Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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I was happy, I liked David very much and liked having him around the house. He was helpful in the garden, he made me laugh, we talked, we cooked together and had a great sex life. We even had a silly game where David was blindfolded in the bedroom and had to pick a PVC mac from the wardrobe for me to wear in bed. He chose, I put it on and then took off the blindfold and always his passions got the better of him.
I like this little game a lot, I hoped it would never end.
I received a frantic phone call from David in London. I’ve just been to see Nikki, she’s in a very bad way. I’ve cancelled my appointments for today and tomorrow. I’m driving her up today, be home around six. Can you have a bedroom ready for her?
See you soon, Love you.
David had had two hours to kill in London. So, he thought he might as well see Nikki and Georgie. As he was pulling into the street, he spotted Georgie walking around the corner probably going to her local, he guessed.
He parked and knocked on Georgie’s door. It took an age before a very dishevelled Nikki opened the door.
Christ, he said. What’s happened to you. She just stood in front of him, long leather coat open, no knickers, swollen face, hair a mess.
Please David, get me out of here.
Have you got anything to take?
Some money and my house keys.
Get in my car. Katy will look after you, I promise.
Nikki collapsed into the back seat and David drove out of the street and back to Katy. On the way he made calls cancelling his appointments and the crucial one to Katy preparing her for Nikki’s arrival.
David had driven like a F1 driver and arrived half an hour earlier than planned. Katy ran out to help Nikki into the house.
Careful taking the leather coat off. I think there may be dried blood on her back. We took off the coat, she stood before us both forlorn and naked. Sure enough there were still a few open wounds on her back and her bottom was red raw.
We helped her up to the bathroom. David left the bathroom not wanting to embarrass her with her nakedness. I managed to clean up all her wounds, bathed her face, nose and swollen lips. I’ll leave your hair until tomorrow. I dressed her in a warm soft dressing gown and brought her down to the lounge.
Brandy please, it really has helped with the pain.
Would you like to go to bed or tell us what’s happened?
Nikki finished the brandy and her glass refilled.
It was awful just looking at her. Normally carefree and happy now a complete mess.
Thanks, you two for helping me out. I have money to buy food and stuff.
I wanted to put my arms around her and love her just for thinking and saying that but thought of the lashes on her back, buttocks and her swollen face.
She began by describing how Georgie had beaten her overnight because she wanted to leave, then the next day and the couple who were whipped as she was but paid a lot of money to have it done to them. The last straw was yesterday when the two very nasty lesbians arrived. Two of them beat her up, fingered her pussy and backside, sat on her face, and caned her backside. laughed at her and called her all the trashy names they could think of.
It took Nikki almost two whole weeks to fully recover from her humiliating punishment.
During this time David had been down to London again and called in on Georgie during the day.
How’s things? he had asked.
Okay, I’m enjoying myself, still have lots of friends to play with. How are you? Have you got back with that Katy person?
Yes, all’s well there. What happened to her friend, Nikki was it? He tried to sound as vague as possible.
Not seen her for ages. Probably living with some dyke somewhere. Good riddance to her.
When David reported that back to me, I was livid.
I thought it would be a good idea to take Nikki to the same bistro we had been to and had some fun in an alleyway afterwards.
The dinner was perfect, Nikki was almost back to her normal self again.
We walked back towards home passing the dark alleyway where the cat had frightened us.
Nikki pulled me into the alleyway. kissed me fully on the lips. That’s the last loving kiss from me. I want to find a man.
We walked back home in silence.

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