The Smell of Rubber

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The Smell of Rubber

Post by Johnnyrbr »

Since the age of 3/4 when my brother had a rubber mack and souwester and I used to bury my face in it and stroke it all over, the three delights of rubber have been the feel, looks, and the smell of it. I was delighted then to read this morning that by 2030, experts believe it will be possible to scratch and click your computer in order to smell whatever it is you are looking at. As I read that I imagined seeing folk in all their lovely gear and scratching on their photos and taking in all the aromas available. Oooooooh!! what a delight that will be.
Pity it is going to take that long and we can't feel the said item too.

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Re: The Smell of Rubber

Post by WealdenMac »

Hugely evocative smell, on its own or in combination with others, in a variety of situations -waking up in a wet bed, school cloakrooms on wet days with the radiators at full pelt, visiting the old Weather Vain shops, attending MacSoc and Mach2 events.

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Re: The Smell of Rubber

Post by NoraSverige »

I have a old shiny rukka raincoat. I think its in pvc . It smells lovely. I love walking in the rain and also use it outside even if its not raining.

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