New purchase (part 4) can things get worse for Dylan?

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New purchase (part 4) can things get worse for Dylan?

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Zoe sat eating her toast. Dylan was reading the news on his Kindle. In a few minutes they would both have to leave for work. It had been two days since their evening sexual adventures, they hadn't repeated the experience and even now Dylan was still a bit achey down below.
"Oh don't forget we are going out tonight", Zoe said, "7pm, so don't work late".
"Ok", he replied absentmindedly, then added, "of course, er, remind me again which friends?"
"I didn't say", she replied, "but the Simms invited us over for a meal at their house. Isn't that sweet, we don't know them very well and it will be a chance to make new friends".
Dylan almost choked and spat coffee onto his tablet.
"You ok?", Zoe asked in a concerned voice, "its just a meal!".
"Sorry, no, coffee went down the wrong way, I'm fine, it will be fine, super, looking forward to it", he put on his cheeriest voice.
"Um, we will go normally won't we, I mean, no dressing up or kinkiness or stuff?", he added.
"Of course!", Zoe replied, sounding slightly hurt, "perfectly normal". Dylan smiled and managed to drink the rest of his Americano without incident.

"It's 6:30, we should get ready, did you take that bottle of Cava out of the fridge", Zoe asked.
"I'm ready", said Dylan, "just got to put a tie on".
"You are not ready", said Zoe in a slightly stern tone.
Dylan was worried - " what was she going to ask him to wear?"
"Those shoes are filthy, you need to give them a polish", she reprimanded him.
He was so relieved, "of course I will, thanks honey".
Zoe went upstairs and was back down soon after Dylan finished with the shoe polish. She was wearing skin tight blue jeans, her black below-the-knee leather boots and a baby blue blouse. Dylan was so relieved at the way she was dressed and thought she looked amazing, tight denim looked great on her bum. Dylan helped her on with her short black leather jacket and he picked up the wine as they headed out the door for the short walk.
"Who are these people again honey, can you remind me?", he said, of course knowing one of them somewhat intimately already!
"Dave and Jane, you know, we met Jane in the Chinese the other night", she answered.
"Oh", he said with a nervous tone.
"Relax", she continued, "I bumped into Jane when we were both out running yesterday, we got chatting and she invited us over. It was all very pleasant, she seemed really nice, and I think you will like her husband".
"What does he do", Dylan asked.
"He was in Iraq, got caught in a bomb blast and sent home, he met Jane at the hospital during his treatment, they got married quite quickly, by all accounts she has herself a toy boy!", Zoe answered in a matter of fact way.
"Toy boy?", he repeated.
"Yes, he's about 20 years younger than her, she's really nice but a bit old, if you know what I mean!"
Dylan didn't think she was old, she seemed quite young and supple when he met her, but he decided not to challenge his girlfriend.
"Ding Dong", they had arrived.

The door was opened by a handsome young man with blonde hair. He was limping, but didn't need a crutch. "Jane, our guests are here", he shouted up the stairs, "please come in, can I take your coats?"
Zoe and Dylan looked up as they heard steps on the top landing. A pair of patent leather stilettos appeared on the first step, "coming love", followed by black shiny legs. As she descended the stairs both the visitors stared at the very tight PVC leggings that squeaked slightly and shone in the light. Jane stood in front of them in an expensive white blouse with gold earrings and matching necklace, but Zoe and Dylan were both transfixed by her trousers.
"Where are my manners", said Dave, "please come through".
"Oh we bought a little something, I hope you like white", Dylan said, presenting the bottle of Cava.
"Perfect", said Jane, "I love it. You go through, I must just check the food".
"Oh I'll come with you, if you don't mind", said Zoe, "let the men talk men things!"

"So Dave, you are in the army I understand?", said Dylan.
"I was", the young man replied, "they gave me the option to come out early after this", he tapped his left leg, "and I took them up on it on account of the nightmares".
"I'm really sorry to hear that", Dylan said.
"Oh it's fine, I have a new job, and in a warped way had that IED not gone off I would never have met my Jane. What do you do?"
"Boring stuff", Dylan replied, "I am a purchasing supervisor in a local firm, very dull, but at least I am not likely to be shot at, not unless one of our suppliers gets very upset!", suddenly realising the crassness of that last part. Luckily Dave saw the funny side and roared with laughter.
Jane and Zoe walked in carrying plates of food, "sorry it's a bit soon after you arrived, but the main course will spoil if we leave it too long", said Jane.
"That's super", said Dylan, "I am famished".
The four sat down to a lovely meal and all got on really well. Dylan was sitting next to Jane trying desperately to ignore her PVC clad legs. Finally Zoe piped up, "I say Jane, those are the most fabulous leggings, where did you get them, if you don't mind me asking?"
"Oh these old things, I can't remember, I think..."
"New Look", interrupted Dave, "you got them yesterday from New Look darling, don't you remember?"
Jane was looking daggers at him, "or maybe I am mistaken", he said, realising his error at commenting.
"Come to think of it I think they did come from there", she said.
Just then Zoe's phone rang. Everyone was silent as she took the call, "...I'll be there as soon as i can".
"Bugger", she said after ending the call, "there has been a break-in at the shop, I have to go down there, sorry, I'll call myself a cab".
"I can take you", said Dave.
"We've all had too much to drink and drive, a taxi shouldn't take long", Zoe replied.
"I haven't been drinking, I can't have alcohol with the pain killers", he insisted.
"But what about?", Zoe nodded towards his leg.
Dave laughed, "it's ok, it's an automatic!".
"I'll walk home and see you there later love", Dylan offered.
"Nonsense", said Zoe, "I probably won't be long, just have to deal with the police and lock up, then I should be back and we can have dessert together later?"
"Sounds great", said Jane. And just like that she and Dylan found themselves alone, again.

"Can we swing by my house?", asked Zoe, "I have to pick up the shop keys".
As they entered the front door she took another call, "shit", she exclaimed!
"What's up?", said Dave.
"Police can't be there for another half an hour", Zoe replied.
"Relax, lets grab a coffee and pop over in a few minutes, hardly a big deal, i could do with borrowing your loo anyway if that is ok?". Then suddenly Zoe and Dave were alone together.

"I think it best if I go, Zoe could be ages yet", Dylan shouted up the stairs to where Jane had gone to use the loo. His hand was on the front door handle when she appeared back at the top of the stairs, "Zoe said to stay, so you must do as you are told".
Dylan looked up, evidently Jane had not been using the toilet, but changing, as she stood staring down at him wearing a school girl uniform made entirely out of plastic and holding a cane in one hand.
"What the fuck?", he exclaimed.
"Language!", she retorted, "little boys must not use bad language, now come up here and take your punishment!"
Dylan watched her, mesmerised by the shiny white plastic blouse under the black vinyl pinafore dress. Only her white socks and sandles were not made of plastic. Dylan knew he had to get out, go home, away from her, but instead found himself climbing the stairs, wondering if she had any panties on with that outfit, and if so what sort?
As he neared the top she turned and disappeared into a bedroom. He followed and saw, laid out on the king size bed, a boys grey school uniform: white plastic shirt, long plastic shorts, a tie, white socks, shoes and a blue nylon cagoule with white stripes down the arms.
Jane poked him with the end of the cane, "why aren't you changed for school boy?"
The thought of wearing the plastic outfit was too much to resist, and as he quickly changed he found that hidden underneath the cagoule was a pair of milky white plastic pants to complete the uniform.
"Where did you get all this?", he asked.
"MISS", she snapped, "you will address me as Miss at all times.

Zoe was sitting having her coffee when Dave said, "Jane wanted to impress you, I think, she said you both seemed really nice, so she bought a new outfit".
"It is very nice, said Zoe, although she needn't have gone to any bother, but I do like her leggings", Zoe replied.
"Yes, they are actually quite sexy", he commented, "you would look good in them".
"Do you think so?", she said. "This coming from Mr.Universe 2019", she thought and felt flattered.
"Of course, Dylan is a very lucky man, if I wasn't married and you were available I'd definitely buy you a pair!"
Zoe went red, "that's very forward".
"Sorry, I can be a bit of an arse sometimes, stuff comes out when it shouldn't, probably a side effect of my medication".
"That's ok", Zoe replied, "I'll just pop to the loo and we had better get going?"

Jane pressed herself against Dylan, "that's better, but you need your raincoat on", pointing to the blue nylon coat. Dylan complied and once it was on Jane stepped forward again and zipped it up, "now you are a proper schoolboy".
"Why did you get these outfits, why are we dressed like this?", Dylan asked in a quiet voice.
"My naughty husband has a thing about school girl uniforms, and I like different materials. I found this on a site called pvc-u-like, I was just looking for a uniform but the material seemed fun, and it is! The problem is that he likes me to act demur and innocent, like a small girl, but I really want to be teacher", she suddenly hardened her voice, "I mean I AM your teacher, and you must do as i tell you", and she gave him a quick thwack across his blue shiny arm with the cane.
"Ow", he recoiled.
"I beg your pardon?", she quizzed.
"Um, ow, Miss?", he offered.
"That's better!"
Now for your homework I have a practical assignment, you must learn how to fuck your teacher. Don't worry little boy, she will help you and guide you if you get things wrong. It is important that all boys learn how to please a woman, it is their duty, and unfortunately for me the curriculum says I must do your sex education".
Dylan's plastic pants were taught with his erection, the thought of what she was suggesting was driving him mad.
"Now first of all I need you to look at my breasts", and she unbuttoned the plastic blouse and exposed her chest to him. Dylan expected her boobs to be saggy, but they were big and pert, and she had quite big nipples, bigger than Zoe's.
"First learn that the nipples need to be pinched, here try", and she offered a breast to him. Dylan raised a hand and gave it a pinch as directed. "There you see, not nearly hard enough, but you will learn, try again much harder this time."
Dylan obliged and he could see a wave of pleasure over Jane's face.
"You are doing well, I think you are ready for this", and she lay back on the bed and parted her legs, revealing no knickers, just her shaved pussy. Her legs were taught against the plastic pinafore dress. She took her fingers and parted her labia, you see here, this is my clitoris, its very sensitive. Would you like to kiss it?"
Dylan was nearly exploding, the way she was talking was so exciting, but he had no idea why.
"Yes please miss!", he said.
She picked up the cane ans thwacked him across the leg, "be careful, you must be gentle with your teachers clitoris, repeat it"
"Um, I promise to be gentle with your clitoris when you let me kiss it Miss", he offered.
A broad smile went over her face, she was clearly enjoying this.
"Ok then, get your head down between my legs and give me a good kiss, you might want to try a suck and lick just to see if you have the hang of if"
Dylan's heart was pounding, he could feel the plastic shirt moving with his heavy breathing. He gripped her legs and went in. Her smell was intoxicating and he tried not to come as he licked and sucked her clit as instructed. She gave out a bit of a moan.
"Now you must let me check that all your parts are working ok", she went on, "first take your raincoat off slowly, try to make it make a noise as it comes off because teachers always like that, check out the shiny lining as you remove it"', Jane had a hand between her legs and was rubbing herself.
"Now take your shorts off and fold them neatly on the side, that's right, no rush."
"Smack", her other hand came down hard across a buttock in his white plastic pants, "remember be a goo boy", she reprimanded for no particular reason. It was a thrill.

Zoe appeared back downstairs, "what do you think?", she said, raising her arms and twirling on the spot, "you see I already own leggings very similar to your wife's", then she smoothed the sides of the black PVC needlessly with her hands.
Dave said nothing.
"Oh! Not good?", said Zoe.
"Er, no, yes, no, er, I mean yes you look super, er, they look super", he stammered.
"Great", she replied, "I think they look kind of sexy".
"Yes they do", Dave said.
"I read this thing online about PTSD, that is the right term isn't it? well this doctor did a study and found that the symptoms can be helped hugely with sex. Now if it will help you, you know, to get better, I would be willing to offer, for medical reasons only you understand, that you can screw my brains out. Truth is soldiers make me horny, so that might sort of help?"
Dave's hand was already running up Zoe's PVC clad leg. He leant over and kissed her.

"Ok, now I know you might find this a bit embarrassing, but I will need you to take your pants off. If you are worried I can always get nurse to come in and help, but I am afraid I do need to inspect your willy to make sure it is alright. Can you do that for teacher, drop your pants, no hurry again", now Jane was kneeling up watching Dylan intently, and she was rubbing the hem of her plastic dress between her legs.
"Let me help you, the little man seems to want to stay in your pants, but, there he is, you see that wasn't so bad was it. Now let teacher have a good look. You see this bit at the end, you can pull that back like this, and don't be scared, it is supposed to look like that and be all red and hard that means he is happy. But just to be on the safe side best let teacher kiss it better".
A million volts of pleasure shot up Dylan's spine as Jane sucked his dick, for a moment he actually felt like a schoolboy in the role she way playing. He tried with every ounce of his will not to come.

Dave put his clothes back on as he looked at Zoe's naked body lying on the sofa. Even his good leg felt weak after their energetic sex.
"We really will need to go", he said, " it has been more than half an hour".
"Suppose you're right, spoilsport", she replied in a childish voice.
"Can't you fuck me just once more, I love feeling your dick inside me, you can do me in the bum if you want", she added.
He smiled, "much as I would love to stay here and fuck you until my dick falls off there is a break-in to attend to".
Zoe dressed and grudgingky collected the keys and they left.

"Now you must not be shy with this next part", Jane sat back on the bed and parted her legs again.
"You see here, I have a hole between these parts", she slipped both hands down and parted her lips to reveal her cunt.
"This is my vagina and I am going to need you to put your willy in it. I promise it wont hurt", she explained.
It was clear to Dylan that Jane was getting as excited by the way she was talking as he was listening to her. A small stream of clear liquid ran down onto the inside of her black plastic dress.
"Now come closer, I will open my legs like this so you can get your willy into me, don't worry I have done this with all the other little boys, its perfectly safe", he had to push her dress up to her waist to get in. His cock slipped in and he fought hard not to come.
"There you see, that wasn't too bad was it?".
"No miss", he replied.
"Now the tricky bit is to push your willy in and out of me to make me feel very nice. Can you do that for me please, and remember I am used to this so you can do it very hard and you won't hurt teacher".
Dylan was pounding on Jane, both were very sweaty in thier plastic shirts which stuck to them.
"Bite teachers nipples now", Jane pleaded, "please now, do it, quite hard, fuck me, fuck me, make me come please, don't stop..."
Dylan's back was arched, he forced Jane's legs wide apart despite the protestations of her plastic dress trying to stop him, he was desperate to get deeper, deeper, she dug her nails,into his back as she slid her arms under the vinyl shirt. She shuddered and he felt her legs squeezing hard to close as he forced her one more time before he exploded inside just as she let out a scream as she came. Liquid from both of them poured out onto the inside of the plastic dress and Dylan flumped on top of her, both of them breathing heavily, two hearts pounding in a moment of ecstasy.

Zoe and Dave returned, much later than they had expected. Jane and Dylan were chatting in the living room. Nobody was bothered about pudding and all agreed it had been a long day and they should part company, but do it again sometime.

Dylan and Zoe walked through the cold night air home. Dylan asked casually, "Zoe, why did you get changed into your PVC leggings when you were with Dave?"

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Re: New purchase (part 4) can things get worse for Dylan?

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Another excellent episode. Please keep going with this

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Re: New purchase (part 4) can things get worse for Dylan?

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Excellent, thanks
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: New purchase (part 4) can things get worse for Dylan?

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Next episode should be "Can things get any better for Dylan"

Great story, love the way it's developing PVC leggings and PVC school uniforms.
What next PVC nurses, PVC maids and who will be wearing what and doing what to whom?
I will be reading this again and again.


P.S. Don't forget the PVC rainwear.

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Re: New purchase (part 4) can things get worse for Dylan?

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The next 'story' is totally different, but don't panic I do have another episode in writing. Sometimes a recollection of the past takes over your mind and you have to get it out, your brain just will not let you think of anything else until you do.

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