. Nobody could notice anything from the raincoat. Above I was dressed and then I was wearing the green Hunters. Greer was excited. I was a little scared but I was also excited by the situation. On the bus that was taking us home, Greer sat in my lap. Feeling his raincoat over mine was beautiful. And seeing him, with bare legs swinging in those wellies, with the open raincoat that you could see the minikilt, was total ecstasy. Then I said to him: "Are we going back to that stable soon?" And he: "Yes, before we can. But this time we dare more. Let's put on the feminine raincoat and let's dress and make up as a woman ". I liked it very much. And we would do it very soon.

To be continued
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Re: Greer, a sissy boy. Part 3

Post by Mikmac77 » April 5th, 2018, 5:10 pm

I like this story and wonder where it is going!! More please

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Re: Greer, a sissy boy. Part 3

Post by hotwilly » April 5th, 2018, 7:39 pm

Thanks - love this story
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: Greer, a sissy boy. Part 3

Post by Rainwearfan » April 5th, 2018, 9:50 pm

Awesome, im really enjoying the gay, feminine aspect of the story :) Excited for more parts

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Re: Greer, a sissy boy. Part 3

Post by rubbermac » April 7th, 2018, 9:49 am

Absolutley Beautiful........Many Thanks

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Re: Greer, a sissy boy. Part 3

Post by macmic » June 4th, 2018, 2:27 pm

Love this story as it just gets better and better, and looking forward to the outcome of your parting words ;)

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