Every day turn ons ?

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Every day turn ons ?

Post by Hotnylon123 »

I love nylon but part of my fettish is ironing it when its been washed , i get a good thrill when my wife irons my nylon pants for me and they are folded neaty but she dosnt know how much of a turn on it is for me !!.

What everday day mundane activity do you mix with your fettish to give you a secret thrill !

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Re: Every day turn ons ?

Post by spitfire617 »

Power washing the car wearing a waterproof jacket and waterproof bib trousers and wellies

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Re: Every day turn ons ?

Post by Hotnylon123 »

Nice , i do the same then wash my water proofs 😉

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Re: Every day turn ons ?

Post by northernbloke »

Well my main fetish is actually what many consider to be a "mundane everyday task" actually !

All my life since I was 14 years old (I am 62 now), I have found the sight of a woman HOOVERING normally, to be a massive turn on ! Mainly if she is hoovering carpet in her house, with an "upright" type vac, and even MORE so if its one of the older models of vac that have the cloth dust bag which inflates up all firm and warm when in use. (Remember those ?) Mmmm. This fetish has controlled my entire sexual life and luckily over the years I have been able to meet with several women who were more than happy to hoover infront of me whilst I performed "certain sexual actions" to myself..ahem. I have even known women who will actually tease me with their hoover and who will suck me to orgasm with the hose part of their vac. This is an experience never to be forgotten if you guys havent tried it yet. The feeling of the suction actually "milking" you is out of this world. Not to mention the vibrations.

Apart from seeing women hoovering, one "mundane task" I love to see also, is women using a hairdryer ! Its relaxing to see them drying their hair with a normal "pistol shaped" dryer, and very soothing. But I get quite horny if I see a woman using one of those PVC Soft Hood hairdryers. They go back to the 1960s. The hood is like a shower cap and the woman puts in on her head, and switches her hairdryer on. Then the PVC hood inflates up really firm. and the warm inflated PVC gives off a very erotic aroma. I own several models of this type of hairdryer and love having fun with them.

So for me..what some would see as "mundane tasks" are actually very exciting !

It just shows how different we can all be. If anyone reading this also shares my love of seeing women hoovering, or of them using those PVC "bonnet" hairdryers, please get in touch.


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Re: Every day turn ons ?

Post by Curiousb »

When I was a young lad in the late 70s women in certain roles used to wear navy blue nylon overalls that were cut in the style of a prim belted dress. I thought that such a turn on and would love to get the wife one. The other thing that turns me on is women wearing taffeta skirts or dresses, the noise they make as a women walks and the way they catch the light....

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Re: Every day turn ons ?

Post by WealdenMac »

A previous post has stirred long dormant memories of a woman played by the estimable Georgina Hale in an episode of a 1980's TV series telling an investigator (can't recall who) apropos of nothing at all that she sometimes did the hoovering "wearing nothing but one of those see-through plastic macs." Unfortunately the plot did not require that she be seen doing so.

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Re: Every day turn ons ?

Post by evad »

Well, I like cleaning out my gutters dressed in a rainsuit, boots and rubber gloves. I take the hose with me up on the ladder. I wash down my suit (While wearing it.) afterward. Usually have a diaper on underneath it all as well. Kinda hard to undress on a ladder when I need to go.

I am also clearing out my jungle of a back yard- I go out after a good rain in my pvc bibs, boots, and heavy rubber gloves. Easier to pull big weeds out of the ground if it's wet.

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Re: Every day turn ons ?

Post by hotwilly »

spitfire617 wrote:
July 1st, 2020, 11:18 am
Power washing the car wearing a waterproof jacket and waterproof bib trousers and wellies
Enjoyed that pleasure - even better if naked underneath
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: Every day turn ons ?

Post by Johnnyrbr »

Agree with several above about power washing in full gear. usually try to get the hose between my legs as much as possible to feel the vibrations. Then when finished nothing delights me more than turning it onto myself. Have always worn wellingtons and heavy duty rubber gloves when out in garden. So much so our neighbour once said he thought I went to bed in them, little did he know how much I wanted to.

Sarah pvc
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Re: Every day turn ons ?

Post by Sarah pvc »

I was doing a spot of gardening last week in the sun, in a black latex pencil skirt and black latex blouse,and a pair of yellow marigolds. A tedious task but hugely enjoyable experience on a warm day.

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