How I become to love Rainwear

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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How I become to love Rainwear

Post by supreme-sissy » October 12th, 2019, 3:35 pm

Hi All thought I would introduce myself.

I like many others on here have a love for rainwear/pvc/Nylon PU coated/plastic bags etc. I have loved this mostly from the age of around 11 years old, I came across my first raincoat at a friends house where my mom had sent me to be babysat whilst she was at work. Whilst at my friends house I saw a raincoat hanging on the back of his door and for some unknown reason I was attracted to it, I just had to pick it up and try it on, I remember this quite well The feel of it felt so good I believe but cannot be 100% it was an Adidas raincoat with a polyamide coating on the inside. I decided I had to have the coat so one day I pretended to go to the toiled but went into my friends room instead and picked up the coat and went into the toiled stripped off my top half and then put the coat on quickly, and then put my T-shirt and jumper straight back on over the top, I then flushed the chain and went back down stairs and tried to act as normal as I could which was hard.... Then after quite a while it was time for me to pop back home as I needed to take my commodore 64 back home, I remember the coat really starting to stick to me so muck that when I moved it kind of hurt in a nice way when the coat was peeling off my skin, anyway I went home and stripped my top half off after having a good feel of my new coat and hidden it away to play with at a later date/time...

The later date eventually came when I had a little time to myself, I pulled out the coat and had to put it on, I absolutely loved the feel of it at 11 years old I did not know much about playing with myself but for some unknown reason I was curious and started to, I got to a point where I really thought I was going to pee I went to the toilet but nothing came out, so I went back to the bedroom and carried on, I guess we can all guess what happened next, it was heaven :-)

So this is really where my love for raincoats began and I have not looked back since, I have purchased many items from Ebay, PVC-U-Like and more :-)

To add to all the above I have now met a beautiful lady Madam-Supreme she is my world, she completely understands everything about me and excepts my fetish like it is her own, I would and always will do anything for her as she does for me she is the love of my life :-)

If anyone wants to know more please do not hesitate to ask us :-)

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