Is it just me or is adult raincoat content lacking?

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Re: Is it just me or is adult raincoat content lacking?

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rainwear-experience wrote:
May 26th, 2020, 3:01 pm
With hindsight its maybe not fair how I reacted previously, as I have maybe a few pictures "stolen" which is actually something I am a bit proud off, while you seem to have a huge collection of professionally made pictures with real models (who require payment). So its quite easy for me to say that you should realize things get stolen as soon as you post it, as my pictures were made for free and as a hobby while you sink money into it. (i only just realize that as i was not really familiar with your content: the types of rainwear you like are not really what i like so i never paid too much attention who made the pics or where they came from).

And i am afraid that the content stealing will only get worse in the future. Pinterest is already notorious for stolen content, you can find articles about that if you google, and software is getting smarter by the day to remove watermarks. I watched a video from "whiteout" on youtube previously going over watermarks and how easy it is to remove them, quite interesting talk (he is a rubber content creator)

You already tried the subscription website road, and you found the issues with it. Maybe some other forum members can jump in and share their experiences also, as there are more content creators on this forum although some are mostly members to just post teasers and hope to get new paying customers. I can imagine them trying to keep costs down by being the model themselves and getting the pictures taken by their partner. Maybe they also use commissions or are just being able to carve out an income at the moment as none of their current customers is leaking their newest pictures all the time.

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Re: Is it just me or is adult raincoat content lacking?

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BobbyValore wrote:
May 27th, 2020, 2:31 am
Its human nature to react in a way that affects you most, I understand 95%+ of the people on this forum are probably bored of me banging on about this subject

I’m sure a lot of the content creators who post on here are quite sanguine about the situation and are happy to post images just for others to enjoy, I have great respect for these people

I also have great respect for those content creators who work hard to produce good quality new and original images and I have no problem paying to see images if I like the content and want to see more

Hopefully they can continue to have enough fun / make enough money to continue

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Re: Is it just me or is adult raincoat content lacking?

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Thanks for that Pvc Vinyl. I do think though you should have issued a public health warning !!! No good for the ticker viewing things like that. Would love to spend the night going through all those macks

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Re: Is it just me or is adult raincoat content lacking?

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I echo all these comments myself. One point that emerges so often is that our collective fetish is not one single thing: it is a very complex association of related fetishes that may or may not overlap. I can very well understand the pleasure and joy that many other men take in wearing rainwear - you only have to look at the posts under the "ultimate fantasy" or "favourite rainwear material" heading to see that - but my fetish is confined solely to the love of pretty ladies wearing any of a variety pf plastic or rubber garments, and REALLY enjoying it. The activities may include a full-on fucking culminating in a genuine, screaming orgasm as the guy pumps madly into her, or her teasing, wanking and sucking the guy until he loses all control and explodes into her mouth. Lots of other scenarios spring to mind but central to the whole thing is the notion that if the lady doesn't have an absolute ball most of the erotic impact is lost for me. Also vital for me is the style of the garment; I love to see her in something 'pretty' with perhaps a generous,flowing hood, beautifully tailored bodice that flatters her figure, flared, full skirt and black patent thigh boots. If not a hood then perhaps a really fetching black PVC rainhat (especially for a blowjob). Big ask, eh?

This seems to be very different from what most of the rest of you seem to prefer, so I'm just a "lone voice crying in the wilderness" it seems!

My lifelong quest for a lady who genuinely fits the above description was fulfilled for a wonderful, wonderful 6 years and the memories are beyond exquisite. The parallel search for porn content in the same vein has been as fruitless for me as for all our adherents. I totally agree that the clip of the girl fucked in a pink raincoat is about as close as I've ever come (pardon the deliberate Freudian slip): she seems to enjoy it enormously, the mac is adorable (so is she!), the material looks and drapes like PU-coated PVC so it's deliciously smooth and rubbery and the sight of her breasts filling the front of the mac drives me nuts as he takes her doggy-style. It ticks almost every box - for me, that is.

One might have thought that a regular porn actor/actress would be prepared to shoot one or two clips among the thousands of more "normal" ones, to please the rarer, 'fringe' fetishes. My alltime favourite cumshot is of Lezley Zen at the end of "Secret Dreams. I adore her because she fakes seemingly genuine passion and ecstasy better than most, as well as being in my eyes gorgeous. Just imagine her in that 15-min video dressed in your favouite choice of outfit...

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