Burberry Blue PVC Trenchcoat

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Re: Burberry Blue PVC Trenchcoat

Post by Bill_P » June 15th, 2018, 5:45 pm

Well, I got to put the new coat to the test this morning as I pulled into the parking garage and saw a flash of lightning followed by a booming crack of thunder. Fortunately I had the coat still in its garment bag in the back of the car, along with the matching rain hat & wellies. I slipped the boots on, put on my raincoat, buttoned it up & belted it as tight as it could go, and topped it off with the rain hat. Then I grabbed my Burberry novacheck umbrella & set off for my three block walk to work. The coat did an excellent job in what turned out to be a torrential downpour, with a touch of hail thrown in for good measure. The length is well below my knees, so there's very little space (maybe 1/2 inch) between the hem of the coat and my wellies. It did an excellent job of keeping the rain out, and surprisingly decent ventilation, so I wasn't sweating like a pig (probably helped that I didn't fasten the wrist straps, so some air was able to flow up through my sleeves). Now that I've gotten to wear it under proper conditions I love it even more than when I first tried it on. And for those of you who worry about what people will say or how they will look at you if you wore such a coat in public, I can say that no one made so much as a peep to me about it, other than one old lady who remarked on how smart I was to be so well prepared. So for those of you who can't bring yourself to wear your shiny raincoats in public, or won't even buy one for fear of being embarrassed, I say let go of your inhibitions and wear your pvc proudly, or as the cool kids say around here, "let your freak flag fly".

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