PVC Adventures with M Part 3

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PVC Adventures with M Part 3

Post by Shinytrench1 » December 13th, 2017, 9:21 pm

We set off in the car with M driving, her black shiny mac coming open at the thighs as she drove. We both knew that we needed to find a hotel quickly.

"I reckon we should try the Travelodge on the bypass' suggested M.

"It'll not be busy at this time of year', she added as she took one hand off the steering wheel to check that my stiffness was still satisfactory.

"Good idea", I agreed, as I reciprocated by caressing what I could now see were her stocking tops revealed by the opening of the front flaps of her sexy mac.

We got to the hotel after about ten minutes, parked and went into reception. We checked in quickly (there were plenty of rooms) and then caught the lift up to the room. As soon as we entered the lift, we kissed passionately - with our tongues fully engaged.

The door opened and we walked along the corridor and found our room. We went in, closed the door, dropped our bags and M stood against the wall inviting me to pin her back against the wall. Our tongues met and our hands explored each other.

'Let's take our time' I said, 'we should enjoy this occasion '.

'Definitely - I have every intention of enjoying every moment' replied M as she moved her hand around my stiffness.

M's mac was still belted and buttoned up as my hands were drawn towards the substantial outline of her breasts which I kneaded through the PVC which immediately produced a deep moan from M.

"I assume we'd like to leave the coat on" said M mischievously as I continued to pleasure her nipples - first with my fingers and then with my tongue - through the shiny material. As my tongue and teeth worked on her breasts, my hands felt the smoothness of the gorgeous raincoat in which she was encased.

M was running her fingers through my trouser material against the outline of my cock. Then she dropped onto her knees and slowly, tantalisingly slowly, released my manhood from my trousers and rubbed a single finger up and down the length of my shaft. This was blissful enough but then, after several minutes during which I undid the top botton of her coat and started delving my fingers into her exquisitely ample cleavage, M held my cock firmly in one hand and then plunged him deep into her mouth. I let out a groan of delight and it was as much as I could do not to explode there and then.

M worked me in her mouth for several minutes as I savoured the moment. Here I was being sucked by a PVC clad woman but a woman to whom I was genuinely attracted in many ways not just her willingness to dress in this way. What's more it was obvious that she loved the feel of the plastic against her skin just as much as I did.

If we stayed in this position - M on her knees enjoying my cock in her mouth with me pleasuring her nipples with my hands, I sensed we'd be reaching the point of no return quite soon . So, reluctantly, I gently withdrew myself from her mouth, and guided M back onto her feet and then manoeuvred her towards the bed. I took off my shoes and trousers and jacket leaving me just in a shirt and underwear. We sat on the end of the bed and I unbelted M's coat and then undid the buttons. She kept playing with my cock as I did this and we kept kissing hungrily. M was wearing a nice red dress, quite low cut and just above knee-length.

"I think I need to take this off - I mustn't spoil it" she said as she began to slip out of her mac. She could see the flash of disappointment on my face as she threw the raincoat across a chair.

"Oh, don't worry" she reassured me as she pulled her dress over her head to reveal a very fetching black basque. Before I could take in the full splendour of her underwear, she grabbed her mac, put it back on over the basque and belted and buttoned it up. As she did so, she pushed me onto my back on the bed and knelt over me. For the next five minutes or so, we stayed in that position each exploring each other with our hands and mouths. I was tonguing her nipples - one through the PVC and the other released and visible . My other hand found her basque button and released it allowing me immediately to appreciate the extent of her wetness. Meanwhile, M manhandled my swollen cock and, best of all, brushed her mac against my chest and arms. I loved the feeling of this most sexy woman wearing the raincoat of my dreams towering above me.

But, of course, the best was yet to come! As I sucked M's nipples and my fingers started exploring her special place, we both knew that the special moment was imminent - the moment when our first ever PVC Union was properly consummated ! It was very easy - M manoeuvred my now very stiff, firm cock to stand fully upright as I continued to make her special place even damper with my fingers and then - it happened - she lowered herself onto me and I slid in very easily and naturally. We both let out a groan of pleasure and both knew that this was special. I was still finding it difficult to believe that I was here in a hotel room with a woman I very much liked and she was happy to be fucked, sucked and fingered while wearing the most fabulously sexy raincoat - all shiny PVC - and not forgetting the sexy boots as well!

We stayed in this position for maybe ten minutes - with M riding me vigorously as I played both with her nipples and clit and we were both clearly getting close. We swapped to the missionary position and M wrapped her booted legs round me but still we held on saving the final moment for as long as possible and, throughout this lovemaking, M kept her mac buttoned and belted except for the top button being undone which allowed me to release her boobs which we both enjoyed.

But then a final twist. As I held myself above her thrusting in and out, M suddenly pushed me out and manoeuvred herself into a kneeling position on the bed offering up her PVC - covered bottom! The meaning was clear and I knelt behind her, lifted the back flaps of her shiny coat, and steered myself from behind towards her pussy. She guided me to the right spot and in I slid - wow! It felt so tight as well as very very wet and I found it easy to move rhythmically in and out. With one hand I massaged her nipples, with the other I rubbed her clit.

I suppose we both realised it wouldn't take long. I could feel M stiffening, I could feel my juices rising and wanting to start their final journey. I wanted to make sure it all happened just right. I held on. I held on. We both talked dirty, very dirty.

"I love fucking you in your PVC - you naughty kinky woman'

"I love dressing up in sexy PVC when you let me have your cock to play with'

"I want to give you my load, I want to fill you with my hot sticky cum, you PVC loving temptress '

And then M went quiet, flung her head up and then squealed and squealed as she was engulfed in a shuddering climax - still fully clad in her lovely shiny raincoat and high heel boots !

'Fuck me now, cum in me' she commanded. It was the moment of release I had been thinking about ever since I stepped off the train and saw her in her mac. Cuming into M was highly enjoyable without sexy dressing but this was pure joy. And I duly obliged - thrusting hard in and out, that beautiful feeling of the juices racing, plus the feel of the PVC against me as I pounded against her bottom and I came, a big, big climax squirting deep into her pussy as I shouted out -

"I'm cuming in you, M, I'm cuming, M, I love you and your Mac , you sexy PVC slut'

And, as the last drops squeezed into her, M & I collapsed - our first proper PVC fuck a truly memorable one. Little did I know it but even better was to come in due course! To be continued...,

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Re: PVC Adventures with M Part 3

Post by Mikmac77 » December 13th, 2017, 10:46 pm

Excellent story , I wonder what could be better than that!!

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Re: PVC Adventures with M Part 3

Post by blackmacjay » December 14th, 2017, 3:50 pm

Yes, a very good story and so much better with the way it is written now.

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Re: PVC Adventures with M Part 3

Post by hotwilly » December 14th, 2017, 6:04 pm

Great story, well written , thanks
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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