straitjacketed in sbr

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straitjacketed in sbr

Post by jackstrapped » July 11th, 2019, 11:28 pm

I just joined here a week or so ago, and it's been quite an education. I grew up in Chicago, and my wife is from Germany. When we met, she was really into leather, suits, dresses, pants, skirts, and trench coats. She was also a big fan of bondage in leather of all forms. I'm a real heavy rubberist, but appreciate a woman in leather as well. I'm going to describe a scene we have played many times and would love to have some feedback.
My wife refused to top me, said it was too freaky, and she hated even the idea of me dressing in leather or rubber, so we set ground rules on how and when we would pleasure ourselves.What we do do is something that drives both of us wild. I would dress her in one of her catsuits, with gloves, and occasionally a hood, then depending on the weather I might put her in another suit for layering, followed by either rubber (SBR) or leather trousers and boots. Then, and we both got so turned on there were occasional accidents, I would put her in a latex or leather straitjacket. Latex worked better because of the tight fit, but she prefers leather. Anyway, I would then put a leather or SBR trench coat on over the straitjacket (one of her Weather or Not trenches were my favorite) threading the straps down through the sleeves. When finished, I get to button and buckle her in nice and snug, tight collar belts, wrist straps, etc. Sometimes I buckle a Sou'wester over her head and turn up the collar. Finally I cross her arms and buckle the sleeves behind her back. I don't have to make it too tight, all the weight of the layering controls her as well.
Then I put her in the car and drive around the neighborhood. It actually looks rather normal, and on the occasions I have taken her into a pub or restaurant, no one seems to notice. She claims she has cum just squirming inside all of it, and I can't argue. All I know is she is orally appreciative when we finally get home.
Any thoughts?

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Re: straitjacketed in sbr

Post by bethbennett202 » July 12th, 2019, 2:48 am

cool true story my step mother needs a straight jacket that also serves as a raincoat so the nutta stays dry outside lol

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