Monique (pIV): Wrong colour, wrong image nonetheless (Part 1)

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Monique (pIV): Wrong colour, wrong image nonetheless (Part 1)

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Dear reader,

This is Part One of two that together make the closing chapter of what is left of the `Project Monique`, "suitable" for publication in this forum. The second adventure Monique and `me` had in which rainwear plays an important role, though not a prominent one. But still: very important.
It was my intention to tell the story in one, single post. But the number of characters within a post at this forum is limited to a smaller number then the total amount of characters of the finished story eventually will have, hence why I must break it up in two posts.
`Project Monique` had more chapters but the rainwear share in those chapters, if any, is too less in those to bring them in here.
Neither Monique, nor `me` are autobiographic or have much, if anything in common with me, save Monique's interest for long shiny vinyl raincoats, something I share with Monique.
The complete story does however contain a few little things, inspired on events that took place within my own life. I wonder if anyone who reads this story can find out what piece within the story is dealing with that `piece of my life`.

If you have read the other chapters about Monique and were disappointed about the lack of sex and instead of that the abundance of attention onto `something else`?
Then there is bad news and good news. The bad news is that there is still no sex in this chapter either, but way less focus on what was a major item within the previous chapters.
Monique and `me`, though having become good friends, did not have sex thanks to anything vaguely related with her rainwear fetish. Since I only present the chapters in which rainwear played a part are told over here, I leave it up to your own imagination to decide if they ever had sex yes or no.
Or if other chapters of `Project Monique`, in which rainwear had no place whatsoever perhaps had seen some sex.
Keep in mind Monique is a lesbian…..

Now, enjoy (????)
And if you want me to finish that second part, leave a message, thanks in advance for any comments to work with.
If you don't want me to, you may leave a message as well....



Wrong color, wrong image nonetheless.... (Part One)

Earlier on, I have already told what an unusual string of circumstances had caused that I build up a friendship with my colleague Monique. How I found out about her being a lesbian rainwear `fetishiste` and how far she went into that, I've told about that already. Despite the fact I did not have anything with that rainwear thing of her, I had other reasons to build up a friendship with her after our first close encounter.
The first month we met another more frequently because of her helping me out finding my way around in dealing with my incontinence. After that first month, we didn't met another very regularly anymore for a while and pretty much on an on-off base. But still, I think it's safe to say we spoke and saw another about at least twice a month on average. Then a few things had happened with each of us and as a result of that, my contacts with Monique intensified. We did spend more time together and our friendship became closer from then on. Romance however wasn’t part of it. With her being lesbian, I was of the wrong gender. And any attraction I felt for Monique was not based because of her looks being so good and to my liking.
I have already told we shared a lot of things and some interests with another but her passion for rainwear wasn't one of those. But I had to deal with it often enough when we got out together because ever so often she wore her long raincoats on such occasions.
One weekend however that we spend time together her affection for shiny rainwear really caused us in a lot of troubles. The kind of troubles that you may have heard about and some women out here may be familiar with as well.

It was about six or seven months ago that Monique and I had become closer thanks to her attempts to help me to get on grips with the incontinence that had befell me shortly before that. After a hesitant start Monique and I got closer with another and eventually began to make all kind of field trips to take pictures or do some sightseeing together.
Anyway, we were already seeing another for over half a year when Monique asked me if I was interested in joining her to see an exposition in a town some 200 km away from where we lived. It was an exposition of a photographer who'se work she liked and wanted to have a look at. But since she had no car she had been looking among her friends if someone had been willing to go with her and stay over for the night in town. But none of her friends had any interest.
I wasn't really very enthusiastic about it either given the distance involved. But still, the thought of having a look at that exposition was kind of attracting nonetheless. It only should be more nearby......
But also, or maybe besides that, I knew that Monique had gone through a very unpleasant time after discovering how one of our colleagues had almost abused Monique for her own pleasure. I knew that Monique was in for a little fun and having a good time again somehow. And if I could help her out with coming along with her to something that had my interest as well, then why could I not try to look into that to see if something was possible after all. She had been of great help for me when I was having a bad time. And I also had some troubles with this colleague of us since I had seen her a few times several months before and she suspected that I had anything to do with the truth between her and Monique coming out. But Mnoique had come to my help another time in dealing with this colleague and making sure she left me alone. Yes, I owed Monique something, at least I felt I did. Thus I answered her if she had ideas as of how to pull it off.
Monique offered all kind of suggestions as of how to make this trip including the thought to go and stay for the night in a motel or so and heading home the next day. But that was definitely something I was not keen on. I really didn't want to stay the night somewhere else but home. Eventually I suggested her to leave early on that upcoming Saturday morning, head off to the exposition instantly and go back in the evening. Monique accepted that suggestion but she begged me coming over the night before and staying with her that evening so we could leave early and save us the time for me to get by to pick her up. But I was not willing to do so, because I was also thinking about doing some shopping the evening before. So we eventually settled for me being at her address early in the morning.
As planned I arrived at her home early in the morning that Saturday. I found Monique almost ready to go. As always when going outdoors she wore a leather-like skirt, this time a fairly shiny black one, wide and of a very flexible material. For upper clothing she wore a white satin blouse, a somewhat wide model and though it still showed off her massive bosom, it did not look ordinary tight or so.
Initially she took a black leather jacket of about a little below hip height from her wardrobe but once she had put it on, she changed her mind because the two kinds of black leather did not match very well in her opinion. So instead, after a moment of hesitation she decided on her long white shiny vinyl raincoat. I had never seen that coat anymore after having seen it in her rainwear cabinet in the rear part of the house that very first day I spend at her place. But today it hung at the wardrobe within the hall of her home.
When she put it on I looked at her. In the past months that we had seen another I had never seen her wearing that white coat yet. Most of the time I saw her wearing her shorter silver vinyl or her long black or red vinyl coat. I remembered what she had said about that white coat on the very first occasion I had visited Monique’s place and when she had shown me her collection of rain coats. When I had asked if she wanted me to wear one of these long coats to get out with her for a walk she wanted us to make, she had told that this white one was so long that if I put it on I would look like a bride who is missing her bride maids. Now I saw Monique in that coat for the first time I knew what she meant. It ended just above her ankles and knowing how tall Monique was, that coat was big.
Now there was really no need to put on a raincoat. Though the weather was cloudy and the forecast for today was that it was to remain overcast in a large part of the country, there really was no need for a raincoat weather-wise. And most of the time we would be indoors anyway. Thus, her leather coat she had put on initially would have served her well enough. But of course, as I could have known, only at sunny days no raincoats, any other day however a raincoat was always option one or at worst two.
All of a sudden, without notice, it brought back memories of the past, when I was still a student. There was a period of time that ever so often after class when going home with the bus I ran into a fairly short woman, even a bit smaller than I am. But she was a thick woman, I could almost say fat. I think I saw hew regularly for a year or five or thereabout. During that time, on some of the Spring to Fall part of the year she wore a long white shiny white raincoat. But with her being so thick she needed a very large size, wide coat to be able to close it to some extend. The one she had bought ended just above her ankles. Despite its large size, I remembered how often I had seen her walking with only the top buttons closed or her coat simply hanging open. Because she was so thick that it was difficult to close the buttons. And if she sat in the bus, it was always with her coat entirely open because otherwise I'm sure she couldn't take a seat. There was little to no female attractiveness to see when looking at her. I recalled with a bit of horror how on one occasion I had seen her from aside. The woman in question had been shaped so outrageously, with her bum so large and extending rearwards that, when seeing her from aside, her coat was looking almost like a white triangle due to the `extensions` to the front and rear of her body, her head being the (non-white) top of the triangle. That apart from the head it still wasn't a complete white triangle was because of her mighty bosom which had still been covered by the coat. But her belly, wrapped in a blue sweater or something like that was sticking out of the coat below her bosom, simply because it was impossible to close the lower part of her coat properly. That woman had, at lest for me, not been a pleasant sight. But the glossy bright white of the coat had always caught the attention since it stood out against all the colours of the cloths of other people. It was by now a number of years ago that I had run into this women and I had entirely forgotten about her. But now with Monique in front of me, also wearing such an extreme long white shiny rain coat I had to think about that women of the past for a moment.
Due to her extreme length and the fact that Monique was nowhere near as thick as that short woman had been, Monique was still way better looking than the woman from the past. Despite also being covered in white vinyl for top to almost toe like that thick woman, Monique still showed off some of her feminine outlines and a bit of elegance with that.
But still, that white vinyl wearing woman of the past still caused some more negative associations after all. Besides that, as much as I had learned to appreciate Monique as a very valuable, good friend for who I cared very much by now, sometimes I couldn’t help getting all kind of less complimentary thoughts about her of which I knew I should keep them for myself and feel bad about that I had them. Looking at Monique, entirely wrapped within all that shiny white vinyl, I had to think about her being a suitable female partner of the `yeti`, the legendary terrifying snowman….
The thought had just come up with me when I felt bad about it already. It was an unfriendly thought about Monique that she didn't deserve. Despite the fact that we got along so well by now, she still wasn't the kind of woman I would like my girl friend to look like or dreamed about. And though occasionally I got some of such less complimentary thoughts about Monique, I never ever said anything like that to her and I always did the best I could to avoid showing to her somehow that something about her turned me off. But I was pretty sure that despite all my best efforts Monique knew all too well that there were a few things about her that I wished were different.
All of those thoughts ran through my head, making me lose concentration and awareness of where I was.
"Why are you looking so thoughtful, something on your mind?" Monique asked all of a sudden.
I instantly got back to reality. I looked at Monique another time and real quick. Instantly I realized that as massive as all this white vinyl made her look, there was some elegance to see as well. It was not that this white coat turned me off, not even the flashback associations with that big woman of the past I just had were a problem for me. But instantly I got some other thoughts about how practical this coat could be in use.
"Hm, are you sure you want to wear that coat? Don't you think it will be warm and heavy once we are in that expo hall?" I asked carefully.
"There's a wardrobe over there where I can leave it. I've seen that on the internet."
Somehow my expression must have remained pensive because she asked: "What's wrong? What are you thinking about?"
After a moment I answered. "I wonder if it will be pleasant to sit in the car for a long time when you wear such an extreme long coat like that."
"I've done that before so don't worry."
"OK" I replied slowly.
Monique looked at me and then she asked: "What's the matter? There is more on your mind right now and I have a feeling it is related with my coat. I have never seen you look so thoughtful or bringing up all kind of objections when I put on one of my other coats. What else are you thinking about?"
Eventually I said with some hesitation: "Don't you think that you will be very visible with all that white and attracting the attention of people?
"No I don't think so. With my figure I always get the attention, no matter what I put on."
I sighed and meanwhile I said: "right."
Monique took a very good look at me and then she said: "So you don't like the colour?"
"I haven't said that. I only wonder if it is an appropriate colour for the circumstances."
"And what?"
"I saw you staring at me, there's something on your mind right now and I feel it is related with my coat. Or is it something else? Don't you like this coat or so or what? Is there something wrong with it in your eyes, other then the colour maybe not suitable for the circumstances?"
"It has nothing to do with linking or not. But if you insist to know, I was more thinking about how practical it is in use."
All of a sudden Monique expressed some kind of irritation because in a very determined manner she said: "OK, if that's all let's go then. You’ve got everything with you? If there is something you did forget then I might have a look if I can help you out."
I knew enough, no further discussion appreciated.
OK, so be it.
"I'm all set, let's go" I replied.

Once on the road I had my hesitations about this start of the day. But I decided that it would be stupid to let my day be influenced by the fact that I doubted if Monique had made the right choice for coat to wear. I wasn't wearing it, I had nothing to do with it. So why should I care about all that, it was her own choice, her own matter. Nevertheless I wondered why it had made such an impact with me. The flashbacks tot that big woman of the past? I couldn't figure out why but something told me that one way or another we would have some kind of complications later on that day because of her coat. Then, just as sudden as all that thinking had started, I put it off my mind. It was Monique's thing and whatever was to come, if there was something to come, it would be her problem. End of story and I focussed on driving the car.
I can be short about most of the day. Once I had put my concerns about Monique's choice of coat behind me, we had a good drive to the city where the exposition was held. Monique's irritations had also gone pretty soon once we were on our way which certainly helped to make the drive a nice one. A little over halfway I had to stop for refuelling which we did at a fairly large fuel station. It was that big that it had a small restaurant nearby and we took a cup of coffee together. By then, all the irritations related with her coat earlier in the day were gone. But despite the coffee break, we still arrived in time at our destination.
I can be even shorter about much of the day that followed once we had arrived. Most of the exposition itself was interesting and we had a very good time. There were a few topics I had less affinity with than Monique had so by then we split and I went back to a category I found more interesting for another, better look. We enjoyed ourselves and all was fine and OK. In the final hour of the opening time we went into the gift shop and Monique did some shopping. Though we had taken a lunch in the restaurant within the exposition hall, we still felt a bit hungry after the shopping. So when we spotted a restaurant on the other side of the street we decided to eat over there. Monique insisted on treating me for a dinner. I accepted the invitation and we went in. Monique made it clear that we would make it a nice dinner and I could choose what I want without having to worry about the costs. To encourage me she ordered first and took some of the more exquisite meals so I joined her in doing so. We had quite a luxury dinner all together and it certainly took some time before we were finished and ready to go home after what generally had been a wonderful and entertaining day despite a not so good start.

Shortly after we left the city and got out on the highway I regretted that we had lost that much time with that luxury dinner. That morning on the way to the exposition we had heard a weather forecast bulletin and there had been a warning for a chance of fog later in the afternoon and in the evening. I had not paid that much attention to that warning, neither had Monique. And now it appeared as if we were going to regret this ignorance. Once on the road outside the city limits and getting on the highway heading home we got in troubles. Apart from darkness falling, it was already rather foggy and it appeared as if it got worse with every minute. During the first kilometers of the journey home we were talking a bit but Monique fell silent after a while and I didn't mind that. I needed all my concentration to pay attention to the road and the conditions ahead. I had turned on the radio to have a bit of music but also to be informed about the traffic conditions. Right after the first such bulletin I knew that we were in big trouble. The fog had set in over the entire country and if anything would be thicker in the direction we were going.
Apart from the radio I had turned on the heater in the car as well to get a little warm and I felt OK with respect to that. But a few minutes after we had heard that the fog would remain at least as thick as we were in right now, I heard Monique making a sound as if she was shivering.
"Are you cold? Do you want me to turn on the heater up?" I asked.
I was surprised about the soft voice with which she replied: "No, I'm fine with the temperature."
Something told me Monique was not doing well but I did not want to take my eyes of the road to observe her quickly. Neither did I want to start up a conversation or so in order to concentrate on the road ahead of me.
A little while later I heard her make another such shivering noise. And a few seconds later I heard her ask with low voice and softly: "Do you absolutely want to sleep in your own bed tonight?"
Utter concentration made that I kept looking forward. But if the question alone had not caught my attention, then the manner how Monique had asked it had caught it. Before I could answer she added: "For Gods sake keep looking at the road please."
Her voice expressed fear and I realized she was scared.
"Why do you ask that for?" I replied.
"Listen, I don't doubt your driving capabilities and I could have said I trust my life to you in that. But not literally like this. These conditions scare the hell out of me. We just passed a sign for a motel coming up shortly, shall we find out if we can rent a place to sleep over there?"
I gave the suggestion a quick thought. These circumstances were indeed so dangerous that I was willing to quit driving myself as well. But then? Even if we found a place to stay for the night…..
Monique answered whatever thoughts I could have had before I could speak them out.
"I don't mind if you want to share a room, or even share a bed with me or under no condition share anything at all with me and want your own room. I don't care for how you want it to happen, I’ll take anything as long as we are off the road. You can have it entirely your way so to speak."
The fear but also the determination in her voice was obvious.
"I understand" I answered.
"Don't tell me you enjoy driving right now."
"Definitely not."
I sighed because there was of course one thing left on my mind. But obviously, Monique knew me good enough by now because I didn't got the time to bring it up for discussion myself.
"Oh and don't worry. It is more or less by accident and blows the surprise I had in mind for you but I have an extra pant for you with me. And somehow we will get absorbance material to get through the night."
I was thinking quickly.
"For that motel we have to take the next exit on the right" Monique urged.
While she spoke the words I saw the fog getting thicker and that was it, I knew enough.
"OK then, look out for that exit, then I keep looking for the traffic ahead of us."
I heard a loud sigh, knowing that it must have been a breath of relief by Monique.
About a minute later she said: "Exit on the right coming up."
I saw the road widening to the right, put on the turning signal and when I was certain that there was no-one close on the exit already who I could cut off accidentally, I moved over to the right and followed the exit. It brought us onto a even darker road which was, if anything even more scary to drive on in these conditions. But three minutes later I parked the car on the parking lot in front of the hotel. When I switched off the engine I heard Monique sighing: "Thank God."
I had my first opportunity to look a her and I was shocked. She appeared to be close to crying and the fear could be scraped off her face so to speak. Almost crying she said: "It is not because I don't trust you and your driving but I was so scared."
She dragged up a handkerchief from out of the pockets of her coat and dried her eyes.
I was moved seeing how scared he must have been. But I tried to keep myself under control.
"Well, let's give it a try if we can stay here" I said carefully.
We got out of the car and walked to the entry of the building.
"Do you want separate rooms or a single?" Monique asked carefully. Instantly she added: “I meant what I said, whatever you want is fine with me. If you want your privacy it’s OK with me. But know that I trust you more than enough to share a room and even a bed with you if the need arises.”
I answered: "I suppose it's first a matter of finding out if there is at least one room still available before we can even think about taking two. I won't be surprised if we are not the first ones to try our luck here this evening right now."
When we got in the building and were in decent light, I had another look at Monique and was shocked when I saw how pale her face was. Even the appeal of her eyes expressed the fear she had felt.
When we got to the desk I saw the woman behind it on duty looking a bit suspicious to us.
I informed about the availability of a room but after a few short questions as of how we got here we were told that there was no room available anymore. I did my best to find out why and of there wasn't anything to arrange anymore given the circumstances. But the desk assistant told me that everything was occupied already. Then Monique joined the conversation but to no avail. After the last comment that there were no rooms left anymore we looked to another. I could see how exhausted but most of all how terrified Monique was but I had no other solution to offer than asking her to continue and look elsewhere. When she agreed to that I could see the desperation in her eyes.

We walked out of the lobby. Once we were outside on the stairs I saw another couple heading to us. When they were close to us I heard the woman say that she hoped there were rooms left. When they were about one meter away from us I said: "They have no rooms anymore if you were looking for one."
The couple, two elderly people of in the 50's or thereabout stopped walking and the man said: "What did you say?"
I also stopped walking and said: "We just tried to rent a room here but everything is occupied already."
After a short silence the woman answered: "Maybe for people like you."
My mouth fell open.
"What do you mean with that?" I asked in utter amazement about the rudeness of this reaction.
The man took the woman by the hand and said, "Come on darling, behave yourself."
They climbed the stairs while I still kept standing for a moment, in sheer amazement about what I had heard. Just before the woman entered the building I heard her softly saying something I could not understand entirely but I did hear the words `like a dirty whore`.
And instantly I realized what she was referring to.
I looked around for Monique but she had walked on and could not have heard the woman using these words. And then it occurred to me that the desk assistant might have got the same opinion on Monique and how her long shiny raincoat, despite not being black but snowy white still had been rated as a regularly used standard equipment of an escort girl or an other girl working within the sex industries. When the thought crossed my mind it was almost instantly followed by the question as of how an elderly pair could make such a connection.
I then remembered how the desk assistant had told us there was no room left, and how the couple I spoke half a minute ago had said that she hoped that there would be a room left, which meant that the couple did not have a reservation.
Hope rose within me, if this couple did get a room then it meant that there were still rooms left and then Monique and I still had a chance to rent a room here if I talked with the desk assistant another time. Even if I had to talk to the manager to approve that we were stranded travellers and not a sex worker and her customer looking for a room to do business.
I had to react quickly. I hurried into the direction where Monique was walking and called her. She turned around and I waived her to come over while I said with a raised voice to come to me and follow me.
She did not come instantly but remained standing. So I said to her that I had an idea and wanted to get back in one more time and asked her again to follow me. Then I hurried within the lobby again.
Once in the lobby I made sure the desk servant and the elderly couple couldn't see me but I could hear their conversation. And I couldn't believe my ears, I heard the man acquire for a double bed room and he was told that he could choose between the first or second floor.
Just after I had heard that I heard Monique stepping into the lobby.
"What it going on? Why did you went back?" she asked, I could see she was confused.
I quickly told her to wait and listen to what was said at the counter by the people over there. After a minute Monique lost her patience and asked me to tell what was going on. I then told her quickly how I had heard that the couple at the counter was also looking for a room and how they were making reservations right now.
Monique's eyes expressed the disbelief about what I had told her. Then she asked me: "But why were we told that there was nothing available anymore?"
It took some seconds before I dared to answer: "That is what I intend to try to find out once these two are gone."
Monique and I had to wait a minute or five or thereabout and we could hear that there was not a single problem for the two people at the desk to get a room. Once they were finished I whispered to Monique to get into the restroom so if the pair went out again they wouldn't see us. She quickly disappeared in the ladies room, I took off to the men's room on the other side but kept an eye on if I could see the pair pass and go outside. Which was indeed the case.
I went into the direction of the ladies rest room and waited if I could see Monique coming out. It didn't take that long before she stepped out.
"OK, let's find out what is going on over here" I said to Monique and we walked up to the desk another time. The assistant saw us coming up in her direction and she stared to us.
"I still have no room for you sir" she said before I could say something.
"Then can you explain to me why you just gave a room to the elderly coupe that was here a few minutes ago and just left?" I asked calm.
The woman in front of me hesitated for a moment and then she said: "They had reservations."
I sighed and said: "That is a lie and you know that."
"It is not a lie sir and it's none of your business" she replied firm.
'Miss, I met these two people at the stairs when we walked out and they got in and I clearly heard the woman say to the man that she hoped that there would be rooms available. Which suggests strongly that they had no reservation made. I went back to go to the restroom before I was to leave and then I hear how you are giving them a room to stay while a few minutes before you told me there were no rooms available anymore."
The woman began to blush and remained silent for a few seconds. Then she asked: "You were spying me?"
"Name it what you want to but I felt it to be a bit strange that you first asked me all kind of little questions but eventually told me that you had no rooms available anymore. If that was indeed the case, then why didn't you tell me instantly but kept asking all those questions first?"
"What are you suggesting sir?"
"I have the feeling that you don't want to let us rent a room to begin with but wanted to confirm if you were right or not before deciding on sticking with your initial decision."
"Why should I refuse a room to you?"
"That's what I would like to know as well. And since you're the one who refused to rent a room to us it's you who can answer that question better then I can. You know why, I can only speculate."
The woman appeared to be caught off guard, not knowing anything she could say anymore.
Then she looked at Monique who was standing some two meters behind me. She then looked to me again and said carefully: "Sir, I have my orders, that is all I can tell you."
"Your orders, what do you mean with that if I may ask?"
The woman sighed and continued: "We have our instructions about to whom we are permitted to rent rooms and I am afraid that the two of you don't comply to all the rules."
"Which rule do we fail to comply to?" I asked.
I heard a loud sigh by Monique behind me.
"Please sir, don't make it any more complicated for me. I am only doing my work" the desk assistant said with a voice that expressed some slight desperation.
"Miss, can you at least tell me what rule we don't comply with or what reason you have to refuse us a room? I am quite certain that once I know that what you think to be the case I can prove you're wrong."
The woman appeared to become more desperate all the time. Then she said: "Sir, I can only tell you that I am obeying the rules I am given."
After a pause I said: "OK miss, I assume that those are rules by the management?"
"Then, could you please let me speak with someone of the management?"
"I don't think that makes any difference sir."
"I hope it won't offend you but do you mind if I would try that out from personal experience instead of taking your word for that without any hesitation?"
The woman looked around and then she said: "One moment please"
She called a waiter who walked by and asked him to look for either one of three names she gave him and send any of them to her. The waiter said he would be back later and left the lobby.
All of a sudden I heard Monique ask: "Can someone please tell me what is the reason why we can't get a room? What is going on, can someone please tell me at least something?"
For a while there was nothing said but then Monique continued: "Please can someone at least tell me why we can't get a room?"
I looked at the desk assistant again and said: "If you don't dare to tell it to me, do you dare to tell her for which reasons we are denied the opportunity to rent a room?"
"It is like I told you sir, there are some rules I have to comply to if it comes to renting rooms."
"What rules?" Monique asked, I had the feeling she was becoming a bit desperate.
Again the woman began to blush yet didn't say a word and after a while I said: "Do you want me to tell it to her instead?"
Monique was looking to me and then she asked me: "Do you know what is going on then?"
"Let me put it this way, I have a strong suspicion" I answered softly.
"Tell me" she asked with a determined voice.
Again I looked to the desk assistant and said: "Do you want to tell it yourself or do you want me to accuse you of something? Or otherwise tell her what you are accusing us from?"
"I only did what I am told to do sir, you can't hold me responsible for that. You could have a room if it was up to me but I have rules to follow."
"And don't the rules permit you to try to find out if what appears to be the case of first sight is a wrong impression and the reality being different?"
I saw Monique looking amazed and then after a few seconds of silence she asked the desk assistant: "Is it by chance what I think it is? Do you think I'm some kind of whore who picked up a customer and need a room for finishing the job?"
The women behind the counter did not react instantly but it was obvious to see that she was very uncomfortable with the entire situation.
Another silence which was broken when Monique, on the edge of breaking down, started to say with a voice that made it clear she was close to crying: "Only because of my looks and because of what I'm wearing? Are you rating me as just some kind of a whore on a job and needing a room to get laid and screw her client on first sight only?"
In the corner of my eye I saw the waiter who had been send off to ask for bringing someone of the management, at least I assumed it to be someone from the management returning. He was followed by an older man in a grey suit. I had the feeling we were going to deal with one of the managers. Meanwhile I heard how Monique started to cry softly. She walked to a chair a little further up within the lobby. I wished I could follow her to comfort her but with the manager coming up to us I felt that I had something more important coming up.
The man in the grey suit went to the desk assistant and asked why she had called for him. The waiter walked by and quickly I said: "Thank you" to him when passed me.
"That's allright sir, I did what I was asked to do, nothing more" was his reply and he walked on.
Meanwhile, the desk assistant explained in brief to the manager that according the rules she had refused to rent a room to two potential customers by telling there were no rooms available anymore. But that they had found out that the message of no rooms available had been false as they had seen her rent out a room to other customers and now had asked for someone of the management to speak. The manager asked why she had refused the room and the assistant then looked to Monique who was now sitting in the chair. The manager then also looked into Monique's direction and then looked at me. He stared at me for a second or two and then turned his attention to the desk assistant again. He then asked her who had asked for him and the woman told him that I belonged to her.
He turned his attention to me and asked: "You wanted to speak to me?"
"Yes sir I did" I said calm.
We introduced ourselves to another while shaking hands. I felt that for starters I better could act as polite as possible. The manager then asked me what I wanted from him.

(To be continued??????)

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