Plastic Pants 24/7

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Plastic Pants 24/7

Post by PVCscout »

I like Oilskins since my youth. But plastic underwear is a part of my life too. In fact: I wear it all the time. No textile underwear for me since more than 30 years. Are there more people like me?

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Re: Plastic Pants 24/7

Post by rubbermac »

I also love my Oilskins and would wear them 24/7 if i could

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Re: Plastic Pants 24/7

Post by sergiouk »

You're not alone - I've worn either plastic pants or restrictive women's underwear (or both) for about the last twenty years.

I think I've written elsewhere about the types but I'm currently trying Fuubuu 2205 again, in black (their material differs according to colour) and these are thinner, softer and rustlier than they were a few years ago.

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