Italian Adventure - prima parte (part one)

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Italian Adventure - prima parte (part one)

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Ella moved across and grabbed Sandy's seat belt and put in on her, purposefully brushing he plastic jacket with her hands. She loved the way the transparent vinyl was trapped under the strap, "you must put your belt on or the cabin crew will come and tell you off".
There was a loud thud as the wheels touched down and a roar as the plane slowed quickly. It took the girls half an hour to traverse the airport and the heat of the day hit them as they emerged from the air conditioned arrivals hall onto the taxi rank.
"Sorry babe I got to take this off", Sandy peeled the pink plastic jacket off, "I won't last five minutes in this heat otherwise".
Ella was less fortunate, "its all very well for you but I will have to ensure my leggings", gesturing down the side of her black jeans, "I can't imagine what my pussy will be like when I finally get them off".
Sandy immediately felt stirrings in her clit at the thought of her friend being trapped in PVC and what a wonderful steamy place it would become between her legs.
Neither of the women spoke any Italian, but Ella had an App that instructed the drive on their destination. She felt sure he was eyeing her up as she leaned in to him to show the screen and the brush of that hand in her bum was very likely not accidental.
"Have you noticed how the men here seem to stare and smile at us a lot?", Sandy said.
"Yeah, they don't seem to have English inhibitions and that guy washing the windows is definitely all righ in my book", replied Ella as she pointed to a young tanned man with no shirt and blue jeans who blew a kiss towards Sandy just before they climbed aboard the taxi.
The drive was spectacular once they had left the main road from the airport and wound their way through countryside to a small village perched on a hill. This was "in and he city" in the same way that, say Swindon could be said to be in London! The car was new and thankfully airconditioned, but the leather seats were playing havoc with Ella's attire as the plastic stuck to her bare skin and caused her bottom to slip on the damp inside as they cornered. Sandy sat with her top folded on her lap, held down by her bare arms. Technically this was Ella's jacket from when they first met in the lifeguard station but Sandy had sort of adopted it as her way of pandering to Ella's desire to see her wearing plastic. Although they had been seeing each other for a month, and Sandy was besotted with her girlfriend, wearing raincoats, plastic and rubber was not her thing and she did it for Ella, although she did once enjoy on Ella's latex macintosh when alone and could understand how some people could be attracted to the soft feel and smell.
The car drew up at the top of a cobbled street at the end of the main square. Ella paid, having to check her Euros carefully, then the driver pointed to a small narrow walkway up a steep incline with houses perched precariously on either side. Ella's trousers made a loud peeling sound as she got out, but the relief was wonderful that she didn't care what the driver thought.
The air way slightly cooler in the shadows of the road on top of the hill that was on top of the village. Had anyone been sleeping late that morning they would have been waken by the loud sound of suitcase wheels struggling over the cobbled path as the girls heaved the them up the incline. Half way up Ella had a thought, and pulled out her phone to call Gino and get him to come and assist.
Sandy stood a few paces higher up the path looking back. "I am the luckiest girl in the world", she thought as she watched her friend standing against the backdrop of stunning scenery in her white tee-shirt and black PVC jeans with her legs slightly crossed, long dark hair flowing down her shoulders with the mobile pressed to her ear, as she waited for an answer, she turned to Sandy and smiled and in that moment Sandy snapped a photo with her own phone and smiled back.

Ella sat down on a low wall with her shiny legs stretched out in front of her.
"Come on it can't be too much further?", encouraged Sandy.
"Why work when you can call a slave to do your bidding!", Ella replied as she wiped a little dust from the shiny PVC surface and admired her legs.
Sandy sat down next to her friend a slipped her plastic jacket back on because she was genuinely feeling cool in the shadows.
"Nice", said Ella.

They didn't have to wait long before Gino arrived. He bowed in a comical way and pointed up the lane, "this way my ladies, I take cases".
Sandy had her hands in her jacket pockets and Ella held her arm as they walked behind Gino.
"Not really my thing, but if I was that way inclined I would probably consider that a fine arse", Sandy commented cheekily.
"All the better in those leather trousers", added Ella.
"Do you think they are real or fake?", quizzed Sandy.
"This is Italy, I'm sure they are real dead cow and probably very expensive", her friend suggested, "but you have to admire the sway!"
Gino carried the girls cases rather than wheeling them, trying desperately not to show how hard he was finding the steep climb. When they arrived at the property there were yet more step up to the front door. The house, as with all of them, was stone built with small norrow doors and little windows. The main door opened directly into a large kitchen with a wooden table and large fireplace; thankfully not lit. Gino heaved the cases in and dumped them in the corner trying to catch his breath. Sandy and Ella entered and immediately sat down on the wooden chairs at the large table.
"Cofee? Wine? Coke? For anyones", asked Gino.
"Just some water please", replied Ella, and a Sandy nodded in agreement.
"Where's Ali", asked Sandy.
"I'm here", came a voice as Ali walked in from another room, stooping as she did so through the low door.
Sandy's heart jumped. She hadn't seen her friend since leaving Wales and, although she loved Ella, Ali would always hold an unrequited place in her affections.
Ali was wearing an outfit that almost matched Gino's; black leather jeans and a white tee-shirt, except her trousers were exceptionally tight to the delight of everyone else in the room; they squeaked slightly as she walked.
"Someone needs to get ME some black shiny leggings", said Sandy, "I feel a bit like the odd one out!"
"Ok I go buy", replied Gino.
"No!", exclaimed Sandy, "it was just a rhetorical question! One that doesn't actually need an answer!"
"You look fine to me", said Ali. Sandy was a bit shocked, Ali had never paid her a compliment, "is it possible she might have feelings for her after all?", she wondered.
Ella finished her water, "I need to freshen up please?"
"Me too", added Sandy.
"I'll show you to your rooms", said Ali.
The two girls collected their cases and followed Ali down the narrow corridor off the kitchen, Sandy whispered to Ella, "rooms?"
Ali paused at a door on the left, "here's the first one, who wants this?". Without looking Ella walked in, "I'll take it".
Sandy's room was right at the end of the corridor. As soon as Ali had left, Sandy crept back to the first room and went in without knocking, closing the door carefully and quietly.
Ella had taken her tee-shirt and bra off and was about to peel off her trousers off when Sandy grabbed her from behind, wrapping her arms tightly around her, then kissed her on the back of the neck.
"Shit!", Ella exclaimed, "you made me jump".
"Do you know it has been 17 hours since I last had my face in your cunt", Sandy replied, "that's 16 hours and 59 minutes too long, get your kit off girl!"
"Bloody hell, slow down girl, I need a shower, I'm minging", Ella replied, "anyway i don't think Ali and Gino know we are an item, you know, the whole 'two rooms' thing."
Sandy grabbed the waistband of Ella's PVC jeans and tried to pull them down, but they were quite tight and stuck, so she pushed her girlfriend back onto the bed and grabbed the end of the legs and gave a tug.
"Look wait", Ella replied, but Sandy was insistent, so she assisted in getting the trousers off, "look i'll get them off then shower, then we can have a quick fool around before we go back to see our hosts ok?". Ella adored wearing plastic, and the discomfort of being hot and sweaty was a real turn-on, but even she had to admit she was looking forward to being released.
But as soon as the leggings were past Ella's crotch Sandy forced her face into it, delighting in her aroma and the wetness, sucking her clit as she continued to peel the sticky trousers off, suddenly she stopped, "Jesus Hun, I thought you were wearing PVC jeans, you know, shiny with a cotton lining, but all this time you only had plastic trousers on with no pants. No wonder you got a bit hot! I wish I had known because you know I love it when you go commando and the thought that you went through airport security, twice, dressed like this! It is so sexy! I may well have to make you come now!", and she went back down on Ella. Sandy was telling a white lie. She would have preferred Ella wearing leather, latex or backed PVC, but did love her friend's damp aroma, so the plastic did have some benefits.
Sandy was still fully dressed, including the pink transparent plastic jacket, which Ella delighted in holding by the shoulders as Sandy attended to her whilst her legs were high in the air and wide apart.
"Let me do you", exclaimed Ella breathlessly.
Sandy started to undress as she continued to suck on Ella's clit, and soon was naked as she reversed her cunt onto Ella's waiting mouth and placed her own face back between her friends legs. At the moment, for the first time since they met, neither was wearing any plastic item during sex.

The bathroom was small and there was no bath, but Sandy and Ella managed to squeeze into the shower together. Each girl took time to lather up her friend and rub bubbles into every inch of skin. Had anyone else been in the room, they would have been treated to the view of Ella's round buttocks squashed up against the steamy glass.
The girls giggled as they dried each other off with the small towels; the only ones they could find.

The friends returned to the kitchen. Ella was wearing a black cotton tee-shirt with dark blue denim jeans, but underneath she was wearing a gold plastic one-piece swimsuit. Sandy was wearing a fresh white tee-shirt and blue jeans, she decided not to wear the clear plastic panties that Ella had bought her before the trip and was pleased to see that Ella was wearing normal clothes so that she wasn't the only one not wearing shiny trousers.
"You ready, we go", said Gino.
"Go where?", asked Ella.
"To town, to club", he replied.
"What now? It is 11 o'clock in the morning what sort of club do you go to in the middle of the day?", Sandy exclaimed!

Ella and Sandy sat in the back of the Jeep with Gino and Ali up front. The drive had been bumpy down the cobbled streets in the open top 4x4, but now they were on tarmac and heading down the valley. The two in front were dressed as they had been earlier in white tee-shirts and leather trousers; Gino had his hand on Ali's leg as she drove - he didn't have his driving license yet, but owned the old car that used to belong to a friend, now Ali was able to make use of it, and gave the couple a level of freedom that Gino had not known before. It was 12:15 when Ali pulled off the road and followed a dirt track up a hill. At the top Gino hopped out and took a basket from the back which their passengers had not noticed.
"Best Italian food is best when in most beautiful countryside", Gino said as he walked to a patch of grass.
The picnic was lovely and the four friends chatted and laughed. Afterwards Ella sat on the edge of the grass, "I think this may be the most beautiful place I have ever been", she said, to no one in particular.
"Come away from the edge babe, you are scaring me!", said Sandy.
"What? Don't you like heights?", Ella teased, and she tipped forward to overhang the edge of the plateau that they had just picnicked on.
"No don't!", Sandy insisted, and turned away. Suddenly she felt Ella's arms around her, "sorry Hun, I didn't mean to scare you, shhh now".
Sandy hugged Ella back, "sorry, it just makes my legs go all to jelly, I can't help it", she slipped her hands around her friend's back, just above the waistline under her tee-shirt, and felt the slippery softness of plastic.
"Oooo what's this babe, slipped in a bit of naughty underwear? I should have guessed!", and she slid her hand lower below the waistline until she found the leg elastic of the swimsuit, then kept going, trying to work out what the garment was that Ella was wearing.
"Leotard? What colour? Black?", she offered quietly into Ella's ear.
"No. Swimsuit. Gold."
"Gold? That's different!", and Sandy played her hand across her girlfriends upper-thigh, "high leg I can feel, that's sexy".
"It was on offer, you know me, I always like a bargain, and anyway cash was a bit tight after the Welsh trip and paying for the flights", Ella replied. Sandy tried to visualise Ella in the the outfit without other clothes. High-leg was usually reserved for slim girls, so she was looking forward to seeing how it looked against her friend's rounded tummy and full buttocks later!

Gino was lying on the rug that they had placed on the ground, quaffing a glass of white wine that was still nice and cool. Ali lay next to him with her hand on her head, staring into his eyes. She had the other hand on his leather-clad leg and was thinking he was the sexiest man alive. Gino liked Ali very much, but like Sandy, she wasn't into plastic rainwear, but wore things just for him. That was nice, but Ella's fetish would always hold a special place in his heart that started the day he saw the English beauty sitting on the beach wearing a pink plastic jacket in the hot sun. He longed for the connection that they once had; each effortlessly introducing plastic or rubber items when they had sex, being put into naughty outfits, catching Ella masterbating dressed erotically, and not having to ask her to wear things was a total turn-on. Ali was a willing victim of his desires, but would only dress when asked, opting for normal clothes most of the time. He looked at her black shiny leggings, thinking how tight and sexy they looked, but knew that her pleasure in wearing them was not her own, and that they were not smooth on the inside and she was probably wearing boring cotton pants.

It was 4:30pm by the time they got back on the road. Ali drove the old 4x4 steadily but confidently. Ella and Sandy snuggled in the back, not just because they loved each other, but as protection against the wind and to let Gino and Ali know that they were an item. Ella appreciated that Sandy had put her plastic jacket back on, and Sandy had a hand slipped naughtily down the back of Ella's trousers and was rubbing the plastic swimsuit into her.

They arrived in the outskirts of the city and traffic got heavier as they neared the centre. Ali found a tiny parking space in a side road, which Ella was convinced was too small for her own Fiat 500, but somehow Ali squeezed the big red Jeep into it with only a couple of minor bumps. "Not to be worry", explained Gino, "Italians know that is why cars have the bars, eer, how you say, fenders? bumpers?".
The early evening air was cool as the friends wended their way through the leafy streets, each couple arm in arm. The group saw a woman in a black PVC raincoat, buttoned and belted walking ahead in the same direction. Then a man appeared from a side road, young, handsome and also wearing black leather trousers like Gino and Ali. "We are nearly there", explained Gino.
"Have you both been here before?", asked Ella.
"I have, but Ali no", replied Gino with a smile.
They rounded a corner into an alleyway. In any other city it would have been seedy, dirty and riddled with graffiti, but here it was a pleasant, if a little dark, clean side street. They could hear jazz music as they walked up to a plain dark blue door. A large man with dark glasses was standing outside, but made no attempt to stop them or communicate as Gino opened the door for the three women to enter.
Inside was a bar with a small stage on which a man was playing piano and another accompanied him on a saxophone. Ella immediately noticed that the girl behind the bar who welcomed them was wearing a black shiny blouse, possibly latex or PVC.
Gino found a table and got the girls to sit then disappeared to the bar after asking what they wanted to drink.

"This is a fetish club", announced Ella under her breath to the others, "everyone is wearing something shiny", and with that a rather rotund gentleman walked by in a slightly comical rubber catsuit that showed off all his bulges.
"I like the waitresses", said Sandy, "as a tray of food whisked itself by on the end of an arm belonging to a girl wearing thigh length black patent leather boots, black tight-fitting PVC Shorts and the same shiny blouse that the barmaid was wearing. She was serving the table next to theirs and bent over as she placed the dishes, giving Sandy a close-up of her buttocks.
Ella replied, "I couldn't agree more", then Ali had to put in a vote for the straight team, "yes but look at that bloke by the bar", pointing to a blond-haired, slim, man sitting on a barstool wearing a long rubber mac.
Gino returned with a tray and handed out the drinks, "you like here no?", he questioned to the whole group.
"It's not what i expected", said Ella, "when you said 'club' I envisaged a loud venue with pumping music, drugs and sweaty teenagers!"
"You no like?", she replied in a disappointed tone.
"Oh I do, this is much nicer".
He smiled and sat next to Ali.
As the late afternoon turned into evening and they had had a light meal in the club, Gino suggested they try the private venue out the back.
"Does that have loud music?", asked Sandy.
"Er, no, no music", Gino replied.
Behind the small stage was a doorway leading to a narrow hallway past the toilets. At the end was a door marked "Riservato" and a large man standing guard. Like the one outside this chap allowed the party entrance without question.
Inside the lighting was red. There was more jazz music playing lightly, but it was coming from speakers.
The big difference was that here there was some nudity. A woman on the table next to them was wearing a black PVC skirts, boots and a leather studded harness revealing am ample chest with quite sizeable nipple rings.
All the waitresses could be identified by red studded leather collars with matching latex gloves up to the elbows, but the rest of their outfits were all different. Sandy and Gino gazed at an older waitress who was wearing a glass clear plastic suit with nothing on underneath, except the sleeves went over the latex gloves and the legs went into her short black boots.
Ali was fixated on a man who was wearing an entirely normal pair of leather trousers, except they had no back and his bare buttocks were on display.
"Suddenly I feel a bit like we are not dressed for the occasion", said Ella.
"Don't worry, you come", and Gino ushered the three women to a doorway at the back of the room. Inside looked like a clothing shop, but you could choose any items you liked to wear in the club, after paying 100 Euro deposit - refundable if you showed a bar bill of 50 euros or more.
Ella and Gino got straight to work looking through the rails of wonderful fetishwear. Sandy and Ali stood back, feeling vulnerable and apprehensive as to where all this was leading.
"Do you like all this stuff?", Ali said to her friend in a low voice.
"Well some of it is quite fun, but it's a bit scary really", Sandy replied.
"Glad to hear it, I thought it was just me".

Gino was right next to Ella and they giggled as they pulled out various items before putting them back. "I hate this", said Ella, "how can I possibly choose when there are so many wonderful things?", as she held up a pair of PVC dungarees.
Sandy ambled over to a rail to make it look like she was interested, and Ali followed. She put a hand into the row of black rubber items and pulled something out, "oh shit!", she exlaimed, and rapidly re-hung the very short dress with cut-outs where the boobs would be and a set of studded leather cuffs on the hanger which clearly went with it.
"Oh I don't know, you'd look cute in that", teased Ali as she pulled it back out again and held it up in front of her friend, "but I have to say that is the shortest hem I have ever seen, nobody would have to guess what sort of underwear you had on, if any!"
Sandy pulled something off the rail further down and held it up against Ali without checking what it was first. She had never held a full-length latex catsuit, "well how about this for you then?", she teased back.
Suddenly a man appeared behind them and in strong Italian accent said, "good choice, this way for changing", and ushered the girls away despite their protestations.
The curtain closed and Sandy and Ali were left standing staring at each other with their garments. Sandy cracked first, then Ali joined in, laughing hard, but then started to undress.
"What are you doing?", asked Sandy, suddenly very serious.
"You heard the man, get changed and put your clothes in a locker he said!"
"I know, but I didn't think we were going to do it! I want to leave now", Sandy replied with a nervousness in her voice.
But Ali's top was off and Sandy was looking at the girl she always fancied getting naked in front of her.
"Come on Sandy, this is just a bit of fun!", Ali said as she peeled her leather trousers off to reveal black cotton panties that were soon in the pile on the floor.
Sandy didn't want to wear the outfit, but was mesmerised by her naked friend and was getting excited at seeing Ali and wondering what should we would look like encased in rubber. She slowly undressed herself, happy to be nude in front of Ali, but not sure about anyone else.
"What's that?", asked Sandy as Ali took the tub from the shelf.
"Talc", she replied, "you have to use it to get the latex on, otherwise it just sticks and you would spend ages trying to get into it and smooth it down", Ali replied.
"How do you know this?", asked Sandy.
Ali didn't reply, but dusted the powder inside the rubber suit then started to pull it on.
Sandy copied Ali, but her outfit was much easier to get into on account of there being so little of it! It had boned cups that went under the boobs to push them out, making them look bigger than they normally did. The skirt was every bit as short as it looked on the hanger and Ali could just see Sandy's pussy below the hem, "Christ you will need to wear something underneath!", she exclaimed with a giggle.
Sandy quickly pulled her white cotton pants on as Ali finally finished struggling in to the suit.
For some reason the pair looked dull as they stepped out of the changing room compared to how the outfits had looked on the rail. The assistant came over holding an aerosol spray and cloth, "can I help?", he enquired, holding the can and a cloth up.
Ali nodded. He sprayed her gently then wiped the surface, making sure he did it in a sensual way, and Ali gave a small gasp as he restored the latex shine to her pussy area. She looked at herself in a mirror and struck a sexy pose.
Sandy submitted to the same procedure and ended up in a very shiny outfit. The man handed her a small black item, "try please". Sandy opened the material to reveal a pair of latex briefs. She returned to the changing room alone, pulled down her briefs and eased the rubber pants on with the help of the talc, taking care not to get powder on the most private part enjoying the feel of the smooth latex on her pussy. As she exited the changing room the assistant went to help shine her new briefs, "back off buddy!", she said, taking the aerosol and cloth from him, she attended to her own situation until she was nice and shiny with no hint of powder.
"How do I look", Sandy asked.
"Very nice", replied the man.
"Not you! I meant my friend. Ali?", she snapped, then placed her hands on her hips and thrust her chest out.
"Well if I liked girls I would certainly want you", Ali replied. The response hurt Sandy, surely Ali knew that she was more than just a friend to Sandy.

Gino emerged from a different changing room wearing his chosen outfit. He had navy blue shiny briefs on under a glass clear blue plastic suit. Ali and Sandy stared at the man, "now that is NOT sexy", said Ali, but I suppose I will have to live with it, well at least the dick is worth it!
Ella emerged from behind the same curtain and Sandy realised that they must have been in there together. Ella was wearing an almost identical outfit, except her suit was transparent pink, and her lovely boobs were bare and pushing nicely against their shiny vinyl prison.
Sandy watched as Gino and Ella laughed.
"That is not a good look is it?", She said.
""What?", replied Ali.
"Ella in that plastic bag? She looks ridiculous, don't you think?"
"Well, I guess, sort of. But I think Gino looks very unmanly. Leather trousers are one thing. I love his physique, and his dick is great, but I struggle when he wants plastic in the bedroom", Ali admitted.
"I am right aren't I? This is kinky not that", Sandy said pointing to herself and Ali before gesturing to Gino and Ella.
"Yeah. You are way more sexy than either of those two", Ali replied
"Thanks babe! And you look stunning. But to me you'd be perfect in an old sack!", Sandy suddenly realised by Ali's expression that maybe she had gone too far.
"Sorry Ali. Sorry if I said the truth. I love you. I have done for like, well, forever. Right now you look amazing, I know you don't like girls but I like you and that's that", Sandy said with sadness in her voice.
"Right now I'd much rather be with you than either of those twats", Ali said compassionately, "but hey that doesn't mean sex. You are a great friend and I don't want to lose you, but I need a dick, if you know what I mean, it's just me".
Sandy and Ali stood in silence for what seemed like forever.
Ella laughted hard and grabbed Gino.
"Fuck this", said Sandy, "lets go back in and get rat arsed!"
"But I have to drive back?", replied Ali apologetically.
"Sod that. We can get a taxi, come on, I hear Alcohol calling..."
They turned to leave. Sandy gave Ali's bum a squeeze through the latex. Ali brushed her hand aside, but only lightly, and didn't object when Sandy replaced it and kept it there as they walked out.

Earlier, when the girls were changing, Ella had come across the blue plastic suit hanging up. She could tell immediately that Gino was up for it and got excited when he pulled out a matching pink outfit. His was the perfect size, but she put back the one he had found for her and exchanged it for an identical one that was a size too small, getting extra excited looking at how narrow it was on the body and the fact that it was regrettably going to be lovely and tight! She loved the elasticated cuffs and legs; that gave a greater feeling of being trapped and she adored the look of the shiny material as it went from the sleeve and on to the elastic around the wrist.
Ella found a changing room and Gino followed.
"You can't come in here, this is for ladies!", exclaimed Ella.
"I Gino, I do what I want. I want get changed in here", he replied in a cheeky way.
Gino slipped off his jeans. Ella checked them out. They were lovely and warm. Very high quality patent but matte on the inside. A very sexy fashion statement but not as daring as her own black plastic trousers that she had flown over in. Where things got interesting was the clear plastic briefs he was wearing which held his large dick firmly in place, but Ella could see from the slight steamy frosted look that inside was nice and damp. He slipped his briefs off and threw them comically at his friends face. He immediately pulled on the pair of blue plastic boxer shorts then picked up and slowly dressed in the suit.
Ella stripped off whilst keeping her eyes firmly fixed on Gino as he undressed and redressed.
When she was down to just the gold plastic swimsuit Gino gave out a quiet wolf whistle, so Ella struck some sexy supermodel poses, then started to peel off the suit and thwacked Gino on the face with it once she was totally naked. She had some navy plastic briefs similar, but more fitted than Gino's. She slipped into her pink suit, taking time to take in the wonderful feel of the smooth material on her bare skin and needed to breathe in as she zipped up the front. Yes it was tight, and some people might not like this look on a larger lady, but Ella enjoyed it, and Gino couldn't take his eyes off her, so she must be doing something right.
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Re: Italian Adventure - prima parte (part one)

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An excellent build up JellyMan, I think I see where this is going, oh, and do you have an address for that club? lol!!
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