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Hi fellow cagoule fans. It's always great to find other people that have the same interest in swishy nylon cagoules and raintrousers. We all have a story to tell and the similarity of our experiences is interesting from experience.

As my name suggests, Peter Storm gear has alway been my favourite (I'm lucky to have a good collection of both trad and Size re-issues), but I also love K-Way, Regatta, Adidas and others.

You can find me and also many other cagoule fans on:
Fetlife (PeterStormCag)
Regnfrakker (PeterStormCag)
My Blog -
Email me on:

I am always interested to exchange thoughts and ideas about our cagoule fetish and I believe we all like to know others have the same interest. Please get involved. Do NOT be passive.It is fun and helpful to share.

Best 'Swishes' to all fellow cagoule fans... Peter

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Re: Cagoules

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I've sent you a pm. Couldn't get through with email for some reason.

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Re: Cagoules

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Cagoules are most definitely my favourite type of rainwear especially Peter storm and kway!

I have quite a few in my collection and don’t go anywhere without ome.

Todays dog walking jacket of choice was a green zip up peter storm near perfect original
Lets get swishy!

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